Seppo Santapukki: Prank Ltd

Prank ltd logo

Name: Seppo Santapukki

Company: Prank Ltd.

Profession: Creative Director

Favorite Classic Game: Mega Man 2 (NES).

Quote: The second Mega Man was my first encounter to the series, igniting a love that still keeps growing after 20 years – thanks to Mega Man IX and X. It taught me patience, dexterity, and above all: trying even harder upon failure. Additionally, one can only respect the fact that the music is still in a league of its own. In case you don’t believe me, just check out the video!

Bio/Current Event: After a long while in the making, finally seeing Prank’s first game – Ant Raid – becoming closer and closer to its final form.

Theodore Bergquist: Gamersgate

Gamersgate logo
Gamersgate logo

Name: Theodore Bergquist

Company: Gamersgate

Profession: CEO

Favorite Classic Game: The Elders Scrolls II: Daggerfall

Quote: The depth of the game, the many endings, the spell creation system. Back then this was so complex and immersive and I spend many hours with that game as my best friend.

Bio/Current Event:

GamersGate is the leading digital distribution platform for PC and Mac games and the world’s largest store for PC games, creating easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide – anytime, anywhere. Offering a “client-free” experience that eliminates the need for a bulky client interface, gamers anywhere can now access their games without any third party involvement.

With the largest catalog of games available for download on the web (currently over 2,600), GamersGate offers a strong selection of AAA publishers (including EA, Ubisoft, THQ, Sega and more) and a dynamic variety of niche and indie publishers.

To serve the growing community, GamersGate rolled out the industry’s most robust loyalty program with the launch of Blue Coins. Blue Coins are earned through various kinds of user activity on the site, but can also be purchased directly with cash. Users can earn Blue Coins by writing reviews, ranking games, and participating in the Game Tutor program. The Game Tutor program is a mentorship system where users can ask questions to other users regarding difficult levels or other game related questions. The user who provides the solution will then be rewarded with Blue Coins.

GamersGate continues to redefine the download industry with the launch of several accompanying services including in-game chat functionality and other comprehensive tools.

Olivier Vermeille: Zallag

Zallag logo
Zallag logo

Name: Olivier Vermeille


Company: Zallag


Profession: Marketing & PR Manager


Favorite Classic Game: Final Fantasy Tactics (PlayStation)


Quote: The first game I remember playing was a game called “Sorcery+” on Amstrad CPC. I can’t quite grasp what it was like but I remember it as something amazing with beautiful graphics. It would be quite painful to look at it today so I’m not going to dwell on this and will rather talk about the two games that took me away for hours and hours: “Ultima VII” and “Might & Magic 4&5”. These amazing game made me love RPG but I only played on PC at that time so I only knew about “Western” RPG ; up until the PlayStation and the famous Final Fantasy VII. This was another revelation yet it’s not my “Favorite Classic Game”. I’ve kept this spot for “Final Fantasy Tactics”.


It came out around the same time as Final Fantasy VII yet it was completely different. As the name suggest it was a Tactical RPG and the graphics were mixing 3D elements (for the battleground) with 2D (characters’ sprites).


What I liked about this game was how mature it was (despite its “cute” character design with noseless characters and funny Chocobos). It was about politics, religion, betrayal, love, murder, friendship…all mixed perfectly with a near-perfect gameplay experience. I won’t go into detail about the mechanics but let’s just say that it was extremely motivating to level up your characters. All thanks to the “jobs” system which lets you change jobs and still keep some of the abilities you previously learned.


All in all “Final Fantasy Tactics” is one of the greatest game I’ve played from beginning to end with accessible yet challenging difficulty as you progress. The team members that will join you as the story develops are also particularly memorable (they even included “Cloud” from Final Fantasy VII and explained his presence in the game in a very clever way as well!).


I can’t wait for the iPhone version to come out (which will be the adaptation of the PSP version as far as we know).


Optional) Bio/Current Event:

1° We release in December 2010 the Minis version (Playstation Network) of the amazing iPhone game “SHIFT”. Called “SHIFT extended” and compatible with both PS3 and PSP, this version will offer twice the content from the original game.


2° We have just released Gods vs Humans for WiiWare and PC. A nice mix of a Tower Defense game and a God Game with adorable characters 😉

Daxon Flynn: BattleGoat Studios

Battlegoat Studios logo
Battlegoat Studios logo

Name: Daxon Flynn

Company: BattleGoat Studios


Profession: Game Designer


Favorite Classic Game: Rampart

Quote: A quick thinking strategy game that uses a trackball to build walls with tetris like pieces to defend your castle and fight enemies with your cannons. An arcade game that I actually beat with one quarter from start to finish.


Bio/Current Event: Supreme Ruler Cold War

Chris Gerspacher: Kerberos Productions

Name: Chris Gerspacher

Company: Kerberos Productions

Profession: Lead Artist

Favorite Classic Game: Ninja Gaiden

Quote: It was a hard pick, but I mentally went through all my NES carts and I have to pick Ninja Gaiden. Bouncing from wall to wall, ninja star throwin’, minion dodgin’, hack and slash boss battlin’ – the original twitch gamer experience for me, personally.

Bio/Current Event: Chris is no longer the youngest member of the Kerberos team, for which he is thankful. If you’ve seen the Sword of the Stars II engine demo, you’ve seen exactly what Chris is working on.

Darren Grant: Kerberos Productions

Kerberos logo
Kerberos logo

Name: Darren Grant

Company: Kerberos Productions

Profession: Lead Programmer

Favorite Classic Game: Die Siedler (Settlers in NA)

Quote: The original prototypical city builder game, before the PC genre was really branded. No other city builder I know of has ever made the interplay of economics this tactile. Hours of zen tweaking and balancing rewarded with a flourishing ant farm community of little settlers going about their tiny tasks!

Bio/Current Event: Darren entered the biz programming on Homeworld:

Cataclysm, while spending his off hours prepping for the annual Fragapalooza in Edmonton, Alberta. He is currently working on the MARS 2 engine for Sword of the Stars II.

Henri Haimakainen: Colossal Order

Colossal_Order logoName: Henri Haimakainen

Company: Colossal Order Ltd

Profession: Game Artist / Environment Artist

Favorite Classic Game: Double Dragon 2: The Revenge (NES)

Quote: It was something really cool compared to the single player games of the time. It also presented a different take on the multiplayer game mode since many games were about players taking turns to play the game rather than working together towards a common goal.

Bio/Current Event: Being part of a team working for their first commercial video game Cities in Motion.

Lisa Haasbroek: Legacy Interactive

Legacy Interactive logo
Legacy Interactive logo

Name: Lisa Haasbroek

Company: Legacy Interactive

Profession: Associate Producer

Favorite Classic Game: Final Fantasy 7 and 8, Harvest Moon, Metroid

Quote: “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all outta gum.” – Duke Nukem

Bio/Current Event: Remember in the original NES Metroid, when Samus took off her helmet and it turned out she was woman? It was totally jaw dropping at the time, since there were so few women game heroes in 1986, and I think it was one of the big moments that drew me into gaming as a kid. It’s been totally awesome to watch the gaming industry develop, and to see so many more women gaming these days (we make up more than half of all gamers now!). After watching Tom Hanks in ‘Big,’ I decided I wanted to be a toy tester when I grew up. I’d say this is pretty close! I’m assisting Legacy Interactive with a bunch of exciting new games, like the upcoming Criminal Minds game, and Ghost Whisperer which is due out next year. It’s a total privilege to be working with so many dynamic and creative people every day, and I can’t believe I get paid to do this.

Simone Bevilacqua: BOH

BOH game
BOH game

Name: Simone Bevilacqua

Profession: Software engineer

Favorite Classic Game: <none>

Quote: I have no favorite game because there are so many I love that it’s just impossible to choose. Anyway, I’m mostly into C64 and Amiga games (but, of course, I’ve also seen/played many games on many other systems).

Bio: I started programming as a kid on the C64 with BASIC, then I passed to Amiga, where I started with AMOS Professional, but then went for assembly and direct programming of hardware. In 2004, since it was no longer possible to have fun with assembly and fiddling with hardware, I started working in C, using libSDL as an abstraction layer.

Personal website: (some of my projects can be found in “thecomputermaniac” section).

Project: BOH

Project Info: BOH is a unique retro-flavoured puzzle-riddled maze game spiced up with thrilling action.

You move in claustrophobic, mysterious, dangerous battlefields searching for the Evil Masters, who throw countless enemies at you until you discover and face them in the final battle. Although your quests are made slightly less hard by the power-ups scattered all around, carrying out the missions demands lots of concentration and quick reflexes.


With BOH the fun never ends: new missions can be added anytime and you can even create your own! And, as if that was not enough, you can also customize entirely its audio-visual aspect!


BOH has been created with lots of passion and care to offer, with its old-school style, a fascinatingly different video gaming experience.

Features (as of November 28, 2010)

* immersive & thrilling gameplay

* 40 missions + 10 secret missions to unlock

* missions divided in 5 levels of difficulty

* multi-phase missions

* multi-floor battlefields of any size/shape

* mind-blowing puzzles and deadly traps

* many and varied power-ups

* several different kinds of enemies

* hand-pixelled 2D graphics

* real-time field of vision and lighting

* atmospheric audio and rich soundtrack

* 7 themes

* online world standings

* possibility of creating missions and themes

* Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish translations

BOH runs natively on AmigaOS, AROS, Linux, MacOS and Windows. It comes as a shrink-wrapped DVD box containing a pressed CD-ROM and a 24-page color printed English manual, or as a downloadable ISO image.

Mariina Hallikainen: Colossal Order

Colossal_Order logo

Name: Mariina Hallikainen

Company: Colossal Order

Profession: CEO

Favorite classic game: Theme Park

Quote: I used to play Theme Park when I was a teenager. It was insanely addicting and fun! I played it for hours at a time and it must have made my mom worry a bit. I guess it didn’t come as a surprise that I made a profession out of games later on.

Bio/Current event: We’re working on our own super addicting simulation game at Colossal Order!

Chris Stewart: Kerberos Productions

Kerberos logo
Kerberos logo

Name: Chris Stewart

Company: Kerberos Productions

Profession: Producer

Favorite Classic Game: Ultima 3: Exodus

Quote: My dad had a massive IBM PC for his job ($8000 in 80s money – wrap your head around that. 5″ floppies and everything) and I put it to work as my personal gaming machine. I remember Ultima 3 (my entry to the series) calling to me constantly, with its vast, dangerous world to explore. Then explore again, just in case I missed digging something up on an island somewhere. I really did like digging things up. My interest in Minecraft suddenly makes a lot more sense…

Bio/Current Event: Chris started as a tester at Radical Entertainment in the 90s. Now he gets to hover over programmers, asking them how things are progressing. Dare to live the dream, kids! Chris is currently hovering around the development of Sword of the Stars II.

Lorenzo Pasini: Aurea Section

Aurea Section logo
Aurea Section logo

Name: Lorenzo Pasini

Company: Aurea Section

Profession: Biologist, 3D Modeler/Game Designer

Favorite Classic Games: C&C/Red Alert, Total Annihilation for strategy; Freespace 1&2 / Xwing vs Tie Fighter for space games; Duke Nukem, Half-Life for shooters, GP1/2 for racing.

Quote: Some italian ones that are hard to be properly translated in english 🙂

Bio: AureaSection is a small independent team developing games with a focus on solid core mechanics, practical design and sustainable development.

They are the creators of the known Half-Life modification called The Specialists, an action game featuring a unique mix of guns and melee combat and the first multiplayer game ever offering interactive slowmotion.

After this first project their lives diverged for a while. Filippo went working for some years in Crytek, improving his programming skills and working with industry veterans. Lorenzo took some years to graduate in Biology and Michele, after the high school managed to improve his musical composing skills which will be possible to appreciate in our games.

However, they always kept in touch with the idea, one day, to make their own games.

Naumachia: Space Warfare is their first standalone game and it will present their unique take on the space sim/combat genre.

Naumachia Space Warfare banner
Naumachia Space Warfare banner

Project: Naumachia: Space Warfare

Project info: It’s a first person space game with both fighter simulation and real-time strategy command of several units.

Johan Andersson: Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive logo
Paradox Interactive logo

Name: Johan Andersson

Company: Paradox Interactive

Profession: Executive Producer

Favorite Classic Game: Impossible Mission

Quote: It was on a game compilation I got with my first computer (c64), and I just loved the “speech” whenever you started a new game. “STAY AWHILE…. STAY FOREVER!”

Valerie Wicks: Legacy Interactive

Legacy Interactive logo
Legacy Interactive logo

Name: Valerie Wicks

Company: Legacy Interactive

Profession: Associate Producer

Favorite Classic Game: Chrono Trigger

Quote: “Every moment is fun and every moment I care no matter how many times I play it. I’ve always loved Chrono Trigger for that- for being so good to me.”

Bio/Current Event: I went to film school, and still write for film when I’m not at work. The reason I’m in video games is because while I was trained for movies, I believe I come from games. They were my most beloved influence until college. All my “movies” play like games, so I decided it was in my best interest to transition. In my new career I tested for Square Enix, and then I was hired as an Associate Producer at Legacy Interactive. My hope is to establish myself as a writer/producer so that my “games” will play as they should.

Daniel Haffner: Highbrow Games

Avatar Boogie 2 box art
Avatar Boogie 2 box art

Name: Daniel Haffner

Company: Highbrow Games

Profession: Game Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Bionic Commando

Quote: The bionic arm made you feel like a badass all the way through the game, and allowed you to do some really cool things once you got some skill.  All the music maintained the consistent military theme while being catchy and inspiring – every once in a while I’ll go download and listen to some remixes of the level 1 theme.

Finally, the whole end sequence (spoiler alert – killing Hitler) was a over-the-top for a NES game!  I liked both BC: ReArmed and the 3D Bionic Commando remake too, though of course not as much as the original.  I was really disappointed that the 3D remake was so poorly-received by critics, and the company that made it (Grin) had to disband, but maybe I was blinded by nostalgia.

Bio: I founded Highbrow Games in 2009; the name was chosen out of irony, since the game I was working on was called Barf and Beer.  I shipped that and several other projects for the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, the latest being Avatar Boogie 2.   I try to make products that are unique and can carve out a niche, as opposed to competing in crowded genres such as shooters and platformers.

Project: I just released Avatar Boogie 2, in which your Xbox 360 avatar can perform dance moves, or you can simply watch NPC avatars dance (to your own music, or the included music).  It’s not so much a game as it is a neat visualizer.  I plan to return to game development with my next project, which involves rapping and is still in the prototype phase.

Project Info: Player avatars can now dance freestyle with a troupe of 100 other avatars following along! Add to that 100% brand new music, dances, and dance floors, and user-controllable strobe and multi-colored lighting, and you’ll be tearin’ up the dance floor! 11 canned dance animations and songs, and 20 freestyle dance animations await you in this awesome follow-up to the original hit, Avatar Boogie!

David Costarigot: Zallag

Zallag logo
Zallag logo

Name: David Costarigot


Company: Zallag


Profession: Co-founder and Managing Director


Favorite Classic Game: Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast and GameCube)


Quote: I actually discovered this game a little later than most gamers. As I didn’t own a Dreamcast I had to wait for the GameCube release a few years later. It was unfortunately not a big hit in France and quite difficult to find in stores. Despite these accessibility issues, I’ve had tremendous fun playing this game. I think it’s the RPG that occupied me for the longest time (120 hours). I’ve completed the main story and almost all of the secondary missions. This game is a must-have in my opinion because of:

  • Its unique universe (a whole world floating in the sky, flying ships, a great variety in the different areas…)
  • Its great sky battles with the flying ships.
  • It’s really captivating scenario.


All in all it’s the general atmosphere that fascinates me and the adventure actually reminds me of Star Wars mixed with the universe of pirates!

A very unique game which unfortunately didn’t have any sequel.


Bio: Established in 2009, Zallag is the first video games publisher specialized in the publishing, the distribution and the promotion of dematerialized games. Zallag is interested in all current platforms (WiiWare, Nintendo DSiWare, XBOX Live, PlayStation Network and PC) and also offers comics to extend the universe of its games.


Christelle Chandavoine and David Costarigot are both co-founders of Zallag. After more than 10 years of experience in the video game industry, they have decided to devote all their energy to the dematerialization market, which is currently in high growth. The tremendous success of Trine (digitally sold on PlayStation 3 and PC) on which they worked on speaks for itself: the game was granted the Editor’s Choice Award of the Best Downloadable Game (E3 2009).



Current Event:

  1. 1. We release in December 2010 the Minis version (Playstation Network) of the amazing iPhone game “SHIFT”. Called “SHIFT extended” and compatible with both PS3 and PSP, this version will offer twice the content from the original game.
  2. 2. We have just released Gods vs Humans for WiiWare and PC. A nice mix of a Tower Defense game and a God Game with adorable characters 😉

Frank Dolmans: VSTEP

VSTEP logo
VSTEP logo

Name: Frank Dolmans

Company: VSTEP

Profession: Chief Marketing Officer

Favorite Classic Game: X-COM series (UFO: Enemy Unknown & X-COM : TFTD)

Quote: Revolutionary, incredibly addictive, and manages to surprise and be fun even today.

Bio/Current Event: Working on Ship Simulator Extremes marketing, as well as the launch of several professional maritime simulator and virtual training products developed by our company.

Christophor Rick: Gamers Daily News

Gamers Daily News logo
Gamers Daily News logo

Name: Christophor Rick

Company: Gamers Daily News (CEO), ReelSEO (Associate Editor), P.G. Wordhouse (Freelance Writing)

Profession: Journalist, Freelance Writer, Lifelong Gamer (yeah, that’s a profession) and world traveler

Favorite Classic Game: Alternate Reality (Atari 800XL)

Quote: Alternate Reality was really the first taste of how immersive a role-playing game could be. It had a mysterious and engrossing storyline (even if you never found out what it was, you WANTED to know), expansive environments and was rather difficult. I waited and waited for the expansions for years. Back then some critics hated it because they said there was no goal. But to survive and explore was more than goal enough for me.

Probably why I later spent 120 hours on Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and still am trying to find everything in games like Assassin’s Creed, etc. That game was a constant fight for survival which sort of mirrors reality, if you think about it. Except we can’t re-roll a new character in life when we fail. Well, at least there’s no Devourer when you have too much stuff, although, that might really be useful come to think of it, the GDN office is a disaster.

Bio: Gamers Daily News was founded in 2006 with the idea to become an informational resource by gamers, for gamers. Later the goal was expanded to become the premier independent video game news agency. New management and acquisitions in 2008-2009 saw GDN growing extremely fast. Now we are proud to be in the top 100,000 websites in the world (according to Alexa) and welcome over 150,000 unique visitors who read more than 250,000 pages.

We are still by gamers, for gamers and we speak our minds because gamers deserve the best, unbiased information they can get these days due to the massive selection of games available. There is no game too big or too small to be included in the GDN database or reviews area, but we give a game the score we believe it deserves and use the full breadth of our review scale, from one to ten.

Project: CEO – Chief Everything Officer at GDN – Making sure we get as much info and news as we can, managing the publishing schedule and getting in touch with the industry to give games and gear back to the gamers, like our current Game-a-Day giveaway on our Facebook page.

Associate Editor – ReelSEO – Expanding the coverage, creating ties to other industry leaders, assisting Mark Robertson the CEO there and digging up interesting stories to cover for our dedicated readership.

The Journey of Why – My second full-length novel. A dark retro sci-fi tale of what could happen if we are not attentive to what goes on in the world around us. Scheduled for digital and physical release in January 2011.

Unnamed Project at Cephalopod Games as Games Producer. We’re slowing working on some social games in a co-op mentality and structure which means we don’t always move as fast as we would like but try as hard as we can. That’s all I can say about that.

Project Info:
Personally I put in 14 hours a day to make sure that GDN is able to cover all of the news in both Europe and the US. Aside from that I’ve also got other duties including my Associate Editor position at ReelSEO and my other freelance writing through my other company P.G. Wordhouse and general blogging at my site Christophor Rick I’m currently proofreading my second book The Journey of Why which I plan to release in January of 2011 both digitally and in physical versions. My first novel, The WifeCycle, is available from Amazon, Smashwords and other online retailers.


The Journey of Why Synopsis:
For generations, the Product has been dug out of the ground, packed up and placed in Storage Wagons, to be carried away by the Locomotor.

The asking of questions gets one ‘disappeared’ often, never to be seen again. But with so many questions needing to be asked how could one not?

Myranda, 12-year-old troublemaker, finally asks one too many questions and gets sent to Administration. This is the first step in a journey that will unravel the fabric of her world. What is the Product? Where does the Trainway take it and most importantly, Why?

Chris Latour: BattleGoat Studios

BattleGoat Studios logo
BattleGoat Studios logo

Name: Chris Latour


Company: BattleGoat Studios


Profession: Game Designer


Favorite Classic Game: X-Com UFO Defense


Quote: I always admired the balance between the Geoscape and Battle Maps.


Current Event: Currently working on our latest project, Supreme Ruler Cold War.

Supreme Ruler Cold War in development
Supreme Ruler Cold War in development

Rolf KloeppelL: Neonga

Neonga logo
Neonga logo

Name: Rolf Kloeppel


Company: Neonga


Profession: Chief Executive Officer


Favorite Classic Game: Civilization (I-V)


Quote: The Civilization Series had a major impact on my whole gamer life and I do not regret a single hour I have spent building up empires and ruling the world virtually.


About Neonga AG: Neonga AG is a publisher free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Games. These are offered for free as PC downloads, browser games, in Facebook or to be played on mobile handsets. The games are associated with “Item Shops”, where players can acquire specific premium goods. The company was founded in Berlin in July 2010. The Board consists of Rolf Klöppel (CEO), Benjamin Kaiser (CTO) and Stefan Hinz (CMO).



Jonathan Cooperson: Legacy Interactive

Legacy Interactive logo
Legacy Interactive logo

Name: Jonathan Cooperson

Company: Legacy Interactive

Profession: Producer / Game Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Galaga

Quote: “A game is a series of interesting choices.” –Sid Meier

Bio/Current Event: Currently working on the Disaster Hero project in conjunction with ACEP, DHS and FEMA. It is very interesting to work on such a project. This is the first time for me to work so closely with a government agency and it feels great to be able to work on a project with such good educational intentions behind it. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy working on projects that are purely entertainment but there is a special satisfaction that comes with trying to spread focused practical knowledge in an entertaining way. I think the power of gaming as an educational tool is tremendously under-used and underestimated.

Haruneko: Haruneko Entertainment

Haruneko Entertainment logo
Haruneko Entertainment logo

Name: Haruneko

Company: Haruneko Entertainment

Profession: Game Developer

Favorite Classic Game: Eternal Darkness (Gamecube).

Quote: Eternal Darkness because this masterpiece is not known well enough: this game is just sheer perfection, the game system, the story, the characters, everything is crafted really well. This is an horror game like no others, sucks you in like a good book and entertains you like the best arcade you can think of. Eternal Darkness achieves to tell you a really complex and shocking story without being tedious or rely on hundreds of lines of text. I hope that someone who has a Gamecube (or, probably, a Wii), will read these words and get a glance at this unparalled work of art.

Bio: The company at the moment is focused on developing Indie Games for the Xbox.

Project: Akane – The Kunoichi

Project Info: After having released in 2010 our first game “Ace Gals Tennis”, we are looking forward to release our upcoming platform game “Akane – The Kunoichi” during Q1 2011 – more info about this during the upcoming weeks.


Ace Girls Tennis
Ace Girls Tennis

Nacho Pintos: Frugal Games

Frugal Games logo
Frugal Games logo

Name: Nacho Pintos

Company: Frugal Games

Profession: Game Designer / Developer

Favorite Classic Game: Pac-man

Quote: I’m not a person with ‘favorites’. It’s always hard for me to say which books, films, songs or people I like most, or have been the most influential, because their memory and my perception of them varies wildly over time.

However, I re-play Pac-Man every time I stumble upon a new version/clone/homage/reworking of it. I can’t help it, it’s so perfect, so seminal. All ‘collect-everything’ games started here. The setting is absurd: colored ghosts, yellow dots, a pizza-like avatar… That’s what I miss most in current games, and what keeps me going back to classics: no ‘realism’, just a different, weird gameworld, with different rules, set up with very scarce resources, and yet it works and is addictive, balanced, brilliant. Unique.

Bio: Frugal Games is me, doing design and programming, and Pedro Pacheco ( doing all-things-visual. So with just two persons, we had but to turn resource scarcity into a virtue. Our mission is making small games filled with great ideas (a 120 hour epic FRPG in 4 DVDs wouldn’t be frugal, would it?) We both love how simple, small games from the past felt so big and vivid in our minds, and we want to recreate that feeling. It’s not about nostalgia or love for retro-things, but to bring back the imagination of the player into the equation of gaming.

Project: Flee, for Android devices

Project Info: Flee is an obsessive recreation of the LCD handhelds that were so popular in the 80’s, like the Game&Watch series from Nintendo: one game in one machine, in your hands. We’re both in our early thirties, so these devices were our first contact with portable digital videogames. That’s where our player days started, and that’s where our videogame-maker days begin.

For me the most crucial design target was to make the player feel that he’s holding in his hands one of those devices, forgetting that it is actually a state-of-the-art smartphone. This led to the two most-highlighted (by the press) features of the game: the device gets dirtier the more you play (you can clean it if you want), and the effect when pressing the screen (to reveal the hidden graphics behind) – I would like to develop on the concept of aging user interfaces in the future. But Flee is not just these two gimmicks, there’s actual gameplay inside.

On Mode A (most LCD handhelds had two game modes) you control the main car and have to avoid the obstacles, along 30 levels of devilish difficulty: cars that move at different speeds, rabbits that weave from lane to lane, almost impossible car-labyrinths… We wanted the game to be very, very difficult and fast. On Mode B, the player controls the hordes of rabbits that approach the main car, which now moves on its own, through 18 levels; there were many ideas for more game modes but these turned to be the most meaningful. Furthermore, you can play both modes at normal or Turbo speed. There’s also a game manual that meticulously mimics those of the 80’s.

We added features unseen in old LCDs: a game ending (on mode A, level 30) with a misteryous hidden message, a 20-song soundtrack that emulates the car’s radio (after finishing a level, you hear the radio tuning to a new station while a new song fades in) and a global Scoreboard using the Scoreloop service for Android.

Wes Paugh: Fusion Reactions

100 Rogues logo
100 Rogues logo

Name: Wes Paugh

Company: Fusion Reactions, partnered with Dinofarm Games

Job Title: Lead Software Developer

Favorite Classic Game: Perfect Dark

Quote: This is the only game for which I think the term ‘even more perfect’ isn’t completely asinine. Goldeneye established paradigms for the genre that are rarely met with as great success by games with much larger budgets and much more content. Perfect Dark ramped up the formula in almost every way.

The difficulty of the game is cyclically reinforced by its pacing. Level / encounter design was woven brilliantly with story and non-combat objectives to provide non-life-threatening, but often intense, breaks, but I still felt free to explore at my own pace if I wanted. Further, each mission’s golden path was short (3-10 minutes), so they could each be brazenly unforgiving with to-the-second timing that had to be researched and rehearsed to be successful on the harder difficulties. And yet, it was never any less fun or intense going back to easier ones. I just felt more awesome taking the improved skills back in time.

Everything about Perfect Dark felt streamlined and polished, with enough to do to keep me satisfied no matter what experience I craved. Throw in a phenomenal multiplayer and it’s a formula that has kept me coming back for a decade, especially with its recent XBLA rebirth.

Bio: I began working for Fusion Reactions just under two years ago, with prior experience on Vicarious Vision’s Spider-man 3 as a scripter, with a degree in Software Engineering from RIT.

Fusion Reactions had decided to develop an iPhone game, somewhat on a whim. A roguelike RPG called 100 Rogues was born of our partnership with Dinofarm Games in Westchester, NY. Where our team brought software know-how to the project, Dinofarm’s Keith Burgun and Blake Reynolds brought design, music and artistic expertise.

My current work is the continued support for 100 Rogues, with more character classes, worlds and monsters, and features they require. I am currently the iPhone Game’s only full-time software developer.

Project Name: 100 Rogues

Project Info: 100 Rogues is a re-imagining of a genre of games called roguelikes. The genre is defined by strategy against a wealth of opponents with esoteric and widely varied abilities, including the world itself.

Set across a series of 3 dungeons (at time of writing), the player must navigate downward between floors, encountering new monsters and defeat each dungeon’s boss, becoming stronger along the way.

The game currently has 3 unique player classes (Crusader, Wizard, and the recently shipped Scoundrel), each with their own combat advantages and strategies focused around the skills they can learn as they progress.

Although the game is relatively short, completing it is no easy task, and could scarcely be called the point of playing. Randomly generated dungeons, permanent death without chance of reloading from a save point, and different skill-tree decisions make each play through a unique challenge that can take month of practice to reach and defeat the final boss.

Production values also raise 100 Rogues beyond the traditional roguelike, with fully-animated pixel-art, which gives the game a distinct, rich look. We poke fun at genre conventions relentlessly, too; the primary quest-giver nearly passes out from boredom as he hands down the done-to-death ‘Go Kill Satan’, and one player class is actually one of a race living, breathing skeletons… only she, in particular, has been killed and reanimated.

The game is constantly expanding and moving forward, with a fourth player class and world already in the works, a challenge mode with strategy puzzles that will continue receiving additional content, and a bevy of new game modes and features ahead.

Article Source:

Robert Muresan: Exosyphen studios

Exosyphen Studios logo
Exosyphen Studios logo

Name: Robert Muresan


Company: Exosyphen studios


Profession: Owner / Programmer / Game designer


Favorite Classic Game: Tomb Raider


Quote: “I don’t try to make better games than the ones that exists. I come up with new game types that have never been created and played. Then I try to make them better than the first time”


Bio: “I made my first game when I was in the 3rd year of college. It was the first commercial PC game developed in the history of my country (Romania).

It went well and I eventually ended up dropping out of college and starting my own studio (exosyphen studios). It is currently the largest independent studio in Romania”


Hacker Evolution 2010 for iphone
Hacker Evolution 2010 for iphone

Project: Hacker Evolution Duality


Project Info: HED is our upcoming hacking simulation game. You will play the role of a computer hacker, in a network populated by AI controlled hacker opponents. The twist will be that we are profiling the behavior of actual gamers to create a unique, diverse and challenging AI. The game play and everything the game will pack, is completely fresh and new.

Michael Austin: Hidden Path Entertainment

Hidden Path Entertainment logo
Hidden Path Entertainment logo

Name: Michael Austin


Company: Hidden Path Entertainment


Profession: CTO


Favorite Classic Game: Legend of Zelda


Quote: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic – Arthur C. Clarke”

It’s my favourite quote because I think it sums up why it is I wanted to be in the game industry in the first place.  I loved fantasy books as a kid, and creating video games is the closest to true magic that I think you can get- creating worlds where anything is possible, and where not only can you tell stories but you can help people create stories about themselves.

Bio: I have been making video games since I was 6 or 7 on the TI-99.  I’ve always loved computers and technology, and I’ve been fortunate to work on almost every area of game development, from animation to graphics to AI to game design.  Two career highlights for me were working at the Xbox Advanced Technology Group launching the 360, and starting Hidden Path out of my living room.

Defense Grid logo
Defense Grid logo

Project: Defense Grid

Project Info: I enjoyed working on Defense Grid more than any other project I’ve worked on in my career, although it’s one of the smallest.  I have always liked the tower defense genre, and we wanted to make a polished game that was well balanced and had high production values- I’m very proud of the result.  It’s energizing to have people love something I’ve put a lot of late nights and sweat into- it makes me very happy I work in games.


Carlos Eduardo Murrer Gomes: CEMG Apps

CEMG Apps logo
CEMG Apps logo

Name: Carlos Eduardo Murrer Gomes

Company: CEMG-Apps

Profession: Engineer

Favorite Classic Game: Kaboom! (Atari)

Quote: “When I was a kid my father worked developing games for ATARI in Brasil and we had almost all ATARI Games. I started playing Kaboom! for Atari when I was 3 years old, we had also a different joystick for it ( and this was the game I loved to play when I was a kid, maybe the first video game I’ve played in my life”

Bio: I have a degree in Engineering in a Brasilian University and also in a French University. After school I worked a few years at Hewlett-Packad and Citibank. I started a company in 2010 called CEMG-Apps, focusing iPhone and iPad games. It is new challenge for me start in a bussiness that I don’t have experience but we’ve already released a few games and have more coming.

You Got Punked screenshot
You Got Punked screenshot

Project: We’ve recently released YOU GOT PUNKED and PLATYPUS IN SPACE for iPad and are going to release soon PIG CURLING

Project Info: YOU GOT PUNKED is a nice (free) app to play trick on your friends, the app is a collection of pranks and is now in top 20 in the App Store. PLATYPUS IN SPACE is the first of a series of games having a Platypus as the character. In PLATYPUS IN SPACE, the user must control a Platypus with a rocket flying in space and facing different objects and enemies. We are now working on a project called PIG CULING, unfortunately now I can’t tell more about it, but soon we believe that this is going to be in TOP3 in the App Store!

Daniel Boutros: Adept Games

Trixel logo
Trixel logo

Name: Daniel Boutros

Company: Adept Games

Profession: Creative Director

Favorite Classic Game: Deus Ex

Quote: The first game where I felt the dialogue was written by people with a mental age much older than 14.

Bio: I was a journalist for ages, then moved into making games. Last game was Trixel for iPhone. Current games being worked on are Plush Apocalypse’s The Unconcerned, a follow-up to Trixel and something secret.

Project: Trixel

Project Info:

James Whitehead: Boss Baddie

Boss Baddie logo
Boss Baddie logo

Name: James Whitehead


Company: Boss Baddie


Profession: A little bit of everything


Favorite Classic Game: Turrican 2


Quote: No game has inspired me as much as this one. Most of my inspiration comes from sound and music, and as a 7 year old when I found this rummaging through my parents bedroom, it blew my mind when I first played it. The atmosphere isn’t dissimilar to Metroid – it’s just linear with vast, eventful levels. So obsessed with the game that my friends and I would play “Turrican” in the playground at junior school.


Those powerful initial feelings still sit with me. The soundtrack to both Turrican 1 and 2 are some of the most played albums on my iPod. Elements of Turrican can be found in Satan Sam, Lunnye, Wake. There are even direct references and cameos in our “metroidvania” project; Tormishire.


I believe the series went downhill after the first 2 games as the games beyond this point lost their edge and creativity.

Bio: Boss Baddie is Alex and I. We’ve known each other for years and have collaborated on a few projects in the past starting with Madventures of the Love Rockets – an unfinished RPG set in a “League of Gentlemen” style world.


Project: Big Sky


Project info: I’m wrapping up development on this title so I guess it’s a little late to talk about it. It’s a side-scrolling, dual analogue shooter with some unique mechanics. I’ve been wanting to create a project like this for 9 months now and this is the end result of a lot of concept testing. It’s currently PC-only but if there’s enough demand I’ll look into porting it to other platforms.

Martin Cirulis: Kerberos Productions

Kerberos Productions logo
Kerberos Productions logo

Name: Martin Cirulis

Company: Kerberos Productions

Profession: Game Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Spaceward Ho!

Quote: Quick, dirty, elegant, funny and straight to the point.  Distilled essence of 4X with Cowboy speech events AND multiplayer network support LONG before that was cool.

Bio/Current Event: Martin spent several years reviewing games for magazines like CGW before making the switch to making games a decade ago. Martin is currently working out the unified mechanics of the universe in Sword of the Stars II.

Rob Hewson : Dark Energy Digital

Dark Energy Digital logo
Dark Energy Digital logo

Name: Rob Hewson

Company: Dark Energy Digital

Profession: Senior Creative Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Micro Machines 2

Quote: “I’ve only recently come to this conclusion actually, having indulged in some retro gaming nights with friends. Micro Machines is one of those rare games which feels as fun today as it ever was – the simplicity of the concept and the top down visuals mean it really hasn’t aged in the way something like Goldeneye has, and it’s still an awesome party game”

Bio: Dark Energy Digital is a developer based in Manchester, UK and consists of about 40 very tallented people. The company beleives digital distribution is the future and has developed cutting edge tech which allows more to be down within the confines of a download game than ever before.

Project: Hydrophobia

Project Info: Hydrophobia is continuing to evolve… expect to hear more in the near future 😉

Ben Bradley: Ben Bradley

Ben Bradley logo
Ben Bradley logo

Name: Ben Bradley

Company: Ben Bradley

Profession: Indie Game Developer

Favorite Classic Game: Battlezone

Quote: There have been several games called Battlezone released at different times so I’d better be clear that my favorite classic game is Activision’s 1998 “Battlezone” game for the PC. This was a blend of real time strategy and first person shooters – it took the two most popular genres on the PC at the time and combined them in their entirety. Add to that an amazing outdoor graphics engine and a story which was so clever I almost believed in it myself. After being gripped by the game I got into designing levels for it in my evenings after school. Eventually I made a full mission pack with new weapons and units. That was the point where I realised I wanted to be a professional game developer, so I owe a lot to this game!

Bio: I’ve been working as a game programmer for four years, but in 2010 I made the jump to living off my savings and developing my own indie game. This has certainly been an adventure and I’m really enjoying working on Substream and I’m looking forward to getting it out there.

Substream logo
Substream logo

Project: Substream

Project Info: My current project is a 3D flying shmup which is currently being developed for PC, with other systems to follow. What sets it apart is an ambitious approach to music synchronization – the game has a fully dynamic environment which constantly morphs and reform to fit the mood and themes of the music; and enemies act upon the melodies. All this animation is designed by hand, so the game is like playing through a carefully crafted interactive music video. Substream also features a spatial distortion where the universe repeats like a hall of mirrors. This means enemies appear in multiple positions simultaneously and can attack or be attacked from multiple angles, which gives an interesting twist to the gameplay.

Mark Sheeky: Cornutopia

Cornutopia logo
Cornutopia logo

Name: Mark Sheeky

Company: Cornutopia

Profession: Artist and Game Developer

Favorite Classic Game: X-COM UFO: Enemy Unknown

Quote: There are so many choices for a classic game. The best games combine action and strategy and my other favorites Airborne Ranger of Project Stealth Fighter on the C64 did that brilliantly, as well as Frontier Elite 2 on the Amiga. Oh and I can’t help but mention the brilliant Nethack on PC too!


In my games I aim to be original and fun. I programmed games for over 20 years, and in the time produced 50 titles, mostly shareware, from small fun action games to larger more in depth titles like Taskforce and the Flatspace series. Game development is difficult and very few people manage to do the programming, art and audio. Gradually I discovered that I liked the creative aspect best, and in 2008 stopped game development to concentrate on art and game audio for my website indiesfx.

Bio: Cornutopia is a one man development team consisting of Mark Sheeky, with help from Andrew Williams for play testing and ideas.

Flatspace II DVD Cover
Flatspace II DVD Cover

Project: Flatspace II v1.05

Project Info: This is the latest update to my most successful game, Flatspace II, a game that tried to cross a dungeon crawling game like Nethack, with a space trading game like Elite. Its random elements and intelligent autonomous universe are its key features. The game is available for Windows on Impulse for $24.95. Visit Flatspace for details.

Karoliina Korppoo: Colossal Order

Colossal_Order logo

Name: Karoliina Korppoo

Company: Colossal Order

Profession: Game designer

Favorite classic game: Planescape: Torment

Quote: The unique world and thrilling story just draws you in and you’ll never forget the characters you adventure with.

Current event: I’m working on my first PC title Cities in Motion!

Alan Wild: Focus Multimedia Limited

Focus Multimedia logo
Focus Multimedia logo

Name: Alan Wild

Company: Focus Multimedia Limited

Profession: PR, Marketing & Licensing Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Ultima Underworld

Quote: If I had to pick a favorite I would have to choose Ultima Underworld, mainly for the incredible, rewarding experience and the awesome development values for the time. However, I feel wrong choosing an absolute favorite classic game, as it’s really an impossible choice. There are so many defining games in gaming history.

I really need to pick a few games from some of the older hardware systems I’ve owned… Elite on the BBC Micro Computer was an absolutely stunning game. A true work of genius. Sure, replaying it now doesn’t do the game justice. In those days we only needed some polygons onscreen to play with and our minds would add the imagination, creativity and colour.

Ring of Darkness on the Dragon was my first RPG video game experience and it literally devoured months of my time. So simple in concept, yet so addictive in nature. The sequel, Return of the Ring, sadly didn’t deliver the same promise. The Bard’s Tale on the Amiga was fantastic, and sat alongside Anco’s greats of Kick Off 2 and Player Manager as my three most-played games of that era. Then came the PC.

My first PC was a custom gaming rig (386sx33 with maths coprocessor!) and I bought it for one reason: Ultima Underworld. What. A. Game. An RPG and a work of art that was way ahead of its time in terms of graphics, engine, combat and character interaction. I installed the crazy number of floppy disks it arrived on, one after the other, and three days later I remember the intense satisfaction as I finished the final quest and completed the game. Coupled with other incredible PC releases, such as Wolfenstein, Wing Commander, Privateer, DOOM and, of course, Ultima Underworld II, these were wondrous, fondly remembered years.

Aileen Bautista: Dinoroar Interactive

Dinoroar Interactive logo
Dinoroar Interactive logo

Name: Aileen Bautista

Company: Dinoroar Interactive

Profession: Founder and CEO

Favorite Classic Game: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Quote: For a 1991 MS-DOS game, this was my absolutely favourite PC game when I was growing up.  I remember playing this game with the likes of “Gods”, “California Games”, and “Doom”.

My fondest memory was catching Carmen Sandiego, feeling all awesome that I caught the bad guy.  For an educational game at that time, it definitely didn’t seem like it.  I was having too much fun trying to capture suspects and travelling around the world.  I also enjoyed getting my missions and playing “detective”.

This was definitely one of those games that made you want to play it continuously until you caught Carmen Sandiego.

Bio: I’m the founder and CEO of Dinoroar Interactive. (  You don’t see a lot of girl gamers who take action and start their own games company these days.  I guess thats why I started one.  I wanted to produce games that I like to play, things that are fun and that challenge me- but also taking into consideration smart and quirky gaming situations that people want to be in.

The team at Dinoroar are pretty mad and consists of a vast array of super nerdy talented people that are committed to creating excellent and exciting games and products for all our loyal gaming followers.

Our focus is basic interaction- which means that the team provides smart, quirky and entertaining situations for you to be in.


Dinoroars’ innovative and interactive products and games gives anyone (of any age) an excuse to enjoy themselves for that brief moment in time.

Dinoroar memory loss
Dinoroar memory loss

Project: Memory Loss Games App. just recently released in the Apple App Store (for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch at its introductory price of $3.99USD) and will also be available on Android and Symbian Market (release dates of Nov-Dec 2010)

Project Info: I wanted a game that was simple yet challenging and with this brief came up with our games app- Memory Loss.  It’s a skillful game that will get you HOOKED on its game play. Trust me this game ain’t for the light hearted.


It has 10 smartly created scenarios and the player will have a certain amount of items (and time) for to memorize the scene- then, it flips over to the actual game, where you have 60 seconds of play time to try and find all the items you saw previously.

Only ultra-super-duper tech head nerds will fight to the death to finish this game. (Like the Dinoroar team)  Will you be up for the challenge?

Memory Loss Games App. just recently released in the Apple App Store (for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch at its introductory price of $3.99USD) and will also be available on Android and Symbian Market (release dates of Nov-Dec 2010)





Brooks Piggott: Barcode Games

Carcode Games logo
Carcode Games logo

Name: Brooks Piggott

Company: Barcode Games

Profession: Owner / Developer

Favorite Classic Game: Galaga


Bio: BarcodeGames is run by 2 developers from Austin, Texas. The company focuses on PC applications, web applications, and various mobile apps. The primary product of the company is Professional Football Simulator.

Professional Football Simulator
Professional Football Simulator

Project: Professional Football Simulator

Project Info: Professional Football Simulator is a text-based simulation game for the PC from Barcode Games. PFS allows players to own, operate, and coach a football team by simulating a single season or dozens of seasons. Players are in complete control of many team functions, including player drafting, free agency, roster moves, lineup setting, and play calling. The game allows significant customization of leagues including choosing from many popular league formats, financial models, and both modern and historical teams and players.






Andreas Persson: ApGames

ApGames logo
ApGames logo

Name: Andreas Persson


Company: ApGames

Profession: Programmer


Favorite Classic Game: DoDonpachi

Quote: DoDonpachi was one of the first “bullet hell” shooters and in my opinion still number one. A game that when you play it for high score never gets old. DoDonpachi is all about the gameplay and that perfect round. It also have beautiful pixel art and now also available on the iPhone with suprisingly good controls so new players can try it aswell.

Bio: ApGames is a Swedish developer consisting of just two people: a programmer and an artist. ApGames just released Caelum a casual pachinko game and now working on our second project.

Caelum by ApGames
Caelum by ApGames

Project: Caelum

Project Info: Caelum is a game in the same style as Peggle but not as hectic. Our aim was to create a relaxing game for everyone to enjoy.

Jon Hamblin: Big Ideas Digital

Big Ideas Digital logo
Big Ideas Digital logo

Name: Jon Hamblin

Company: Big Ideas Digital

Profession: Lead Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Police Quest II

Quote: “Ok, the Sierra games weren’t as cool as the Lucasarts adventures, but Police Quest II is a perfect storm of Miami Vice action and procedural pedantry, making it one of the greatest cop comedies ever. Far from the parking violations of the first game, the sequel revolves around Miami Vice-style jailbreaks, kidnappings, terrorism and motel sieges. But the key to Police Quest II’s brilliance is that they let ex-Highway Patrolman Jim Walls design the game. Imagine if Fast and Furious had been directed by a driving instructor (“Sorry Vin, you didn’t check your quadrants before jumping the flaming car into the fireworks factory – we’re going to have to do another take”), and you’ll start to get an idea of what I’m on about. Every time the game threatens to get exciting, good old Jim steps in and shows you how things would really go down. Don’t declare your gun before pursuing a suspect through an airport security metal detector? Shot dead by the Security guard. Challenge the terrorist on the plane without correcting the sighting on your gun at the range? A missed shot and a face full of machine gun kisses. Forget to put on your gas mask while running through the sewers? Death from a pocket of methane fumes.


Seriously, this a game in which you can die simply by crossing the road without waiting for the little green man. After a while, I began to think – maybe Jim Walls isn’t a pedant – maybe he’s just incredibly accident-prone. I mean, the poor man must be unable to open a can of beer without accidentally slashing his wrists open, only to be greeted with a giant hovering image of his own gurning face, telling him what a moron he is. Hilarious.”


Bio: Big Ideas Digital makes apps and games for all smart phone platforms. If you have great content, we have Big Ideas.

Say What You See
Say What You See

Project: Say What You See: The Collection

Project Info: Our current games project is Say What You See: The Collection, a hidden object-game where you have to find movie titles cryptically hidden as rebus puzzles in beautiful hand-painted scenes. It’s great fun to play with friends in a bar, at home on the couch, or even in the John. Some players have even dreamt solutions to its devious puzzles – why not give it a go and see if you can escape it’s cryptic clutches?

Vern Jensen: ActionSoft

Action Soft logo
Action Soft logo

Name: Vern Jensen

Company: ActionSoft

Profession: Programmer / Game Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Super Metroid

Quote: “It’s hard to pick just one game actually. Super Metroid pretty much ties with Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I had first gotten into game programming around age 8, making simple programs in Basic, eventually culminating in a maze game and an explore-the-castle game around age 13. It was at this time that I first saw someone playing Zelda on their SNES. The graphics were incredible. The special effect this game had, from rain, to warping between light and dark worlds, were astonishing at the time.

I felt like everything I had done programming was unworthy compared to what I was seeing on the screen. And, once I got to play the game, the gameplay certainly matched the special effects. Super Metroid wins by a couple of points though, just because when I played it, I couldn’t put it down until I had finished it. Everything about this game was awesome, from the graphics to the power-ups to the secrets and bosses. It really had a cohesive “mood” to it that was well fleshed-out. I even own the Boston Pops orchestra soundtrack of music from this game, which is also incredible.

Bio: ActionSoft ( ActionSoft is basically just me. I write retro shareware games. Since I grew up on 2D games in the 80’s, my fondness for those games has remained. I haven’t really gotten into 3D games. My goal is to make the kind of games I would want to play myself, and bring back some of the games from an era long ago that have been forgotten.

Midnight Mansion logo
Midnight Mansion logo

Project: Midnight Mansion port to Windows and iPhone.

Project Info: Midnight Mansion was my first game, released in 2005, and it has gained a following of loyal fans. However, it is Mac-only. My project is to port it to Windows and iPhone / iPad. In the process, Midnight Mansion 2, which was released this last August, will also be ported.













Donald E. Marshall: Legacy Interactive

Legacy Interactive logo
Legacy Interactive logo

Name: Donald E. Marshall

Company: Legacy Interactive

Profession: Sr. Producer

Favorite Classic Game: Civilization II, Kings Quest, Archon

Quote: Last night I stayed up late playing Tarot cards.  I got a full house and four people died. – Steven Wright

Bio/Current Event: Donald E. Marshall is one of the preeminent rising luminaries of the video game industry whose incredible imagination and vision are exceeded only by his staggering modesty.  An award winning playwright and writer, Don uses these skills design and produce games that feel remarkably like the TV shows and movies they’re based on.  At Legacy Interactive, he designed and/or produced games including “Murder, She Wrote”, “Ghost Whisperer,” “Mean Girls”, “Clueless,” “Pretty in Pink,” “The Apprentice: Los Angeles,” and “Igor”.  He also produced many of Legacy’s award winning educational games, including “Pet Pals”, “Pet Pals 2”, and “Zoo Vet 2”.

John “Loktofeit” Albano: CCP


Name: John “Loktofeit” Albano

Company: CCP Games

Profession: Copywriter

Favorite Classic Game: Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

Quote: Wizardry offers fun hack-n-slash CRPG gameplay with just the right mix of story, progression, risk and reward to keep me entertained even decades later.

Kim Soares: Nitro Games

Nitro Games logo
Nitro Games logo

Name: Kim Soares

Company: Nitro Games

Profession: Lead designer

Favorite Classic Game: The Faery Tale Adventure

Quote: For me, classic means something from 1980’s. From that era, Faery Tale was the most mind altering experience (along with Elite, of course). I still remember first reading a review that told about the huge game world and freedom to go anywhere.

The experience was nothing short of profound. It was like all the confines of games had been removed. To top everything were excellent graphics, music and audio that the new Amiga 500 could produce on screen.

Bio: Nitro Games Ltd. is a Finnish game developer that produces high quality video games for worldwide distribution. Since its founding in 2007 the company has grown rapidly and become one of the largest game development studios in Finland.

The company focuses on creating interesting titles with strong intellectual property values. Our office is located in Kotka, Finland. Our internal team is comprised of skilled professionals who know what it takes to make a game that is fun to play and easy to sell. We also use some of the best outsourcing partners in the industry.

Nitro Games has just finished working on East India Company a PC-title combining trading, management and naval battles in novel fashion. The game was released worldwide in Q3 2009 by Paradox Interactive. In the game players will enjoy building the World’s largest trading empire and engaging in vigorous battles within a breathtaking cinematic game environment, in both single player and multiplayer modes. You can read more at our Games section.

Mikail Yazbeck: TaleWorlds Entertainment

TaleWorlds Entertainment logo
TaleWorlds Entertainment logo

Name: Mikail Yazbeck

Company: TaleWorlds Entertainment

Profession: Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Heroes of Might & Magic II

Quote: I remember getting HoMM II, b/c I had to return some stupid mini-golf game that wouldn’t run on my 75MHz Pentium, thank goodness for that, the franchise turned out to be a lifelong gaming love affair that still has me entranced with its simplicity, depth, and wonderful style both visually and aurally. I still find myself playing through the franchise (yes, even #4, go on, chuckle) and listening to the music while I design.

Bio/Current Event: I’m crazy Lebanese-American expatriate doing design/many other things work at TaleWorlds Entertainment in Turkey.

We’re currently designing Project Obvious: The Sequel and handling the release of our upcoming expansion pack to M&B: Warband.

Sara Wendel-Örtqvist: Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive logo
Paradox Interactive logo

Name: Sara Wendel-Örtqvist

Company: Paradox Interactive

Profession: Content Designer (scripting, writing and other)

Favorite Classic Game: Little Big Adventure 2

Quote: I played it when it was released in 1997 and I hadn’t even started to learn English at that time, so my mother helped me understand what the characters said. I remember memorising several lines of dialogue and repeating them to my mother so I could get a translation. It is still the best game I ever played, mostly because of all the great memories I share with my mother.

Bio/Current Event: I studied Games Development – Design at the University of Skövde and graduated in 2009 with a B.A. of Media. I currently live in Uppsala with my boyfriend and commute to Stockholm. It takes about four hours every day so I have plenty of time to listen to music and read good books.

Marcus Hswe: Tandem Learning

Tandem Learning logo
Tandem Learning logo

Name: Marcus Hswe

Company: Tandem Learning

Profession: Director of Client Services

Favorite Classic Game: SEGA Genesis Electronic Arts FIFA Soccer 1993

Quote: Once you reached a level of mastery (i.e. cheats), you could be Cameroon and win the World Cup. Plus, it was cheap entertainment until we broke the game. The graphics at the time were average but the functionality and flexibility in play was fairly unusual for the time.

Bio/Current Event:
Tandem Learning designs learning solutions that are infused with strategic and creative instructional and game design. Our focus on the learner experience, along with our expertise and passion for immersive learning and serious games, can help you shift the training you have to the learning that will inspire your organization.

Tandem Learning recently launched its Looking Glass® Game Engine. The Looking Glass® Engine is a customizable gaming engine that integrates scoring, leaderboards, team creation, live chat, polls, assessments, discussion boards, and more with a full back-end tracking and reporting tool. The engine has the ability to be customized with additional features and graphics based on the need of each uniquely designed game experience. Tandem Learning licenses the engine and develops customized gaming experiences that utilize the engine.

The competitive game engine was recently used for an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) called Dr. Strangelearn’s Learning Laboratory, which was played in conjunction with the eLearning Guild’s DevLearn 2010 conference in San Francisco.