How To Deal With Your Girlfriend Breaking Up With You

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Sorrow of betrayal and lost love

How To Deal With Your Girlfriend Breaking Up With You by Honorabili

Lately the worst break up I”ve ever had happened to me. I”ve never felt so hurt or alone in my life. I”m still dealing with it and there are ways to survive this. Hopefully, you never have to go through this, but if you”re reading this, chances are that you are. I really hope you weren”t.

I watch a lot of movies and there”s three specific movies that will help you get through this. It might hurt to watch them but it”s like having an operation to get rid of a tumor. You should watch these movies in this specific order. Spoilers ahead, so maybe read the title, go watch it then read the rest of the article. If you don”t care, read on anyways.

The first movie you need to watch is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The film is about a guy who finds out that his ex-girlfriend paid a company to have him erased from his mind. Once he finds this out he in turn gets the procedure done to him. Fate would have it that they meet again at the beginning/end of the film, when the truth gets uncovered. This movie is useful in our situation because it might help you remember how bad it got and how good things used to be. This will be a make or break movie, which will help you decide whether she is worth or not trying to get back. The solution (dilemma) proposed in this film is that if you are meant to be together, you will be. Should you want to still stay away, read on…

The second movie you must watch is 500 Days of Summer. The movie is about a guy who falls in love for what he thought was his perfect girl and the movie shows you how she (and he as well) end up destroying his life. We see real misery as a shell of a man is left. The movie is brilliantly done and jumps around the different days in the entire scheme of the relationship. The solution proposed by this movie is for you to find somebody else.

The last movie you need to watch is Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This film is about a guy that”s a music writer that was in a relationship with a hot actress and she breaks up with him after cheating on him. He goes on a vacation to Hawaii, where she is vacationing as well, and the whole movie is about him suffering while trying to get over her and finding a better girl that is more compatible with him and appreciates him. Even though it”s not as good a film as the others go, as far as movie making, it probably offers you with the best solution. Sure, it happens magically from the plot because it”s a movie but so long as you are not too negative you may find that you”re a lot better than your ex makes you out to be or feel.

Apart from watching those movies, you will probably spend a lot of time losing sleep, wanting to drink, wanting to do anything else but think but you can”t stop it. You might even not want to eat and would do what some consider fasting. A lot of stuff you like, whether playing video games or driving or whatever will not interest you. This is a dark lonely place but you still have yourself, your best friend. None of your friends will probably understand exactly what it is that you”re going through. They didn”t live through every single memory you have of her so any advice they provide should be taken with caution as it might be based on false information. Only you really know what happened…

So, what have I been doing? Well the first thing I started to do again is a lot of exercise. See, it helps and hurts but mainly it helps. I go walking and running a lot, alone. This is bad in the sense that I spend a lot of time thinking about what just happened but it”s good in the sense that I”m getting fit again and after a lot of hard exercise, every morning I keep waking up feeling better and better. Do it for yourself. It will go a long way to for your body chemistry to make you feel better in the process of finding a new girlfriend. Hell, even if you want to get back with your old one, she might see you as a new man and might take you back. I”m not saying it”s the right thing to do, but just something that might help you out.

Listen to a lot of music and rest. I guess love failing feels a lot like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Make sure you are well rested every day, even if it”s really hard to sleep. Stay productive, but I”m not saying run away from your problems. Go back and do everything that you put aside because of the relationship. You need help now, and it”s no time to sit by and just be totally miserable. Do it for yourself. Girls love a man who makes his own destiny.

Do things that show you that you can still feel good about your life.

I hope I helped you. If you have any questions, leave me a comment or email me at

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