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Gunther – Christmas Song

Merry Christmas from the crew at Obscure Internet!

Most of us that celebrate Christmas are celebrating by spending time with our family and eating a ton of food. Some are watching Christmas classics such as Christmas Story or It’s A Wonderful Life. Hell, if you’re like me you’re watching Die Hard and Gremlins (my two top Christmas movies).

If you are an internet troll like us though you are probably watching a lot of crap on the computer. Speaking of which… here is the remix to Gunther’s Christmas Song. It’s a lot better than the original version.

If that wasn’t weird enough for you, this will make your brain cave in. Warning: this video is pretty gay.

Who’s Gunther? He’s only a weirdo that makes songs like the Ding Dong Song.

He looks like a rapist to me but what do I know? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Gunther Merry Christmas Song Dog

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