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The Obsolete Gamer Show: Robyn “Sheba Baby” Brown

The Obsolete Gamer show welcomes two people who for them gaming is an important part of their life in different ways. In our first interview we talked with Robyn “Sheba Baby” Brown who among many other things including being an event manager for SuperCon2K is a professional gamer and part of team EMP.

We talked with her about her gaming background how she got into professional gaming and the challenges she faced being a female gamer and being on a team that has faced controversy.

For those of you who have been fans of Obsolete Gamer for a while, you will know we started as a classic gaming website and love all things Retrogaming. Our second interview featured Eli from Piko Interactive a company that develops and publishes new and previously released games for classic consoles. Imagine playing Duke Nukem 3D for the Sega Genesis, yes, you can do that!

We talked with Eli about his company, his gaming background and some of his favorite classic games. Fans of vintage games will really want to check this one out.

In our talk segments we also covered YouTube Red and the changes that will bring to the YouTube universe and about Star Wars Storm-troopers invading the Great Wall of China, all that and more in this episode of the Obsolete Gamer Show.

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