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Jason Shankel: Stupid Fun Club

Stupid Fun Club logo
Stupid Fun Club logo

Name: Jason Shankel

Company: Stupid Fun Club

Profession: Prototype Developer

Favorite Classic Game: Elite

Quote: Elite is the most, innovative, visionary and above all fun computer game of the 1980s.  It’s a full-3d, open world space trading game with 7,000 unique solar systems to explore.  What impresses me most about Elite is the exceptional quality both of the innovative elements (3d and the huge, expansive algorithmically generated universe that fits neatly into 64k) the gameplay.  The dogfighting and space station docking are very fun, the framerate is consistently high (except when you fly too close to a sun) and the AI is challenging without being obviously unfair.  Elite also has the distinction of having shipped with the most hilarious DRM technology ever developed: The LensLock

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One thought on “Jason Shankel: Stupid Fun Club

  • Elite and Elite 2: Frontier are the first games where I literally played 24 hours non-stop for any video game.

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