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Google + Circle names you should not use

 Google plus circles

So for those of us using Google + we have begun putting people in specially named circles and the good thing is they do not know what circle they are in. However, there is always a chance that people will find out the circle you put them in and become angry. This may not be an issue if you had them in acquaintance instead of friend, but if you put them in some of these rejected circle names, you might find yourself in trouble.


Everyone has a black friend. I myself am many peoples black friend, but when you single people out into their own circle under a label like that, you are going back to the days of two drinking fountains and that is not progress.

Women I have slept with

This could be a plus or a minus. The minus is if you are married or with a girlfriend and you still keep this circle. Do you really want her to cut off your penis and put it in a garbage disposal? The plus is if you ever need to call these women after a trip to the doctor. However, you cannot lie and toss anyone with a pretty face into this circle as it defeats the purpose.

Murder List

You do not video tape your trashing of a house and then post it on YouTube and you do not make a murder list circle on Google + because someone might just end up dead and you will become a Law and Order episode.


Like the murder list, the police will not take the time to discover that this is the list of people you talked about badly on the internet. With a list like this, you might just end up on To Catch a Predator or Scam artist. You never call out your victims that’s just bush league.


Why do you have an asshat circle?

Scorable Girls

This is the same as making a circle called stalking. You really should reconsider adding any pretty girl to this circle because it just makes you seem creepy. However, if this ends up being a viable way to find a quick score let me know.

Not really friends

So you remained acquaintances to this? This is like when the nerdy kid said that you are his best friend and instead of just going with it you had to point out you are not his best friend. Don’t be an asshat!

There are plenty more circle names that should not be out there and you know soon there will be a

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