Let’s Play World of Warships: Saving Transylvania, Igor Cruiser (5 Kills)

In this fun Halloween PVE mode (scenario), we had to protect the Transylvania from the evil Rasputin super ship and it’s legion of undead battleships and nasty catapults. This Halloween scenario is actually a lot of fun!

World of Warships: Clemson, the little destroyer that could

This game was hectic for me. I started by getting into a really bad brawl at close range with an enemy destroyer. I had less than half health for most of the game. I end up getting annihilated by an Arkansas Beta but due most of the team’s efforts we end up winning anyways.

The Clemson is one of the best tier 4 ships in the game. It has an amazing turret layout that lets you play it aggressively because they track really well. Your shells are your main weapons. You’d have to get dangerously close to use torpedoes and to me it’s not worth dying.

World of Warships: Bayern, Great Support In A Tier 8 Match

Although I was outclassed, I played defensively with the support of a great cruiser player to prevent a stealth cap flank from happening.

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WoWS Why you should always kill destroyers ASAP in every game

World of Warships:
This video basically shows why you should kill most destroyers as soon as humanly possible in every game you play. The replay is provided by my friend Diode_mA (Diode Milliampere). He basically goes straight for the enemy base and one-shots with his entire torpedo barrage an enemy battleship of a higher tier. He then proceeds to cap the enemy base with the enemy team doing little to stop him. GG!!!

People don’t realize how important base defense is. I blame the enemy destroyers and especially cruisers for costing their team the game.

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