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Tales of a Driver: The two Mr. Walkers

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The Chicago bulls were on their way to winning their third straight NBA title and business was booming. The game was running late so we stayed open later than normal, it was about 11pm and I had a delivery of six full racks of ribs.

I arrive at the house at about 11:05. I get to the door and it was open, this was normal if I was a bit late as some people would leave their door cracked so they could listen for me.

I ring the doorbell and call out “Chicago Style delivery”. Nothing, the house was dark also I figured maybe they were in the back watching the game. However, I am smart enough not to walk into someone’s house so I call again.

I didn’t want to lose this sale, these ribs came out to about sixty bucks so I decide to reach inside the door and turn on the hallway light. Just as I do this the guy walks into the hallway I must have scared him he sure scared me.

“I apologize sir, I rang the bell and knocked but nobody answered” I said in my most friendly voice. The man looked at me puzzled but then relaxed so I guess he was cool.

“No problem, I was in the back didn’t hear you” he looked at my bag “So what can I help you with” I lifted my back to show the man. “I have your ribs, the total is $61.25” the man gave me a blank stare.

“We’ll that’s a lot of ribs, let me get my cash” he said. The man went in the back and was gone for about ten minutes. At this point I was ready to leave so I began to call for him. “sir! sir! I am sorry but I have more runs to make!”

The man ran out at me. “Not so loud, the neighbors complain about everything.” His eyes were darting all over the place. “Look kid I am a bit short, I have fifty bucks take it and I will get you next time” There was no way I was going to accept that.

“Sir, I can’t do that I need at least the full cost of the ribs even if you can’t tip me” the man got mad. “Well what if I can’t pay then?” I smiled at him. “Then I dial 911 on my cell phone”

“I’m kidding, just give me a sec” the man said. I wasn’t leaving without my money so I sat on the steps when a cab pulled up to the apartment. Three men and two women got out the car and stared right at me.

“My I help you” one man said cautiously. I was happy; these guys must be his friends so they must have cash. “I’m from Chicago Style delivering these ribs to Mr. Walker, he’s getting the money I am just waiting” the man looked really puzzled.

“Uh I’m Mr. Walker I asked for the ribs to be delivered at 11:30.” 11:30? I thought to myself, but my boss told me 11, didn’t he? Wait! Did he just say he’s Mr. Walker then who is…

The man from inside the house walked into the hallway “Look kid I need to go I have sixty dollars but that’s it so..” he froze. “Robert!” the real Mr. Walker yelled “What the fuck are you doing in my house” Robert looked like he saw a ghost and took off down the street with Mr. Walker in quick pursuit.

“Call the police” Mr. Walker yelled. One of the women began dialing on her cell as one of the men walked up to me. “Don’t worry this isn’t your fault you didn’t know” Shit I know it’s not my fault what I don’t know is what is going on I thought to myself. “So what just happened” I asked.

“Robert is Bills ex-boyfriend, they broke up a few weeks ago I guess he still has a key” the man said. The cops arrived a few minuets later and Bill returned.

“Officer I chased him down Clark Street but he got away” the officer asked him to explain what was going on. It seams the deal was Bill and Robert dated, broke up due to Roberts drug use and Robert decided to rob Bill while they went out to watch the game using his old key.

Bill apologized for the mess and I apologized for being too early he thanked me and give me the money for the ribs and a twenty for a tip. I didn’t stick around to find out what happened to Robert because the Bulls won and I was too busy parting on Chicago ave to care.


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