Video game addiction

Gaming in the Spotlight

“I don’t understand why I’m being targeted for playing online games when all I’ve done is campaign on the issues.” She said and went on to say; “There are a lot of these misconceptions about people who play online games. I’ve played with people who are retired, college professors and lawyers. I’ve only ever played with adults.” [...]

Video gaming should not be the scapegoat for death of British gamer

Video gaming didn’t kill young Staniforth, folks. His own lack of activity did. He could have been an employee in a computer cubical for 40 hours a week that ate lunch at his desk. He could have been a person that travelled a lot, sitting for those long hours in planes and cars. He could have been sitting around watching a Harry Potter movie marathon, collecting stamps or watching paint dry. [...]

Breaking down the Video Game addiction debate

While it can be a generally true statement that a gamer is less socially mainstream than a non-gamer it is not true that being socially mainstream is the best course for every child. If a gamer has a strong core of good friends, who can provide positive reinforcement then it should not matter as much where that common ground was found, as long as the act of gaming does not hurt the child physically or mentally then choosing to ally his or herself with other gamers can be socially healthy. [...]