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William Watterson tells us about the Atari Warlords Drinking Game

A clip from the Obsolete Gamer Show featuring our conversation with actor William Watterson. In this clip William tells us about a very special drinking game involving the classic Atari video game, Warlords.

Derek Smart talks FreeSpace

Derek Smart tells us about his attempt to purchase the rights to Decent FreeSpace.

Jeanette Garcia & Daryl Rodriguez: Pizza with Retrogaming Legends

During the filming of their documentary on the history of gaming, World 1-1. Daryl Rodriguez & Jeanette Garcia interviewed many of the men and women who helped usher in gaming today as we know it. In this clip from their interview on the Obsolete ...

MK Tom Brady about How to Win

MK Tom Brady tells Obsolete Gamer during his Alt F4 interview about what it takes to win in competitive gaming.