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Mungo Amyatt-Leir: Flight 1

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Flight1 Software logo

Name: Mungo Amyatt-Leir

Company: Flight1

Profession: Managing Director, Europe

Favorite Classic Game: Asteroids (Arcade)

Quote: In 1979 I was 11 years old and the chip shop, next to the new Secondary Comprehensive I had just joined, revealed a whole new world of entertainment beyond Grange Hill and Crackerjack. It was the low throb and moonlight glow of the Asteroids machine in the corner, with a gaggle of older boys madly shouting instructions, interspersed with the unforgettable high pitched UFO sound, that drew my interest. I quickly become hooked, walking 4 miles each way to school so that I could spend my bus (and lunch) money on this beast. My nightmares were punctuated by the appearance of that tiny saucer and hundreds of vector-rendered tiny rocks, perfectly rotating as they hurtled across the screen with only the limited hyperspace jump acting as my saviour. The machine moved on, as did I, and it was not too many years later I found myself rendering sprites of those same rocks as we programmed the a 16-bit conversion of this seminal game.

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