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FWIP Motivational Poster
This is when, as such, you are on the computer, or doing other important things in your life, then somebody comes and hovers over you and won’t leave till they get what they want. As the copter goes FWIP FWIP, so does that person HOVERING over you while you’re doing something important. This NEVER fails. FWIP FWIP can be a co-worker, parent, kids, your cat, the oil spill, etc. When having an online discussion, just type BRB FWIP FWIP, and the recipient should know whats going on. .

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Auditory A.D.D.

Auditory A.D.D. Motivational Poster

Everyone has encountered this. Everyone. AS SUCH, when you are watching youtube, hulu, or whatever, one video will be really quiet. so you have to turn up the volume. However, the next video will be SRGEYTE$WYHERNRT%EYB#V #GHER% N^BWV$WTW YHG#$ $%E&BYVY$%WYV%RHREHYB$WGY%$VHE$TBGE%YBVR%HB$EYD% RY$WEYGRDG$%WEYH$W%H.

This happens a lot when going from youtube to porn, so that everyone can clearly hear you listening to porn. I wish the INTERNETS had a VOLUME NORMALIZING committee, in order to combat auditory A.D.D. This loves to happen around 3AM.

In order to prevent Auditory A.D.D., you must completely turn down the volume before watching EVERY video, and turn it up to manually normalize the volume yourself. Auditory A.D.D. may cause a FWIP FWIP when people come to see what you are watching.

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