The Obsolete Gamer Show: Andru Fratarcangeli (GaCuCon)

Bringing gamers together in your community can be a daunting challenge be it for a LAN party or an event. Our guest, Andru Fratarcangeli has taken it to the next level working in South Florida to bring together gamers, educators and business to elevate the gaming community as a whole.

His work not only connects gamers in South Florida with local events and meet-up’s, but gives those looking to enter the gaming field another path beyond leaving the state and he also is bringing a new video game convention to Miami as well.

GaCuCon is the Game Culture Con Cruise & Expo, it features a 1-day Expo event in Miami followed by a 4-Day cruise. We talk to Andru about GaCuCon and what you can expect if you sign up for this event.

Learn more about and sign up for GaCuCon here.

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Origin vs. Origin

Origin vs Origin PC

Name and brand recognition is extremely important in business so what happens when your companies name gets confused with another large company? First reported on Kotaku, there has been some mixing up of companies between the South Florida based custom builder of gaming computers, Origin PC and the Electronic Arts digital delivery service Origin.

What was the result of this, well, with games like Battlefield 3 and The Old Republic coming out you can imagine some people ended up contacting Origin PC about their Origin game.

“We receive numerous phone calls and emails every week with people asking billing questions about the games that they ordered on Origin”, Matt Fisher, Origin PC’s marketing specialist said. “We have to point out that they are calling ORIGIN PC, custom PC builder, and not EA Origin.”

This might sound like a good thing, more customers calling in, and more chances for a sale. However, for anyone that has ever dealt with the gaming community you know there is a wide array of people you will deal with and those chomping at the bit for a game may be a little less than pleasant when they find out you cannot help them.

Not only does this mix-up use company resources, but it can lead to misunderstandings between other companies as well.  Companies looking to work with EA have contacted Origin PC and even employees just wearing the Origin PC t-shirts have been stopped by people looking for EA related answers.

“Someone contacted us before Quakecon and asked for a meeting,” explained Matt. “We asked them to confirm the subject matter prior to the meeting but they never did. We had time to meet with them so we scheduled the meeting and when they showed up they started asking a bunch of EA Origin questions.”

Could we see some sort of collaboration between Origin PC and Origin? Right now, we know of nothing on the table, but the gaming business just like all business is about connections and expansion. Perhaps in the end a little confusion can turn into a big opportunity.

Obscure News: Wife Slices Hubby Over Kitty Bills


The Story

Robin Warren, a 55-year-old South Florida woman, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery for attacking her husband with a pair of scissors and two knives. The reason for the attack was the husband did not want to pay the veterinarian bills for their cat. While there are no reports on how much the bills were, when the husband refused to pay the woman went crazy and attacked him catting his hands and arms.

The Take

It had to be South Florida didn’t it, home of the crazy old cat ladies. We have the feeders out there that go to other people’s homes and leave food for the cats so they come and crap on your lawn and scratch up your car. I like cat’s, but cat people, some of you need help. I am sorry they took away your kids, but that hole in your heart cannot be filled with cat fur.

I bet you ten bucks if someone tried to rob her she would run and hide, but over a damn cat, this woman turns into Baraka from Mortal Kombat dual wielding weapons. If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times, don’t stay with women that have the crazy eyes or cats they think are their children.

The Comments

Donna Anderson · MSU, UW – she was protecting the pussy.

Steve Klamm · Tascosa High School – Now they have Vet’s bills and emergency bills. Way to solve a problem is with another problem, besides just being wrong in the first place!

Karen Derr – Then he deserved it……?

Susan Stanfield Banert · Manager at – Absolutely!

Diana Jaffe · CW Post – You go girl.

Linda Karls Becker Beane ·  hooray for her and it does make sense.

So You Want to Move to Miami

So You want to move to Miami

Let me start by saying I am from Miami and I found this hilarious. This video is pretty much a conversation between someone who wants to move to Miami and a travel agent trying to convince her not too. The video hits on a lot of stereotypes people make about Miami, but the truth is a lot of them are true. Either way it is funny if you can take a joke and if not well don’t chick anything on this site.