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Everquest: Original Music

Everquest: Original Music

It is almost certain that when looking back on an old game the rose colored glasses will come out. In the case of Everquest though the game was ground breaking I am honest enough to admit that there were many flaws with the game. Simply put, a game like the original EQ would not work today mainly because of the difficultly and time needed to do anything in the game.

Everquest title screen

However, when it comes to some of the music there is no rose colored glasses needed. The music of EQ was excellent from Kelethin to TOV. The funny thing is many people later turned the music off or very low and missed out on many of the awesome tracks that were added to this game.

Perhaps it is the epitome of geekdom, but some of my fondest memories were sitting in Kelethin at night while it rained listening to the city music.

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J.A. Laraque

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10 thoughts on “Everquest: Original Music

  • Any chance you can tell me the file name for the ‘vbar’ piece from the Velium Keg Tavern? I have been trying to track that down in my directory and cant seem to find it. Thanks!

  • J.A. Where did you find these versions of this soundtrack? I have a few versions (mostly MIDI), but I can’t find one of this superb quality!

  • Do you play classic-kunark EQ (Project 1999) or have an account? If so, and someday you feel generous and want to help a fellow Norrathian out with some wonderful tunes, please PM me (RyoGTO) on the project1999 forums–and let me know where I can find them myself. 🙂

    If that doesn’t work for you, PM me somewhere else, like my gamespot profile, also RyoGTO! :p

  • Oh yeah, I have heard of this project and did play it back in the day. I personally played EQ back in the day at release, but man going back and playing it now was too much for me.

    If you check now you will see I allow for downloading. We can only keep this up for a few days however feel free to grab them. We are always willing to help out projects such as this.

  • Wonderful! Thank you friend. 🙂

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