VOD: 24 the Game


24 the Game

Today’s video of the day comes from the PlayStation 2 game, 24. The game was released in 2006 and in terms of cannon occurred between Day 2 and Day 3 of television show. The coolest thing about this game was the cut scenes and the voice acting. The voice acting was done by the real cast members and the cut scenes were well done both in visual and sound effects and storytelling.


In the game, you had various tasks to stop critical events from assassination to terrorism to an attack on CTU.  Most of the game was a third person perspective where you controlled Jack or one of the other CTU agents, but there were driving sections, sniper missions and mini-games like hacking into a computer, decrypting a code or interrogating a suspect.


Now the game had some faults, mainly the driving that was subpar and the computer AI was not the best, but overall it was a decent game for the PS2. As far as our video, it features all the cut scenes from the game and has a runtime of just under 90 minutes so make sure you have time to watch it all. If you like 24 it is worth it.

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