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There really isn’t much to say here. Give the Tidalis demo a go and you’ll immediately know whether this little indie puzzler is for you. Simple as that, really. I simply don’t feel I have to actually provide you with a review of the thing. Wait! Here’s the link you’ll be needing.

Tidalis - Gameplay Screenshot

After all, were I to review Tidalis, I’d just let you know that it’s a puzzle game with obvious arcade elements that requires both a quick mind and quick reflexes. I’d also probably mention that it plays like an inspired cross between Tetris, Columns and those laser reflection games of yore, while sporting some decent chip-tunes, a slick, polished but not spectacular presentation (despite them beautiful backgrounds), excellent controls, and a ton of available options. Oh, and I’d probably mention Tidalis features a frantic multiplayer mode, a weird co-op thingy and an impressive amount of single-player options that actually -drastically too- change its very nature.

Tidalis - Gameplay Screenshot

As for the fact that it comes with a built-in editor (editors to be precise, as Tidalis does indeed let you create anything you’d think will improve or change it enough for your, err, creation to be properly interesting), well, I guess I might mention it, provided I weren’t too tired of mentioning all the little features the thing comes packed with.

Tidalis - Gameplay Screenshot

What matters and would have mattered most would be one thing though; my verdict. Here it is then: Tidalis is an excellent and very polished action-puzzler, that impressively lets you decide how to play it, and you really should play it! You’ll probably be too addicted to do anything else -or review it- for quite some time.


Better yet, let me rephrase this: TIDALIS IS AMAZING. BRILLIANT TOO. Oh, and it’s available for Windows and OS X via a lot of online outlets including Steam, D2D and its very own and pretty official website.

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Konstantinos Dimopoulos

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9 thoughts on “Tidalis

  • Looks neat, but for 10USD I would rather buy The Misadventures of P.B.Winterbottom or Monkey Island II: Special Edition.

  • Fair enough that. MI2:SE is the best game ever of course, but Tidalis, well, it's really good at what it does. Which reminds me I got to check Mr Winterbottom too. After of course I finish the Starcraft II campaign 😉

  • So you actually bought SC2?

  • Of course not! A friend lent me a SC2 equipped laptop instead. Cunning, eh?

  • I was dissapointed to see this was ten dollareedoos, I guess the app store has made me into such a skinflint. It looks real purdy though.

    How are you liking StarCraft 2 so far?

  • Ten dollars too steep? In the sense of the app store, sure. But if you compare us to other less-featured PC games we're about 2/3 or 1/2 of their price. And compared to some DS games with fewer features, Tidalis is 1/3 their price.

    Just saying, but the app store pricing exists in its own little world. The PC players and reviewers have largely been commenting on what a bargain this is. 😉

    But I'm the developer, so I'm biased. Gnome, thanks again for the review and glad you enjoyed it so well!

  • @ Marc: Thankfully I've managed to avoid the app store so far Marc, so Tidalis seems pretty well-priced to me. Totally unlike Starcraft, which, to be honest, despite its many faults and redneck mentality is a fantastic game. I think I'll do a write-up at some point.

    @ Christopher: Wise words Chris, but I really don't think Marc meant to compare Tidalis to PC games 😉 Oh, and thanks and keep up the great indie work you guys are doing.

  • Many thanks, gnome. 🙂

  • Ah, don't mention it 🙂

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