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World of Tanks: Jarrod40k KV-2 7 Kills

Jarrod40k gets 7 Kills in the derp-master, the KV-2, in this match. 🙂
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World of Tanks: 8.8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger The Desert Fox Would Be Proud

Staying hull down most of the time, I manage to get 4 kills in this desert map with my trusty tier 8 German TD.

World of Tanks: AT 15A Losing But With Pleasure 3955 Damage Dealt

Although I lose this game, I managed to score a massive 3955 damage and profited 81943 credits. I did what I could… If you want to play this game for free, go here. To see the rest of our World of Tanks Videos, go here. To view more of our Gameplay ...
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The World of Tanks Show

Anyone who is a regular reader of Obsolete Gamer knows we love World of Tanks. We first got into the tank fighting MMO at E3 a few years back and it was love at first sight. Some of the staff like myself are novices while others are pros and for a long ...

World of Tanks 8.0 Review

 What is World of Tanks? In a nutshell World of Tanks is the best tank simulator MMO out there. Think of it like a modern day Panzer Commander. They’re basically the same game except that World of Tanks is infinitely superior in every way: more ...
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The Interview: World of Tanks

World of Tanks Interview There are a lot of free-to-play MMO’s out there, but just like paid MMO’s there are the great ones and the rest and World of Tanks is definitely one of the great ones. A number of us here at Obsolete Gamer began playing World ...