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Obscure News: Drunk Puppy-buying ban

Drunk Puppy Ban

The News

It seems ill conceived weddings are not the only side effects of too much drinking. New York pet stores are banning drunk patrons for buying cats and dogs because most have no idea what they are doing and it can end up harming the pet.

One pet storeowner recalled a story of a woman buying a Chihuahua only to return it the next day almost dead.

“We took it to the vet, and he found five pills in the dog’s stomach,” The dog survived, but the growing concern prompted storeowners to prevent people from buying pets while intoxicated.

The Take

Shopping for puppies to take home when drunk, I thought that was what ugly women were for. The back of the bar where it is dark is the perfect place to go shopping at 4:45am after a night of drinking.

You just want something warm to take home and then toss out later that day and that is the place to find your “pets”. Leave the puppies alone, there are plenty of ugly and fat people more than willing to be taken home and fed pills and most likely, we will survive to do it again.


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