Rogue Trooper Music

Rogue Trooper Music

Rogue Trooper is a 3rd person shooter action game based on the 2000 AD comic by the same game. If I were to review it off the top of my head, I’d give the game a score of 8 out of 10. Most sites and publications said it was generic and uninspired but I found it pretty neat. It kind of reminded me of a more action oriented Splinter Cell kind of game. If you want to check the game out, the only place that I found that sells it other than ebay is Steam at this store link.

Rogue Trooper cover

Anyways, I really loved the music as I played the game, with it reminding me of Mechwarrior 2 which was my favorite video game soundtrack for many many years. I’ll try to post that later when I find the CD for it and rip it for you. Since I liked Rogue Trooper so much I ripped and converted the sound files using the RAD Video Tools which play and convert video and audio files for games that use Bink, like this one.

I hope you enjoy this music and keep checking back as I go through my classic gaming collection this December and post some lost gems from the past!

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