Haruneko: Haruneko Entertainment

Haruneko Entertainment logo
Haruneko Entertainment logo

Name: Haruneko

Company: Haruneko Entertainment

Profession: Game Developer

Favorite Classic Game: Eternal Darkness (Gamecube).

Quote: Eternal Darkness because this masterpiece is not known well enough: this game is just sheer perfection, the game system, the story, the characters, everything is crafted really well. This is an horror game like no others, sucks you in like a good book and entertains you like the best arcade you can think of. Eternal Darkness achieves to tell you a really complex and shocking story without being tedious or rely on hundreds of lines of text. I hope that someone who has a Gamecube (or, probably, a Wii), will read these words and get a glance at this unparalled work of art.

Bio: The company at the moment is focused on developing Indie Games for the Xbox.

Project: Akane – The Kunoichi

Project Info: After having released in 2010 our first game “Ace Gals Tennis”, we are looking forward to release our upcoming platform game “Akane – The Kunoichi” during Q1 2011 – more info about this during the upcoming weeks.


Ace Girls Tennis
Ace Girls Tennis

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  • January 5, 2011 at 7:47 PM

    This game made me think of the game Still Life…

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