One Pound Fish


While this video is now everywhere I have to admit I like the backstory behind it. The guy has never sung before and just made up a little jingle to get people to visit his fish stand. His friend ended up recording him doing his song and put it on Youtube and now not only is he an internet sensation, but has a deal pending with Warner Bros. Also, watching the video with the girls I pretend the one pound fish he is talking about is them.

Here is more on the story:

Muhammad Shahid Nazir, now known as £1 Fish Man,moved to London’s East End having left his native Pakistan and his wife and four children to discover a better life for them all. Working on a market stall selling fish, Nazir needed a trader’s call to grab passing trade. His song became the stuff of legend and a viral sensation: “Have-a, have-a look, one pound fish. Very, very good, very, very cheap, one pound fish.”

After a video of him was uploaded to YouTube, Nazir saw himself accelerated into the spotlight: he auditioned on the X-Factor, saw his ‘£1 Fish Song’ covered separately bysuperstar producer Timbaland and singer Alesha Dixon and was profiled by the Evening Standard who declared: “Watch out Psy, you’ve got a rival” and The Sun who stated: “It might just be the Christmas No. 1.”

Super Mario Bros. Swingdance video

SuperMarioBro Swingdance

There’s no doubt that the Super Mario Bros. video game and characters have had and will always have an impact on the video game industry.

Now they are having an impact on swingdancing, and the video of the crazy dance routine has the internet buzzing.

Morgan Day and Emily Wigger put on the routine at the 2011 Camp Hollywood National Jitterbug Championship, delighting the crowd with a routine featuring music and sound effects from the classic Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2.  Even a temporary fail by the deejay couldn’t stop the couple from stealing the show.

Watch the video of the full routine and tell your friends.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”480″][/youtube]

Nyan Cat


This reminds me of some of those classic 8-bit themes from my early gaming days and mixed with this Gif its just additive as hell. I mean are they brilliant or high or both, either way, this is awesome and makes our list of Best of the Internet.


The Magnum man

Magnum man 2
I doubt they approve of use in this manner

So the story is the guy in this video does a trick where he puts a condom over his head, but it does look as if he did not plan for it to be on that long. Honestly, it’s hard to tell, some people were starting wonder if he was in trouble which others laughed and said to leave him be.


Could you imagine having on your tombstone, died with condom over head?


I can Believable


The story is about a Dell employee in Panama who ended up talking with a country sounding man who was looking to purchase a computer. From all we know this call is totally true and was recorded and leaked by the quality control team.

As for former tech/sales and customer service guy myself I completely believe all of this.