Modding your Nintendo DS

How to Mod your Nintendo DS
How to Mod your Nintendo DS

With your Nintendo DS you have wide variety of video game entertainment at your fingertips. However, with just a few items and a little time your DS can be opened up to an entirely new world of pictures, video and much more.

Things you will need:

  • R4 Revolution Flash Card
  • Micro SD Card (2GB+)
  • USB w/Micro SD Card Slot


  1. Purchase a R4 Revolution Flash Card. These cards cannot be found in stores, but are widely available at online retail stores.
  2. Download the latest firmware for the R4. In many cases the R4 firmware will be included with your Flash Card; however, it may not be the latest release. Another online search will turn up the current firmware release.
  3. Connect the Micro SD Card to your computer. Using your micro SD to USB adapter connect the micro SD card to your computers open USB port.
  4. Open the firmware fire. Your computer will recognize the new connection giving you the option to open the micro SD folder.  Inside the folder you will find the R4 zip file. Using any unzip program unpack the contents of the file to the root directory of the micro SD card.
  5. Insert the R4 and Micro SD Card into your Nintendo DS. Once you have added all the files to the root directory of your Micro SD card make sure you remove any existing game from your DS. Insert the R4 then insert the Micro SD into the R4.
  6. Turn on your Nintendo DS. Once you have inserted the card turn your DS on. When the DS turns on you will see the safety warning message, this is normal. Within a moment the R4 will take over and load the main R4 menu.
  7. Select your modding option. The R4 menu will show you three choices. The first choice is Game which will allow you to load an .NDS file (Homebrew application). The second option is Media which will allow you to play videos, music and text files (Moonshell OS). The third option is Slot-2 which will allow you to boot a Slot-2 game (Game Boy Advanced).

Tips & Warning

  • This version of modding is safe because it does not require users to open or make changes to the Nintendo DS hardware. This is known as soft-modding.
  • The R4 method allows for downloading of games, but one should never pirate games or violate copyright laws. This also goes for videos and music added to your DS.
  • R4 and Homebrew will never be as perfect as the original software associated with the Nintendo DS and is not supported by Nintendo.

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  • An interesting option for the modding community. Getting the most out of your DS makes sense to me.

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