Rainbow Islands

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Rainbow Islands

Rainbow Islands for the NES is one of the most interesting games I have ever played. It’s just a really fun game. I’m not sure how this game is related to Bubble Bobble but it doesn’t matter. This game rocks! The gameplay is just a lot of fun and makes you want to come up with ways to destroy the monsters with your rainbows.

Rainbow Islands - Gameplay Screenshot

This game also has a two player option. That makes the game even more fun to play. This is just another game that you can play with a friend or even on kaillera with an emulator with a friend online. Yeah I had to mention that for those of you who have no retro gaming friends near you like me. Anyways, this game is just another great title that Nintendo released that we were able to enjoy. We had to get something good after missing so many gems(Mother or Sweet Home).

So that should do it. Another entry and another suggestion. If you are unsure whether to pick this game up(costs around 10-15 dollars on ebay) then I suggest you use an emulator and try it out before you buy. I do suggest that everyone should pick this game up for their collection.

Visits: 1983

Luis Zena

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One thought on “Rainbow Islands

  • I can kind of see how this game would be a sequel to Bubble Bobble BUT the little dinos are cuter.

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