The Obsolete Gamer Show: Zac Eubank (Hyper RPG)

You’ve seen many type of Twitch TV channels. Most of the time it is a simple stream with a game and a gamer and that alone can be all it takes to make a good channel. However, what about those who take it to the next level, those who really add more to the TV part of Twitch TV by upping the production value and offering a variety of shows 5 days a week?

We talk with Zac Eubank who created the Hyper RPG Twitch channel that will do just that. Now this isn’t Zac’s first run at this, he was the show-runner for Geek and Sundry’s Twitch channel and with Hyper RPG his goal is to offer even more unique programming for fans to enjoy.

Zac talk about what you will be seeing on his channel and the hard work and though that goes into creating a channel that is fun and will keep you engaged. If you ever wanted to know about creating content for Twitch TV you need to check this out.

Hyper RPG! is an independent Twitch channel led by Zac Eubank, former Show-runner of Geek and Sundry. This Redmond-based studio is centered on capturing all the Pacific Northwest has to offer in gaming: behind-the-scene studio tours, interactive digital and tabletop gaming, interviews with key game industry game makers, and more. Hyper RPG! can be viewed for 10-hours-a-day, Monday – Friday,

Check out the Hypre RPG Twitch Channel here.

The Obsolete Gamer Show: The Patrick Scott Patterson Show

The Obsolete Gamer Show: The Patrick Scott Patterson Show

For this episode of the Obsolete Gamer Show we talked with Multi-Media personality, Patrick Scott Patterson, a man who has Guinness World Records in multiple video games, has appeared on television and in movies and documentaries, owns his own website where he has been writing articles and showcasing gamers and people from the gaming industry for years. Oh and did I mention he was a wrestler as well?

Patrick Scott Patterson

Scott has excellent takes on a wide range of topics important to gamers and the gaming industry as well and he does not just fire them off from the comment section of a website, he gets out there and debates them against a public that often only knows the stereotype of gamers that has been written and handed out to the masses.

If you like a robust conversation as much as I do then this episode is for you. We cover a variety of topics from how gamers are looked at by society at large to video game journalism to cyber bulling and the changing world of video game media including websites, television and streaming services such as Twitch TV.

So check out the show and let us know what you think.