Rolf KloeppelL: Neonga

Neonga logo
Neonga logo

Name: Rolf Kloeppel


Company: Neonga


Profession: Chief Executive Officer


Favorite Classic Game: Civilization (I-V)


Quote: The Civilization Series had a major impact on my whole gamer life and I do not regret a single hour I have spent building up empires and ruling the world virtually.


About Neonga AG: Neonga AG is a publisher free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Games. These are offered for free as PC downloads, browser games, in Facebook or to be played on mobile handsets. The games are associated with “Item Shops”, where players can acquire specific premium goods. The company was founded in Berlin in July 2010. The Board consists of Rolf Klöppel (CEO), Benjamin Kaiser (CTO) and Stefan Hinz (CMO).



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