Classic arcade game show Starcade can now be played online

Starcade 2

Those who long for the days where video arcades were on every street corner and the newest coin-op hits required standing in line to play now have a destination online to relive those days.

On Sunday, August 28, JM Production Company, the same company that brought the original Starcade game show to life in the early 1980s, launched myStarcade, an online version of the game show.

Using video clips from the original TV series, classic gaming fans can choose which contestants they think can run up the highest scores on classic-era video arcade games ranging from the iconic Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Q*bert to the rather uncommon such as Munch Mobile, Cliff Hanger and Mazer Blazer. After choosing who to back, a head-to-head scoring battle using original Starcade show footage can be viewed.

Other options, including “Name the Game Board” challenges, music and sound effect identification games and more are also part of the myStarcade online play.

Online leaderboards track the high scores of myStarcade players from around the world. Virtual prizes from the original show, including the portable record player Mr. Disc (no larger than a man’s shoe!) can be “won” while online credits can be earned to use toward real items, video clips, episodes and more.

The original Starcade TV show debuted in 1982 during the early days of cable station TBS, and gained a modern day following in the current century through it’s official website and reruns which aired on G4tv during it’s debut years. KRON-TV in San Francisco, CA was recently inducted into the Registry of Historic Gaming Locations for it’s hosting of the 1981 pilot episode tapings.

The myStarcade game can be found at


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The 11 Most FRUSTRATING Video Games Ever!


Frustrating games

You know those video games that you love to play, but also make you throw your controller, shout words you wouldn’t want your mother to hear and make you throw such a huge fit you are kicked out of the arcade?

Let’s rank them! Let’s find out what are considered the 11 Most FRUSTRATING Video Games Ever!

All platforms, classic or modern, arcade or console. List them in the form below, in order from 1 to 11, and submit today!

Why rank eleven spaces instead of ten? Anyone can put together a top ten, and these games are just TOO frustrating to stop there anyway!

Submit your lists today!

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Guild Wars 2 @ PAX East: Videos and Commentary


At PAX East 2011, Kayhynn got her first look at Guild Wars 2, complete with live gameplay, at the AlienWare Arena and at the NCSoft Meet and Greet Friday night.

Check out some of the videos here.


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Ask Kayhynn: Week 2, A Bit Late, But Not Short

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Developers Talk
World of Warcraft Cataclysm Developers Talk

Seeing as World of Warcraft: Cataclysm was released Dec. 7 and most readers and question submitters know I’m a WoW player, I received a number of WoW: Cataclysm related questions which I decided to put together for this week’s Q&A. Questions answered include what were major changes to the game, what do I love/hate about the game, new character experience and more.

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The NEW Field to Battle On

die 4 us logo
die 4 us logo

The NEW Field to Battle On

Finally! The cure to all your gamebattle headaches has arrived. No more confusion while setting up matches, no more recording your own matches, no more submitting scores or dispute tickets only to wait days to finalize a win, no whining and annoying kids, and no more harassing, trash talking, opponents.

If you are going to play, you may as well not only play for bragging rights, but get something out of it! Win straight cash, as well as a variety of gaming prizes. Put not only your skills to the test, but make let them literally payoff.

Payback Games has incorporated what we love about gamebattles, and fixed the things we hated. Rather new to the playing field, Payback Games is making a name for itself and quick. Boasting daily matches that are already set up and leaving you with a simple click of the mouse to join.

Each match is set up by the Administrator/Spectator representing Payback Games. They are the ones responsible for inviting each team into the match, leaving room for errors on game setup out and no mistakes in who was present on time. Once more the rules will be read, room for questions, and then the match begins. Each team is limited to no more than 5 members, leaving room for the spectators from PBG. The spectator will watch over the match, assuring no cheating and therefore ending the need for disputes and you to submit your own tickets, as scores are posted up and final within moments of each matches end. Secondly, there is no room for immaturity or harassing players on PBG. No kids, no fuss, makes for a smoother, more relaxed, and enjoyable gaming session.

PBG exposes you and your team to big name sponsors, such as Activision, Steel Headsets, and Monster Energy. Bring your A-game and who knows, bring home a contract. You wish to join a team or recruit for your own team? Head on over to the forum section and check out the areas marked for such. Want to promote your own clan/community? Then do so, on your own personalized profile, provided by PBG.

Many communities and clans have packed up and made the move to make PBG their new home. Clans just like us, Ladies2Die4 (L2D4). We confidently made the move to PBG and are very pleased with the outcome. We feel that Gamebattles online play, will take a backseat to PBG once it receives the same exposure.

So join now, win some cash and prizes, get comfy with your surroundings, and make a name for yourself and clan, before the rush of players flood this fabulous new gaming site. Maybe even challenge us, the Ladies2Die4. Good Luck and Happy gaming!

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Wes Paugh: Fusion Reactions

100 Rogues logo
100 Rogues logo

Name: Wes Paugh

Company: Fusion Reactions, partnered with Dinofarm Games

Job Title: Lead Software Developer

Favorite Classic Game: Perfect Dark

Quote: This is the only game for which I think the term ‘even more perfect’ isn’t completely asinine. Goldeneye established paradigms for the genre that are rarely met with as great success by games with much larger budgets and much more content. Perfect Dark ramped up the formula in almost every way.

The difficulty of the game is cyclically reinforced by its pacing. Level / encounter design was woven brilliantly with story and non-combat objectives to provide non-life-threatening, but often intense, breaks, but I still felt free to explore at my own pace if I wanted. Further, each mission’s golden path was short (3-10 minutes), so they could each be brazenly unforgiving with to-the-second timing that had to be researched and rehearsed to be successful on the harder difficulties. And yet, it was never any less fun or intense going back to easier ones. I just felt more awesome taking the improved skills back in time.

Everything about Perfect Dark felt streamlined and polished, with enough to do to keep me satisfied no matter what experience I craved. Throw in a phenomenal multiplayer and it’s a formula that has kept me coming back for a decade, especially with its recent XBLA rebirth.

Bio: I began working for Fusion Reactions just under two years ago, with prior experience on Vicarious Vision’s Spider-man 3 as a scripter, with a degree in Software Engineering from RIT.

Fusion Reactions had decided to develop an iPhone game, somewhat on a whim. A roguelike RPG called 100 Rogues was born of our partnership with Dinofarm Games in Westchester, NY. Where our team brought software know-how to the project, Dinofarm’s Keith Burgun and Blake Reynolds brought design, music and artistic expertise.

My current work is the continued support for 100 Rogues, with more character classes, worlds and monsters, and features they require. I am currently the iPhone Game’s only full-time software developer.

Project Name: 100 Rogues

Project Info: 100 Rogues is a re-imagining of a genre of games called roguelikes. The genre is defined by strategy against a wealth of opponents with esoteric and widely varied abilities, including the world itself.

Set across a series of 3 dungeons (at time of writing), the player must navigate downward between floors, encountering new monsters and defeat each dungeon’s boss, becoming stronger along the way.

The game currently has 3 unique player classes (Crusader, Wizard, and the recently shipped Scoundrel), each with their own combat advantages and strategies focused around the skills they can learn as they progress.

Although the game is relatively short, completing it is no easy task, and could scarcely be called the point of playing. Randomly generated dungeons, permanent death without chance of reloading from a save point, and different skill-tree decisions make each play through a unique challenge that can take month of practice to reach and defeat the final boss.

Production values also raise 100 Rogues beyond the traditional roguelike, with fully-animated pixel-art, which gives the game a distinct, rich look. We poke fun at genre conventions relentlessly, too; the primary quest-giver nearly passes out from boredom as he hands down the done-to-death ‘Go Kill Satan’, and one player class is actually one of a race living, breathing skeletons… only she, in particular, has been killed and reanimated.

The game is constantly expanding and moving forward, with a fourth player class and world already in the works, a challenge mode with strategy puzzles that will continue receiving additional content, and a bevy of new game modes and features ahead.

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Ask Kayhynn, Week 1

Ask Kayhynn
Ask Kayhynn

Once a week Kayhynn will answer up to five questions that have been submitted, either through e-mail or through various forums she visits and have a topic talking about this article on it. All questions will be gaming related and can be about her personal gaming history, her take on games, why she plays the games she does, WoW related questions, Ultima Online related questions, questions regarding any games she plays or has played, gaming trivia…whatever. If she don’t have an answer to it, she’ll try to find one, or make up a really creative (and funny) answer despite not having a clue what you’re taking about in the question.

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Cyber Nations logo
Cyber Nations logo

Ever wanted to run a country? Check out this CyberNations review by Frederick Brunn, aka Clotifoth.

Ever wanted to run a country?  With CyberNations, a massively multiplayer online geopolitical simulator, you can.  Your country interacts with other players’ countries in the general setting of a facsimile planet Earth.  The real game, however, is on a larger-scale groups of these countries form alliances, which are the real nations.  Politics happen, treaties are signed, wars are waged and reparations are paid.  This is the real world.  This is CyberNations.

Read the full article on EOGamer

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