Alienware & Verizon take gaming on the road

The Alienware M11x at the Verizon booth at CES 2011
The Alienware M11x at the Verizon booth at CES 2011

At CES 2011 I had a chance to check out the Alienware M11x notebook that will soon allow you to take Verizon’s 4G network along for the ride. I ran into Raymond at the Verizon booth while he was playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on the M11x connected to a large flat panel monitor. You can take a listen to my interview on the M11x from E3 2010.

E3 – Alienware M11x

The Alienware M11x laptop won a best in show award at last year’s CES. Since then the system has undergone some upgrading including imbedding Verizon’s 4G LTE into the laptop. The goal here is for the ultimate gaming experience on the go. When I tested the M11x it did have the power to play pretty much any game out there at decent settings and with the addition of 4G they just might have a winner on their hands. Just imagine all you World of Warcraft addicts being able to do dungeon runs with no lag or bad frame rates from anywhere. It’s a night security watchman’s dream system.

So what can you expect? The word is the Verizon network will support anywhere from 5 to 12 MB download speeds. For those that do not know this is faster than many people get in their own homes even with high-speed internet. In productivity terms this means you can play an online game, run Ventrilo and even ALT TAB out to look up information without slowdown and bandwidth to spare.

Currently all this is in beta and Alienware hopes to have the system ready to go later this year. We will keep you updated on its progress and bring you more once it is released. You can listen to my interview with Ray from Alienware below.

CES – Alienware and Verizon

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8 thoughts on “Alienware & Verizon take gaming on the road

  • Online gaming from an location on the road is a great advance for gaming. Excellent!

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  • But how is the ping and round trip (Milli-Seconds)? This would be interesting, otherwise you may get owned if the ping is way off. Don’t know if WoW is an issue with ping or not.
    However I am excited about the technology and I have ordered a 4G LTE card for my M17x!!!

  • damn…i got an m11x alien ware laptop, but i cant play latest game?…whats the problem?…

    its the video card problem?…

    my video card is
    Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family

    manufacturer: NVIDIA

    total memory : 1695MB

    so whats the problem?…

  • KITO.

    You are currently running games with your integrated video chip rather then the NVidea 335M GPU.

    Your M11x is either Hybrid video (R1 version – C2D CPU) or optimus video (R2 – iCore CPU).

    If you have a C2D CPU you need to switch to Increased Performance video via FnF6 or via the system tray icon.

    If you have an iCore CPU you need to whitelist the game/application you are trying to run to use the NVidea GPU. (Right mouse click the app to whitelist the game/application)

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