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Aileen Bautista: Dinoroar Interactive

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Name: Aileen Bautista

Company: Dinoroar Interactive

Profession: Founder and CEO of Dinoroar Interactive

Favorite Classic Game: Gods

Quote: I played this game religiously when I was a kid on my PC.  I loved the mystical feel of the game and any opportunity to upgrade my weapons was a given.  I also enjoyed all the secret rooms and codes you had to break, and every time I played that game I remember finding something new which amused me even more.

Bio: I’m the founder and CEO of Dinoroar Interactive. The team at Dinoroar are pretty mad and consists of a vast array of super nerdy talented people that are committed to creating excellent and exciting games and products for all our loyal gaming followers. Our focus is basic interaction- which means that the team provides smart, quirky and entertaining situations for you to be in. Dinoroars’ innovative and interactive products and games gives anyone (of any age) an excuse to enjoy themselves for that brief moment in time.

master challenge gameplay screenshot

Project: Samurai Training is our latest game in production

Project Info: The game takes place in the Ba-hai Temple, where a young warrior seeks the knowledge of an old master. He is put through a series of short training sessions (punching, kicking, and combo training). He will then get the chance to challenge the master. Mastery of skills is the focus, and more training will lead to increased skill level and the player has the opportunity to unlock secret combinations. The anticipated release date is later this month or in April, and the price point will be $1.99 or $2.99 USD. Stay tuned via our website for updates and the release announcement.


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  • I remember when they would bundle this with a lot of Amiga systems like the 500 or 600 in the early 90s.

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