Greg Wohlwend: Mikengreg

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Name:Greg Wohlwend

Company: Mikengreg

Profession: Lead Greg

Favorite Classic Game: Quest for Glory II: Trial By Fire

Quote: My brother and I were obsessed with this game. It came on a dozen or so 3.5″ hard disks (high tech back then) and included a semi-complete faux vellum map. Most of the game took place in either a huge city or a huge desert with tons of little secrets hiding everywhere. That, coupled with the fact that you had to type out most of your actions, made for a world that really felt alive. Plus there was num-pad based real-time combat and different character classes to choose from with different quest lines for each. Though, it’s not the feature list that makes this game great, it’s the love that it was made with that shines through in the end.

You can check out one of Mikengreg’s games Solipskier here for free at this link.

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