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Super Mario 3 was huge for me. I was the first person in my family to finish that game. I can still feel the triumph that I felt over my cousins that day. (Another) classic game that may not be at the top of everyone’s list but that I loved was Paperboy. We actually bought it for my little brother for Christmas but he was young enough not to know so leading up to Christmas we would take it out of the pack and play. (Also) The Legend of Zelda, amazing, I think about it right now so I will always come back to those three. ~Amanda MacKay

Amanda MacKay

Favorite Classic Game: Paperboy, Super Mario Bros. 3 & The Legend of Zelda

Amanda MacKay’s Video Gamer Profile

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Five Don’ts of gaming

You are not going for a Twin Galaxies record so when you decide to have a retro game night with your friends do not show how you can beat Super Mario Bros 3 with one life because it will just piss us off and make us retaliate on you. ~J.A. Laraque

Five Don’ts of gaming


I can’t stand those 5 or 10 things you should or shouldn’t do articles. Those articles are often so cheesy with advice anyone with half a brain would already know about. So without future adieu here are a list of 5 things gamers shouldn’t do.

Don’t eat while using voice chat

voice chat eating

Seriously, 9 times out of ten, your microphone already sucks and the worst sound in the world is someone chewing food and it coming in over your speakers. For some reason people who eat while voice chatting never use push to talk either. Also, remember to leave voice chat or we might here you going at it to Fappathon and that is just a reputation killer.

Don’t put stickers on your console


I did this with one of my Nintendo’s. I thought it would be cool to put my own mark on it by adding a sticker and next thing I knew my NES looked like a teenaged girl’s notebook. It got so bad I would cover my NES when friends game over. Luckily, I broke it during a frustrated night of the original Metal Gear and got a new one.

Don’t play a game you own at in front of friends


You are not going for a Twin Galaxies record so when you decide to have a retro game night with your friends do not show how you can beat Super Mario Bros 3 with one life because it will just piss us off and make us retaliate on you. On the other hand, if you want to school your friends in a game of Temco Bowl go right ahead.

Don’t treat your noob girlfriend like the noob she is


No, this is not a sexist statement. We all know girls can pwn just as hardcore as guys, but we also have many girlfriends completely not into any games. So if you want to introduce your none gaming girlfriend to say Starcraft, go right ahead. However, you cannot attack her for sucking the way you might do a friend because she won’t take it nicely and you will find yourself playing solo for many nights to come.

Don’t play a controller with dirty hands

soap controller

If you want to have that special controller that only you use then fine, but if you plan to let others play your controller keep it clean. One of the worst things in the world is to be handed a controller and its grimy or sticky because we have no idea how it got that way and our imaginations will go while. Break out the hand sanitizer for goodness sakes.

There are many other don’ts out there, but you get the idea. Next time we will bring you some Do’s to make sure you are up to par. In the meantime, if you have some more don’ts to share, let us know.

Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros 3 - Gameplay Screenshot 1Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros 3 is the supreme of all Marios whether you like it or not. This game is as complete as a Mario game ever was and it’s considered the best Mario game of all time. So lets get started with the discussion.

The Game

The game is what every other platformer become in that era. Everyone wanted to copy the Super Mario Bros games as they were really successful and good at what they did which involved level design, graphics, and sound. The game overall is a joy to play through as many of you might have already experienced it. There is just so much to do in the game that playing through the worlds without using the whistle will take you at least an hour. There also various power ups and secrets that you’ll always be coming back for more as you can find different ways to reach Bowser for the final battle. It’s always fun to come back to this game and find a different path to reach the deadly world 8. There are many memorable worlds in this game that will make you wonder if there is a limit to Shigeru Miyamoto’s creativity. You are in for an amazing adventure!
Super Mario Bros 3 - Gameplay Screenshot 2
Speaking of the game graphics? Aren’t they a joy to see to this day? The game does bring you very sharp graphics that you would think you are playing a Super Nintendo game at some point. In fact, there are some that feel that way but I’ll have to talk about those some other time. The game does deliver you what you are supposed to be looking at. What I mean is that if you see a brick, it is a brick and if you see a monster that you are able to beat by jumping on it, well you’ll be able to do so again. There are so many games out there that trick you into doing things that are not possible in them. Some of them are just tricks while others are just plain bad design. You won’t have problems with this game though as everything is what it’s supposed to be.
Super Mario Bros 3 - Gameplay Screenshot 3


The vast amount of bad guys and levels in this game makes it very unique. My only complain though is that this game should have come with a battery in it so you can save your progress because lets face it, this game is gigantic and some of us will get to a point in the game and want to rest up for a while and come back to it later. Zelda got it so why not Super Mario Bros 3? The Famicom version didn’t came with a battery as well. Nevertheless, the game is a joy from start to finish and if you want to be able to save your game you can always purchase the Super NES version of it that comes with Super Mario All-Stars.

There is so much more to say but I don’t want to take the entire page to talk about it. There are many things to talk about such as the missing levels and the obscurity of World 9 but they’ll have to come some other time. They are quite interesting topics after all.

Should you buy it?

Super Mario Bros 3 - Gameplay Screenshot 1
This question should be self answered without me having to write anything here. Of course it’s a must buy for any gamer out there. This is the reason why we have great video games to this day. The amazing work this game represents is still unmatched. You can pick this game up for a mere ten dollars from eBay but if you are still a cheap bastard and don’t want to spend a little money for such a big game, then emulators is your answer. I think this game should be in anyone’s collection retro gamer or not. Have some respect will ya?



Flea Market Finds: 2

So I went to another trip to the Flea Market. This time around the weather ruined my whole sale… was a real sad day for me since we didn’t sell much of our junk. Well after putting all our stuff away we were tired and depressed due to our low sales….we expected to make some good money you know! Anyways, enough of that, I decided to go walk around and try to find stuff to cheer me up and did I? Yeah!!! I found my first Famicom cart in a Flea Market plus other stuff! Check it out!

Flea market classic games

On the top left you can see the pirate Famicom cart I found that comes with some good games like Super Mario Bros 3, Castlevania, Super C, Jungle Book, Toy Story, Ms.Pacman, and many more! It’s a pretty kewl cart if you ask me! Then I found some CIB NES games and Gyromite cart that hopefully has a converter inside of it. Then there is The Little Mermaid cart and Prince of Persia for the SNES. I had a good day in the end but I couldn’t wait to get home and sleep…yeah I didn’t sleep at all the night before. I ended up going to sleep around 2pm and waking up at 11pm.

Dan Greig: XGen Studios

Xgen Studios logo

Name: Dan Greig

Company: XGenStudios

Profession: Project Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Mega Man 2/Super Mario Bros. 3

Quote: The 2 best games for the NES hands down.  Impossible to choose between them.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Commercial

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Super Mario Bros. 3 Commercial

Super Mario Bros 3 was released by Nintendo in 1990. I personally remember the Christmas I got it. My cousin, who got me into the Atari 500 and Amiga, told me he got me the game but demanded that I danced after dinner or I would not get it. Let me just tell you I danced like Rerun on What’s Happening for that game and was glad to do it.

Super Mario Bros 3 NES screenshot

SMB3 went back to the traditional style of Mario Bros while adding a ton of cool new features to the game. There were some fans that did not like the change in direction Super Mario Bros. 2 took, but SMB3 revitalized the fan base and added a ton of new fans as well.

The commercial itself is more general to the overall domination of Super Mario Bros rather than an ad for SMB3. Nintendo knew they had a hit on their hands which ended up on the top of many best games lists and spawned a television show and tons of merchandise including a cereal.