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Zack Weddington – Viva Amiga

Viva Amiga logo Viva Amiga Sometimes it goes beyond classic gaming, when we talk about certain companies, they and the products they release, are considered classics themselves. What makes a company a classic is the multifunctionality they brought to ...
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Tera Online Q&A

TERA logo Tera Online There has been a lot of interest in Tera Online so Obsolete Gamer wanted to answer some questions for those looking to get into it and hopefully some for fans of the upcoming MMO. Some of these are gathered from various websites ...
Blizzcon 2010 World of Warcraft Developer panel

World of Warcraft: Ask a CDev

Blizzcon 2010 World of Warcraft Developer panel World of Warcraft A little over a month ago Bornakk from the official World of Warcraft message board asked members of the community to post their lore questions for the creative development team. Here are ...
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The Interview – Vadim Asadov – iZ3D

iz3d logo iZ3D 3D gaming is here, you have already seen the impact 3D has had on movies and television and now 3D gaming will add a new dynamic with Steroscopic 3D. If you want to be on the forefront of 3D gaming you will need the right tools including ...
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The Interview – Justin Melendez – LanSlide PC

LanSlide Gaming PCs logo LanSlide PC Some people may ask why is there still a need for LAN parties with console domination, MMO’s and high-speed internet, but if you are asking those questions then you don’t get the point. A LAN party is just as much ...
Tomas Danko Studio

Interview – Tomas Danko (VO Producer at DICE)

Tomas Danko Studio Interview – Tomas Danko (VO Producer at DICE) What do you do for your job, where do you work, and what do you like the most about it?My official title is VO Producer and I work in-house at Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment ...
OriginPC systems

The Interview: Origin PC

OriginPC systems Origin PC If you were to ask someone what city they think of when you mention high end gaming computers Miami most likely would not be one of the answers. However, with the launch of Origin PC, Miami may come to be known as the custom ...
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Interview – CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright)

Cold Storage logo We recently interviewed one of our favorite musicians CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright). The following is the interview