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Donald E. Marshall: Legacy Interactive

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Legacy Interactive logo

Name: Donald E. Marshall

Company: Legacy Interactive

Profession: Sr. Producer

Favorite Classic Game: Civilization II, Kings Quest, Archon

Quote: Last night I stayed up late playing Tarot cards.  I got a full house and four people died. – Steven Wright

Bio/Current Event: Donald E. Marshall is one of the preeminent rising luminaries of the video game industry whose incredible imagination and vision are exceeded only by his staggering modesty.  An award winning playwright and writer, Don uses these skills design and produce games that feel remarkably like the TV shows and movies they’re based on.  At Legacy Interactive, he designed and/or produced games including “Murder, She Wrote”, “Ghost Whisperer,” “Mean Girls”, “Clueless,” “Pretty in Pink,” “The Apprentice: Los Angeles,” and “Igor”.  He also produced many of Legacy’s award winning educational games, including “Pet Pals”, “Pet Pals 2”, and “Zoo Vet 2”.

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One thought on “Donald E. Marshall: Legacy Interactive

  • Civilization 2 defined my life during my college years. Meaning that I had no life and played it all the time.

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