Misty Matonis: CCP


Name: Misty Matonis (CCP Fallout)

Company: CCP

Profession: Associate Community Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Seven Cities of Gold

Quote: I’ve been a gamer ever since my mother brought home a classic Coleco Pong console when it was first released. We progressed to the Atari VCS and Colecovision, but my best gaming memories are when we got the steaming hot Atari 800XL 8-bit computer. I spent entire weekends playing Steve Meretsky-designed Infocom games, but my true obsession was with Danny Bunton’s Seven Cities of Gold. This game was absolutely amazing for its time. You are an explorer out to discover the New World and bring back riches to the Queen of Spain. You just can’t sail west and get lucky. The brilliance of this game is the unique quality it had for its time: random maps, but very intelligently done random maps. Rivers would flow from mountains, villages, cities and towns would team on their shores and on coast lines. You can bribe chiefs to get their gold, or enter town swords killing everything in sight, but there was consequence. If you had a bad reputation, natives might not want you around, and getting gold would become increasingly difficult. There was even seasonal changes, and storms that could wreak havoc on your ships when at sea. And the Queen? She was never satisfied. But I always got my promotion. Eventually.

Shaun Norton: Sandbox Strategies

Sandbox Strategies logo
Sandbox Strategies logo

Name: Shaun Norton

Company: Sandbox Strategies

Profession: PR Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Metal Gear Solid

Quote: This game blew my mind the first time I played it, which was via a demo disc in a gaming magazine. It was unlike anything I had played before, a remarkably polished game with an intricate story and incredibly satisfying controls and gameplay. I was hooked the second I popped the disc in, and it was one of the first games where I not only became engrossed in the story and the struggles of the amazing characters and cast, but that I also took hours and hours to replay. I was obsessed with successfully sneaking around unnoticed, which would also trigger just minor changes in dialogue or cut scenes, and I couldn’t stop playing until I unlocked the stealth and the bandana upgrades. This game basically kick started me down the path to becoming the passionate, ‘core’ gamer I am today.

Nikolaus Gebhardt: Ambiera

Ambiera Software Development logo
Ambiera Software Development logo

Name: Nikolaus Gebhardt

Company: Ambiera

Profession: Software Engineer

Favorite Classig Game: Wolfenstein

Quote: Back then, Wolfenstein was one of the first games with ‘real’ 3D graphics, although today this is only considered 2D. I was amazed by that technology, and played though the game countless of nights. When I finished it, I started creating levels and modifications for it, which maybe lead me to working in the game industry.

Lee Amarakoon: UTV True Games

UTV True Games logo
UTV True Games logo

Name: Lee Amarakoon

Company: UTV True Games

Profession: FX Artist / Heaven Mage

Favorite Classic Game: Herzog Zwei (Sega Genesis, 1990)

Quote: It’s the game that got me into playing strategy games.   With only 1 ship, you transported tanks and other units to the different bases scattered around the level in order to take over sections of the map.  The ship had limited fuel, so expanding was very important since you could also refuel at the captured points.  The ship could transform into a robot so you could attack the ground also.   Since it was 2 player split screen the fight for territory control was great.   My friends and I would look over at each other’s screen to see who was doing what.  This trained us later for GoldenEye 🙂

Bio/Current Event: Currently making class abilities for Faxion Online.    If you’ve always wondered “how do they come up with the spells?” I want  to take you through an example spell creation in Faxion Online.  The spell design and implementation is done by Designer, Jonathan Pollard,   he provides me with a list of abilities with a description on what each one does.    For this example we’ll use Hellfire: summon demonic flames to burn an enemy, inflicting Unholy damage.   The ability asks for demonic flames and flames always look cooler in an unholy green.  Image1 shows the textures used in the spell,  they were created in Photoshop with brushes and various plug-ins.

Martyn Brown: Team 17 Software

Team 17 logo
Team 17 logo

Name: Martyn Brown

Company: Team17 Software Ltd.

Profession: Everything over the years, currently heading up business development at Team17.

Favorite Classic Game: Football Manager (ZX Spectrum, circa 1983)

Quote: “I openly admit hiding behind the sofa, not able to look, when I guided the mighty Lincoln City to Wembley.”

Bio: I co-founded Team17 in 1990 and have been here for 20yrs. Recent releases in 2010 for Team17 have been Worms Reloaded on Steam for PC,  Alien Breed: Impact on Steam and PlayStation Network for PS3, Alien Breed 2: Assault on XBLA and Steam, Worms 2: Armageddon on PlayStation Network for PS3 and also on iPhone and iPad. Forthcoming releases include Alien Breed 2: Assault on PSN, Alien Breed 3: Descent for XBLA, Steam and PSN and also Worms: Battle Islands for PSP from PlayStation Network as well.

Mark van Diggelen: SkillPod Media

Skillpod Media logo
Skillpod Media logo

Name: Mark van Diggelen

Company: SkillPod Media (Pty) Ltd

Profession: CEO / Chief Gamer

Favorite Classic Game: Larry Lounge Lizard

Quote: It was one of the 1st true strategy RPG games and kept you glued to your 286 PC for hours and hours on end, it’s a legendary game.

I have a lot of great game playing memories from the early to mid-eighties. My best friend, Jose, my brother and I were absolute arcade games addicts and used to take our R1 (roughly Us$12 in today’s money) and walk across to the corner cafe (convenience store). We had an ongoing dilemma and that is that each game cost 20c and our favorite chocolate cost 20c, but we were 3 people and each of us needed to play at least one game, of either Pacman, Asteroids or the latest and greatest release, Space Invaders. What we did was buy 2 chocolates and then share them between the 3 of us, as evenly as we could.

Thereafter it was time for action and sheer determination to achieve the highest score, we were pretty good and used to play for between 30 and 40 minutes per player. Then came the PC and the 1st RPG games, Larry Lounge Lizard, this game had me instantly addicted and turned out to be my favorite game of all time. At the time I was studying and would start playing at around 9pm, after some studying and completion of projects, and invariably only finish after 3am and still need to be up by 6am for college. Larry Lounge Lizard is a legend, even in its simple form.

Bio/Current Event: SkillPod Media is an innovative online gaming and application development business, that’s passionate about the casual gaming market. SkillPod Media  has developed a world class proprietary gaming platform, for online and mobile, which already powers a number of highly successful games sites for some of the top International and South African online portals. We’re currently launching our new platform that includes Power-ups for games, ability for users to customise their games and create and pimp their avatars.

Nils-Holger Henning: Bigpoint

Bigpoint logo
Bigpoint logo

Name: Nils-Holger Henning

Company: Bigpoint

Profession: CCO

Favorite Classic Game: Need for speed

Quote: Need for Speed is one of the first 3D Racing games and even today this game makes a lot of fun. The sequel titles runs on different platforms like PocketPC´s and Playstation what makes this game a very cool game.

Curt Hartung: CCP


Name: Curt Hartung

Company: CCP

Profession: Programmer

Favorite Classic Game: Ultima IV

Quote: I spent over a year plumbing this game right after its release, on my apple //c, from start to finish, with no internet or cheat guides or outside help. The minimalist graphics and rich sandbox-like content allowed me to become a part of the story in a way that no other game ever has. I don’t lament the advances in computing and graphics, but would be lying if I didn’t admit that some small part of me pines for the days when the details of epic battles and special effects were supplied by imagination alone. I wager I am not alone when I see modern renderings or updated graphics of those worlds and think “that’s not how mine looks”. It was a game that required note-taking, imagination, introspective thought and interaction that wasn’t “pick one of these two answers”.

Patrick Rene Posthuma Linthorst: Phure Studios

Phure Studios logo
Phure Studios logo

Name: Patrick Rene Posthuma Linthorst

Company: Phure Studios

Profession: Founder

Favorite Classic Game: The Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time

Quote: Games like Zelda; A Link to the Past and Super Metroid would always make me doubt about Ocarina of Time being my all-time favorite game ever, since they’re really good games and come in as a close second and third, but Ocarina of Time is a game on a whole new level and which I’ve been waiting for for more than three years.

It’s when I hear the piano on the titlescreen play, with Link and his horse Epona galloping by on Hyrule Field with the moon in the background, that I get goosebumps all over again and something inside tells me: YES! This is my favorite game! Back in those days Nintendo gamers would always look forward to the next Nintendo franchise being resurrected in 3D and Zelda was just one of those games which I knew would eventually come into 3D, making me look forward to it ever since the Nintendo64 came out. I’d be on my 56k dial up internet spending hours to get more information about the game.

It’s the whole atmosphere, music, graphics and whatever else about Ocarina of Time that just triggers something inside me, making me want to finish it 100% all over again and again without ever getting bored. The gameplay set some new standards for controls and gamedesign for years to come after that and the whole game is just unique in every aspect!

Bio: Phure Studios is a Games Design & Development and Application Development company. We are located in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, founded in 2009 and have our eyes set on pure fun! We develop applications and games for Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and aim for consoles and Pc in the near future!

Ryan Modjeski: Legacy Interactive

Legacy Interactive logo
Legacy Interactive logo

Name: Ryan Modjeski

Company: Legacy Interactive

Profession: Producer

Favorite Classic Game: The Secret of Monkey Island II and Ms. Pac-Man (preferably a modded Laundromat version).

Quote: I make games.

Biot: Ryan Modjeski began his career making games as a toddler, dictating amendments to board game rules as they suited his whim. He continued his love of interactive design when he discovered Dungeons and Dragons in grade school, concocting and running elaborate imaginary campaigns for is classroom friends during recess. Writing and designing his first adventure game on spec in the late 1990’s, he has gone on to work as a designer and producer of casual, mobile and social games. He was recently a juror for the 2010 Indiecade International Festival of Independent Games and keeps a game design blog at ludicmagician.wordpress.com

Robby Zinchak: Archive Games

Archive Games logo
Archive Games logo

Name: Robby Zinchak

Company: Archive Games

Profession: Producer

Favorite Classic Game: The Longest Journey

Quote: There’s something about that game that after you play it, you never forget it.  I think it may have had the best story in all of games – witty, touching, and fantastical all at the same time.  But it also had amazing graphics… some of those scenes are still spectacular even by today’s standards.  Everything about it just came together beautifully to make an experience more detailed, more immersive, than anything I played before or since.

Lincoln Davis: NCsoft

NCSoft logo
NCSoft logo

Name: Lincoln Davis

Company: NCsoft

Profession: Senior Public Relations Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Contra on NES

Quote: Contra was the first game I was able to complete without dying once. Super Spreads rocks!

Current Event: I’m currently driving the PR surrounding the upcoming launch of Guild Wars 2, sustained PR for Aion and City of Heroes while preparing for other projects we have yet to announce.

Jonathan Collins: MiniMonos

MiniMonos logo
MiniMonos logo

Name: Jonathan Collins

Company: MiniMonos.com

Profession: Online community manager

Favorite Classic Game: Frogger

Quote: The best burger joint in town had three arcade units when I was a kid: Frogger, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong (showing my age here). Frogger was seriously addictive, despite (or perhaps because of) it’s simplicity. The music is enough to drive you mad, but hearing it brings back memories of great times hanging out with friends.

Bio:MiniMonos is a virtual world that encourages kids to understand sustainability. Monkey avatars explore MiniMonos Island and its eco- themed games. With over 42,000 members in 150 countries, MiniMonos’ focus is on fun. Sustainability is normalized rather than taught. By playing the in-world games, kids get to think about their impact on the environment, without messages being preached at them. MiniMonos (minimonos.com) is a fun and ethical online environment for kids, designed to empower the next, environmentally conscious, generation.

Páll Ívarsson: CCP

CCP logo
CCP logo

Name: Páll Ívarsson (CCP Fear)

Company: CCP

Profession: Senior Game Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Civilization

Quote: I was 8 years old when it came out, and I think I got it about a year later through a friend of my mom’s. I was super excited about it, the concept being “You rule your own civilization” and out of a selection of a few games she had got me, this was the one I needed to install on our new 386 computer. The main problem was that I didn’t speak a word in English (being from Iceland) except a few words here and there and my mom claimed I wouldn’t understand it. But I ignored her warnings, and I’m glad I did. Empowered by English to Icelandic dictionary I spent hours in front of the screen, trying to make any sense of the game. My main problems were with building roads, irrigating my barren lands and what messages I was receiving. But I stood the test of time and by writing my own small pocket book of strategy I was able to play Civ again and again. These moments, and many others shaped me into the gamer and the developer I am today.

Melissa Burns: The Museum of Mobility History

Museum of Mobility History logo
Museum of Mobility History logo

Name: Melissa Burns

Company: The Museum of Mobility History (MuMoh)

Profession: Principal, Mobility Public Relations

Favorite Classic Game: Pitfall on Atari

Quote: Pitfall Harry entertained me for a week straight in the early 80’s while I was stuck at home trying to deal with the Chicken Pox. Even at a very young age I loved the thrill of completing a task under a tight deadline, and collecting all those treasures while timing the hazards just perfectly was the ultimate in entertainment. It kept me hooked well after I recovered from the pox.

Ted Brockwood: Kalypso Media USA

Kalypso logo
Kalypso logo

Name: Ted Brockwood

Company: Kalypso Media USA

Profession: Head of PR (North America)

Favorite Classic Game: Yar’s Revenge – Atari 2600

Quote: Yar’s Revenge was fun because it had a very simple gameplay mechanic, and basically one enemy, but it just kept getting relentlessly harder the more you played, until it was so fast, it was almost impossible to play. That, and I had one of the highest scores in the U.S. for a short time according to the official Atari 2600 magazine.

Bio/Current Event: At Kalypso USA, we’ve published popular titles like Tropico 3 (a great remake of the classic Tropico games), and have just released Patrician IV and Disciples III, both sequels to some very popular classic titles.

Josh Austin: D3Publisher of America

D3 Publisher logo
D3 Publisher logo

Name: Josh Austin

Company: D3Publisher of America

Profession: Producer

Favorite Classic Game: Metroid NES

Quote: Metroid for the NES was the first gaming experience I had that affected me.  At the time, all the games were colorful with bright music and lots of character.  Metroid was a faceless hero isolated in a sci-fi alien world, to me there was nothing ever like this and it completely consumed me.  I had to get that character through the world to complete her goal, it was a quest, and one that I couldn’t stop until I found every secret path and upgrade.

The music is still amazing to me and really added a lot to the atmosphere.  Part of the reason I stuck around areas exploring every nook and cranny of the world with bombs, missiles and the wave beam was because the music in each section was so engrossing.  I had friends that all played instruments and during high school we always talked about putting together a massive band to re-create the music from the game as it affected us all so much.

Tyler Chester: Appular

Appular logo
Appular logo

Name: Tyler Chester

Company: Appular

Profession: Public Relations

Favorite Classic Game: The Sims

Quote: I’ve always been into simulation games for a while now and it keeps me pretty busy. The Sims 1 for PS2 was really the first game that started my gaming habits. I had an original PS2, the “fatty” of them all. I think I actually got it right on release, not sure. I’m sure you can consider The Sims as a classic, right? At times it can be frustrating, and I still remember you didn’t have the ability to create multiple floors which was a draw back. Now today, The Sims series is huge like really huge. You can build like four floors today, that’s just completly insane. With all the add-ons today their is no limits with The Sims. That’s why I keep coming back to it now and then. I’ve had my fair share of house building with The Sims 3, so many tools, so little time!

Robert Eng: GameTable Online

Game Table Online logo
Game Table Online logo

Name: Robert Eng

Company: GameTable Online

Profession: Vice-President of Operations

Favorite Classic Game: Jumpman

Quote: For the era it was a good game but I just have fond memories of the family Commodore 64, the industrial strength Atari style joysticks, setting the game to the endless “Randomizer” setting, and competing with my sister. Hours of repetitive fun!

Jóhann Haukur Gunnarsson: CCP


Name: Jóhann Haukur Gunnarsson (CCP 2PIE)

Company: CCP

Profession: Associate Programmer

Favorite Classic Game: XCOM: UFO DEFENSE

Quote: For me this is the golden turn based strategy game. I still play it, even though I have finished this game so often I’ve long lost count of it. The suspense when you wait for your turn as the AI opponent stalks around is immense. The research effort, the amount of content, the strategy behind where you place your bases and what countries you strife to defend give this game a lot of depth. Replayability is an often coveted word, but few gameshave as long lasting value as that game did, and still does. And ahh, I also fondly remember the various ways I could cheat in the game by editing its save-files.

Mungo Amyatt-Leir: Flight 1

Flight1 Software logo
Flight1 Software logo

Name: Mungo Amyatt-Leir

Company: Flight1

Profession: Managing Director, Europe

Favorite Classic Game: Asteroids (Arcade)

Quote: In 1979 I was 11 years old and the chip shop, next to the new Secondary Comprehensive I had just joined, revealed a whole new world of entertainment beyond Grange Hill and Crackerjack. It was the low throb and moonlight glow of the Asteroids machine in the corner, with a gaggle of older boys madly shouting instructions, interspersed with the unforgettable high pitched UFO sound, that drew my interest. I quickly become hooked, walking 4 miles each way to school so that I could spend my bus (and lunch) money on this beast. My nightmares were punctuated by the appearance of that tiny saucer and hundreds of vector-rendered tiny rocks, perfectly rotating as they hurtled across the screen with only the limited hyperspace jump acting as my saviour. The machine moved on, as did I, and it was not too many years later I found myself rendering sprites of those same rocks as we programmed the a 16-bit conversion of this seminal game.

Claas Paletta: Daedalic Entertainment

[youtube id=”3TwMVM9ajwk” width=”633″ height=”356″]

Name: Claas Paletta

Company: Daedalic Entertainment

Daedalic entertainment

Profession: PR & New Business Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Jagged Alliance 2

Quote: Хорошо! – Ivan Dolvich

That’s what Ivan, my favorite mercenary in the Jagged Alliance series, says when you direct him anywhere on the map. He speaks only Russian and is a tremendously good shot. A great addition for any team of soldiers of fortune trying to overthrow a dictator!

Michael Mota: DreamCatcher Games

Dreamcatcher logo
Dreamcatcher logo

Name: Michael Mota

Company: DreamCatcher Games

Profession: Public Relations

Favorite Classic Game: NHL 95

Quote: “This is the game that got me hooked in the NHL franchise. It was fast paced, exciting, and I had a blast creating my own custom team. My favorite part of this game (and every NHL game after) was the hitting/body checking. When you lay down a good solid body check, you’d hear an awesome “UGH”, followed by cheers or boos from the crowd. I’ll be honest, I still have this game at home on my shelf.”

Rica-Tan: Agatsuma Entertainment

Agatsuma Entertainment logo



Profession: Producer/agent between developers and publishers

Favorite Classic Game: Qix/ Q-bert/ RallyX

Quote: Because those are simple, time consuming games!

Info: Rica was a producer of Let’s Draw! A Nintendo DS title released in US/Europe by Majesco/Barnstorm.

Jeroen Talman: Games Factory Online

Games Factory Online logo

Name: Jeroen Talman

Company: Games Factory Online

Profession: Project Manager / Game Producer

Favorite Classic Game: Alexx Kidd in Miracle World

Quote: As a little kid I never owned a NES, but we had a Sega Master System II instead. This console had the game Alexx Kidd in Miracle World build in. I spent so many hours playing this game as a 6-year old boy that the nostalgic feelings I have with the game overrule other games like Sonic.
The use of vehicles and mini-games such as rock-paper-scissors were impressive, just like the shop system. Alexx Kidd, where are you nowadays… We miss you dearly!

Alasdair Evans: Laughing Jackal

Laughing Jackal logo

Name: Alasdair Evans

Company: Laughing Jackal Ltd.

Profession: Senior Producer

Favorite Classic Game: Super Metroid

Quote: I thought long and hard about the answer to this question as I’ve been gaming since about 1983 and struggle with the definition of a ‘classic’ game. Casting my net into the 90s, I am also a huge Street Fighter II (or III or IV, for that matter!) fan. I think, though, that Super Metroid just edges it for me as it probably had a greater impact on me when I first played it. The feeling of being let loose on a huge and deserted alien world was unparalleled at the time. It was the first game that really made me feel something emotionally and was just so well constructed that I still go back and play it today. It also has a maturity and an eeriness that few games of the time did – especially on the SNES. There have been many imitators, including Shadow Complex, the ‘Metroidvania’ games, and the Metroid series’ own new entries in the time since, but for me Super Metroid is the ultimate single player experience and an absolute gem that everyone should try at least once. Still, props to Street Fighter II, if you’d asked me what my favourite multiplayer classic game was I wouldn’t have hesitated! I still play SSFIV on my 360 to this day. If anyone fancies a game, my gamertag is evanac   😉

Frank Campbell: First Planet Company

Planet First Company logo

Name: Frank Campbell

Company: First Planet Company

Profession: Marketing Director

Favorite Classic Game: Jetpac

Quote: I played Jetpac on my very first PC, the ZX Spectrum. Suddenly I wasn’t restricted by how long my pocket money would last in an arcade. I could assemble rockets and fight off aliens as much as I liked from the comfort of my own bedroom. The rubber keys, cassette loading and quaint 16k system requirements were all part of the charm, and every release from Ultimate Play The Game couldn’t come fast enough.

Planet Calypso Info

Planet Calypso logo
Planet Calypso logo

Planet Calypso is a sci-fi MMO.

Players hunt wild creatures, mine resources, craft and trade items as they expand their human colony on a distant alien world. Features include over 1600 square kilometers of land to explore, more than 200 avatar skills, PvP combat, missions, vehicles, a global auction and lots more.

Planet Calypso has no subscription fees. The PED currency used on Calypso has a fixed exchange rate of 10:1 with the US Dollar, allowing players to deposit and withdraw real money during their adventures on Calypso. Planet Calypso is a free download available at www.planetcalypso.com

Jay Boor: Konami

Konami logo

Name: Jay Boor

Company: KONAMI

Profession: Head of Public Relations

Favorite Classic Game: HERZOG ZWEI

Quote: Herzog-Zwei is one of my all-time favorite titles for a number of reasons. It was the first-true real-time strategy game, and it debuted on the SEGA Genesis – it wasn’t even a PC title! At the time, Technosoft probably thought they had just developed a really fun two-player war-action game. Little did they know that they were the first to lay the foundation for all future RTS games to come.

David Knippenberg: WarFactory

Warfactory PCs emblem
Warfactory PCs emblem

Name: David Knippenberg

Company: WarFactory Corp

Profession: President, Gaming PC Builder

Favorite Classic Game: X-COM, Terror from the Deep

Quote: Up to that point, I’d never played a game where the atmosphere was so tense.  It seemed like every choice you made carried great weight, especially once the turn-based squad combat started.  Make a wrong move or don’t equip your team correctly, and you’ll lose your team to the depths.  Very few games I’ve played since then have been able to replicate that sense of foreboding for me.

Bio: Our company, WarFactory, is a gaming PC builder devoted to quality.  We hand pick our parts and customize each system we offer based on reliability and performance.  We also pair each suggested configuration (all builds are still fully customizable) with benchmarks so our customers know exactly what kind of performance to expect from their PC.

Ned Coker: CCP

CCP logo black

Name: Ned Coker (CCP Manifest)

Company: CCP

Profession: Public Relations

Favorite Classic Game: Mario Kart 64

Quote: This was the only game I played for a year and a half to the virtual exclusion of all others. For someone who has gamed consistently since the Atari days, that says a lot about the strength of this game, it’s staying power and the amount of fun I had with my high school friends playing it—particularly in Battle Mode.  So many memories I’m not sure where to start, but there was just enough “Question mark” luck, strategy, diversity, taunting and “kingmaker” gameplay in it in battle mode to keep every match fresh even for the limited map selection.  Nothing like taking out all three balloons and the bomb with one Star use. Simplicity at its finest. And finally, I reserve Princess Peach as my character if you wish to challenge me.

Gabe Gonzales: MoneyPlum Media

monkey plum media logo

Name: Gabe Gonzalez

Profession: CMO of MonkeyPlum Media, and self-appointed leader of the agency revolution

Favorite classic game: Metal Gear Solid (Sony Playstation)

Quote: I never played another game that had the attention to detail, amazing environments, quirky sense of humor, and was able to suck me into another reality like MGS. “Huh!? Who’s footprints are these?” that was awesome.

A game that truly has replay value, even to this day. Even if to just remember and relive my first time with MGS

It’s such a beautifully built game that I want to see its environments everywhere, so I created Shadow Moses Island for L4D and L4D2. Surprisingly the map made it into the pages of PGGamer’s top 10 L4d Mods. I have to finish them, but I seem to have builder’s block. I can assure you the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th maps are progressively (to-the-tenth-power) better than the 1st map…now if I can only focus on finishing them, it will be epic. Thank you Kojima. I heart you…

Kelly Wheelis: Sumo Panda Games

Sumo Panda Games logo

Name: Kelly Wheelis

Company: Dragonsmeet Inc. / Sumo Panda Games

Profession: Publicist

Favorite Classic Game: GoldenEye 007

Quote: I love GoldenEye for N64. It redefined the first-person shooter. Withoutit, there would be no Half-Life, no Halo, no Fallout, all of which I love so dearly. With tons of levels to play through, including scenarios from past James Bond films, the game is never boring. The sheer joy experienced by putting a bullet in some Russian’s head with the sniper rifle, from 200 yards, never gets old, the countless mission objectives spread across 12 different environments and three difficulty levels offers loads of variety in action, along with the death-match option have helped cement this game’s place in gamer’s hearts everywhere.

To this day, I still set up nights to play the multiplayer death-match with friends. Playing the first-person mode presents levels that cover many ranges of play such as Doom-style play (all shooting and no brains), to search-and-destroy missions (requiring more strategy), to a wide range of carefully designed information-acquiring levels; all blending together to create an incredibly satisfying gaming session. Plus, who didn’t love all those super cool Bond gadgets and gizmos? Magnet Attract Watch FTW! Now that a Wii remake of the game is planned, from what I have seen, I’m going to have to purchase the console just so I can try it.  ‘Slappers’ anyone?

Bio: Sumopanda is an online games portal specializing in providing free and fun to play games. Sumopanda’s parent company, Dragonsmeet, was founded on the belief that fun should be accessible to anyone. And with online entertainment increasingly becoming our preferred past-time, SumopandaGames.com was created to make this belief a reality.

Richard M. Holmes: Club V3

ClubV3 Social Network Games logo

Name: Richard M Holmes

Company: Club V3 Ltd, Isle of Man, British Isles

Profession: Director of computer games companies since 1993

Favorite Classic Game: Pirates!

Quote: Simply a great game where you can slip into a different era and life from the comfort of your chair without unnecessary features. With each new version it gets better, whilst not destroying the simplicity addictiveness of the core game. The addition of the dancing in the latest version is superb and is a wonderful counterbalance to the hack and thrust of the remainder of the game. First played it on the C64 for months, then again on Amiga and three times on PC. For years…

Nadine Knobloch: bitComposer Games

bitComposer Games logo

Name: Nadine Knobloch

Company: bitComposer Games GmbH

Profession: International PR Manager

Favorite Classic Game: The Great Giana Sisters/The Great Gianna Sisters

Quote: “The brothers are history!” which was not only the slogan on the British box but also my personal battle call since I played this game for hours and hours with my brother, always competing in who’d make it through the whole game without losing a life.

Chris Waldron: Cartoon Network Game Studios

Cartoon Network logo

Name: Chris Waldron

Company: Cartoon Network Game Studios

Profession: Game Production

Favorite Classic Game: Barnstorming

Quote: In trying to get all the patches that Activision gave out on their games, this was the one I could never get. I’m not sure it’s so much my favorite, as the game from my childhood that haunts me the most. I tried soooo many times, but could never get the qualifying score for that Flying Aces patch

Jessica Harper: Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth logo

Name: Jessica Harper

Company: Fallen Earth, LLC

Profession: Quality Assurance Lead for Fallen Earth

Favorite Classic Game: Tomb Raider

Quote: I have been playing games since I was really young, but I got hooked on the Tomb Raider series when I was around 11 or 12. I found that I could get into the mechanics of games and found them all interesting as I played through. I became quite good at controlling the camera on the PS2 and that added to the experience for me as I played through the game. The Tomb Raider series of games on the PS2 has to be my favorite game to date since it made me concentrate on the puzzles and the dexterity challenges while providing a lot of fun and entertainment. I loved finding new strategies to move up in the game. I love a good challenge.

Mary Sue To: Aksys Games

Aksys Games logo

Name: Mary Sue To

Company: Aksys Games

Profession: Marketing Coordinator & Community Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Super Metroid

Quote: The secluded atmosphere, the epic boss battles, the relationship between Samus and the baby metroid, and the urge to collect 100% items…this is the game that I will never forget.

Ed Farias: Arcade in a Box

arcade-in-a-box logo

Name: Ed Farias

Company: Arcade-in-a-Box, LLC

Profession: Manufacture Custom Arcade Sticks and own an Arcade

Favorite Classic Game: Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Quote: Mind games, it’s all about the mind games in super turbo.

Erik Reynolds: Atari

Atari logo

Name: Erik Reynolds

Company: Atari

Profession: Sr. Director of PR

Favorite Classic Game: Star Raiders (Atari 2600)

Quote: Star Raiders was one of the first 1st person space flight sims and I’m sure influenced a generation of space flight combat games since. The game was brilliant in its presentation at the time because if felt so ahead graphically than anything else available on the console.

Michael Lefrancois Bedard: Citeremis

Citeremis logo

Name: Michael Lefrancois Bedard

Company: Citeremis

Profession: Marketing

Favorite classic game: Mega Man

Quote: In my opinion Mega Man is the pinnacle of platforming games. Mega Man introduced me to the beauty of side scrolling games and I have been enjoying that genre ever since.

Brian Wyser: X-Ray Kid Studios

X-Ray Kid logo

Name: Brian Wyser

Company: X-Ray Kid Studios

Profession: Co-Founder/Animation Director

Favorite Classic Game: Double Dragon (arcade)

Quote: DD was my first experience with fighting co-op… um… for everyone back then I guess as it opened up a new genre of gameplay.  My friends and I were hooked from the first day we wasted at the local sandwich shop.  We probably paid for the machine 5 times over with all the quarters pumped into it.  Best move was the grapple/knee to the head then toss, but watch out because you could punch your buddy too.

Marie Croall: Fallen Earth LLC

Fallen Earth logo

Name: Marie Croall

Company: Fallen Earth, LLC

Profession: Senior Game Designer for Fallen Earth

Favorite Classic Game: King’s Quest

Quote: This was one of the first games I ever played obsessively.  Even at my young age, the humor and puzzles appealed to me—even if the phrase “You can’t do that…at least not now” is permanently burned into my brain.

Nery Hernandez: MonkeyPlum Media

Monkey Plum Media logo

Name: Nery Hernandez

Company: MonkeyPlum Media

Profession: CTO a.k.a Greasemonkey

Favorite Classic Game: Tie Fighter

Quote: First of all I have played a ton of games, and I still own most of them too (consoles and PC, my collection borders on being on an episode of “hoarders”…lol) and I have various favorites. But Tie Fighter stands out for me as one of those games that has that rare quality of being an experience. From the story, the initiation into the Emperor’s Inner Circle (Secret forearm tattoo and all), the ship models, it was a game that you could tell was made with L.O.V.E. for the source material, while still maintaining an originality of its own.

Steven Peeler: Soldak Entertainment

Soldak Entertainment logo

Name:Steven Peeler

Company: Soldak Entertainment

Profession: Programmer/Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Tunnels of Doom (TI-99/4A)

Quote: I think this was the first rpg that I played on a computer and I sure do have fond memories. Even with minimal graphics, which were actually pretty good at the time, it was still frightening and great fun exploring and killing all of the monsters. All to save some king or something. 🙂 It had multiple character types, a party, turn based combat, random encounters, layout, and items, and an auto-map. Some of this is common now, but this is from a game made almost 30 years ago.

Seth Priebatsch: SCVNGR

scvngr logo

Name: Seth Priebatsch

Company: SCVNGR

Profession: Chief Ninja

Favorite Classic Game: Civilization IV

Quote: I love Civ IV because it’s basically the best representation of what I love about real life (planning, strategy, intrigue) but sped up 100x.

Juan Benito: Joystick Labs

Joystick Labs logo

Name: Juan Benito

Company: Joystick Labs

Profession: Creative Director

Favorite Classic Game: Quake

Quote: Awesome 3D + Tight Controls (Mouselook) + Internet Matchmaking + Clans = My First Awesome Online Multiplayer Experience!

Jeff Ramos: Games for Change

Games For Change logo
Games For Change logo

Name: Jeff Ramos

Company: Games for Change

Profession: Community and Content Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Earthbound

QuoteEarthbound for the SNES was really one of the first games that had an ending that surprised me. Traditional RPGs have you just grind away to level up enough to beat the last boss and watch the ending. To me, Earthbound was the first game to ever acknowledge the player itself in the game world. The game breaks the fourth wall and you actually beat the game on the merits of your efforts and relationships with other characters, not your combined strength and level.

It was refreshing to see a game break the mold and deliver a real experience, not just a story inside a cookie cutter design scheme. I’d trade in all the HD graphics in the world for a game that actually takes me by surprise and rewards me for actually paying attention to it.

Michal Gledala: Global Fun

Global Fun logo

Name: Michał Ględała

Company: GlobalFun AB

Profession: EMEA Account Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Football Manager series

Quote: I am a football fan and I always liked Football Manager type of games. I am excited whenever a new edition is coming out, so I can check what has been improved and how to be a better manager J

Some people think it is crazy to just look at the stats, clicking on numbers and watching 22 small round dots flying around the screen, but for me it is pure fun. It is a great feeling to start a career as a manager of your favorite club, and build your squad the way you want. I can spend hours on looking for players and staff that can help my team to win the league and go far in the European competition. This is the most exciting part of the game, when you build your squad and then wait for the first season game, to see if your decisions were good.  Some people think there is nothing exciting about a game like that, but they don’t know how it is to score a winning goal in 93rd minute of the very important game or to tell your players during halftime, that they need to win the game for their supporters although they are losing 2-0. Once the game ends and your team wins, you are delighted J You can then read in the newspaper that your motivation speech helped your players to believe in success.  It is also funny how you try to lie to yourself while playing the game. You want to stop playing the game, but then oh, a derby match, oh new transfer available, oh I will just change my tactics for this game… and you realize it’s been 4 hours since you told yourself to quit the game J I love it and hate it at the same time, telling myself, that this time I will play only couple of games… If you ever dreamt of being a Football Manager, you should definitely try Football Manager series.. By the way, new one is coming out very soon, so I need to keep my eyes opened.