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Puzzle Bobble Flash Game

Puzzle Bobble Flash Game

Puzzle Bobble Flash Game

Created by Taito in 1994 this arcade puzzle game features the dinosaurs from Bubble Bobble. This time you are match up the different colored orbs and once you get 3 or more of the same color they break and you move on. You have to use aim and strategy and be a little quick as the orbs being to drop towards to Space Invaders style and if they reach you it’s game over. Click the ‘push 1p to start’ flashing text to start. Arrow keys to move and space bar to fire bubbles.


  • Click the ‘push 1p to start’ flashing text to start.
  • Use the Arrow Keys to move
  • Hit the Space Bar to fire bubbles.

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One thought on “Puzzle Bobble Flash Game

  • Rainbow Islands is awesome, specially when you consider each level’s platforms vary according to where you place the rainbows, the hidden rooms, the extra three secret levels.

    And pretty damn hard as well, from about level 5-6 forward.

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