Drop it! That and the sound it makes whenever Robocop pulls his gun from his leg holster is what I remember the most from the 1988 arcade game. I also remember I was never very good at it. This is a run and gun game meaning the key is to be on the move and ready to shoot at all times. The game also expects you to have a good twitch factor as bad guys will be coming out of everywhere.


When you play or watch this game and get a feeling like you are playing Bad Dudes, that’s because the two have a lot in common. I would almost call this a skin game in that you replaced a few things to make it “Robocop”, but you could switch them again and make it Bad Dudes. Nevertheless, many games were like that in the 80’s and 90’s.


So Robocop gives you the general feel of the first movie. You walk around the streets of Detroit shooting random bad guys and facing bosses, some you have never seen in any movie and others you will instantly recognize like ED-209. Like the Superman game, they had to make it way easier for you to die, so Robocop is a bit of a wimp meaning just gays running at him unarmed can cause him damage and bullets hitting him anywhere do why too much damage.


Sometimes when walking around the level you only have your fists to defend you, but once gun wielding enemies show up, you pull out your sidearm and take them down. You can duck to avoid enemy gunfire and jump over obstacles. You also find power ups, life, ammo and weapons from taking out cans, crates and some bad guys drop their weapons as well.

Overall, the game is fun even if sometimes at the beginning of a level you are thrown right into a swam of bad guys and when you continue, and continues are limited, you start exactly where you died, meaning if ED-290 shot you when you come back he is still right there in the act of shooting you. The game is still fun, but it is hard, at least to me. You take too much damage, have too little life and some normal human bad guys take to many shots to die, but hey, this is Detroit. Nobody said it was gonna be easy.

Shocking Video Collection

Sexy girl striptease goes wrong

HÕFF 2012 trailer – Sexy girl striptease goes wrong!!!

What we have here is a girl dancing in front of a webcam in the eve of the destruction of mankind by UFOs. So awesome! 😀 Oh and it looks like they are the UFOs from Saucer Attack the c64 game! Oh and this hot girl is wearing an OCP shirt, an homage to Robocop!

HÕFF 2012 trailer – Ott Lepland fan sings “Kuula” and horrible thing happens!!

This guy is singing on his webcam while the Zombie Apocalypse starts happening… who knew?


The Starbarians have landed! This is a complete parody of some many 80s cartoons.

Electric Company Easy Reader Song

Who knew that Morgan Freeman was such a cool cat!

Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel – ThePianoGuys

These are… simply GODS!


I watch Smosh usually every week and they really outdid themselves especially with the Dubstep Twilight Zone episode. ;]

Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Remix)

Although some people hate him online I think Nathan J. Barnatt is a dancing genius.

Nicki Minaj – Stupid Hoe (Explicit)

Nicki Minaj is weird but I think she is one of my favorite famous trolls. The Stupid Hoe video will leave the typical watcher saying “WTF did I just watch?” and that’s a good thing considering how much generic shit gets made these days. Sure, it might make you think that we now live in Idiocracy but I think that might be the point.

Top 10 Cagiest Deadfall Moments

This video proves that Nicholas Cage is an acting genius. Sure the movie Deadfall is a piece of shit but who knew that our buddy Nick Cage could turn it into such a great comedy by acting like the Joker and Fire Marshall Bill from In Living Color?

Thanks, Smokey!

Beastiality is funny. Oh and HOT. That is all. END OF LINE

Miles Fisher – This Must Be The Place

The best homage I’ve ever seen for American Psycho. This guy is great because he super trolls Christian Bale and also looks like a bootleg Tom Cruise. So much potential for comedy. The song is an homage to The Talking Heads as well.

Transit – I’m So Indie Official Video ft. Geeze

My favorite anti-hipster video by Transit.

Epic Frog (High Quality)

The theme for Requiem For A Dream can turn anything into something epic, almost like The Guile Theme can.