Neo Geo

Metal Slug 3

The third mission begins in a janky underwater area and the entire stage exemplifies the initial slow pace of MS3 in comparison to other titles in the series. The third mission’s boss is very easy and very generic, which does nothing to prepare you for the little stage of horrors that is the fourth mission. Our zombie friends are back, newly equipped with their own blood-vomit attack, along with Audrey-esque cannibalistic plants. This stage is hard, bloody, and will leave you begging for more.

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Mobile Games

SNK Playmore releases the classic NeoGeo game Metal Slug 3 onto Android

Here is the scoop on the release:
– 2 game modes to choose from: Mission and Arcade
– A whole lot more Slug vehicles to command. More than the original game had.
– Multiple paths and routes to the end of the game with the branching map system.
– Co-op gameplay available via Bluetooth
– Comes with OpenFeint Achievements and Player ranking

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New NEOGEO Station games released today

A run-and-gun shooting game featuring 8 mercenaries who face a huge terrorist organization, enlist for action on NEOGEO Station! You can choose between 2 fighting styles: Control one character in “LONELY WOLF” mode, or pick up a team of 3 soldiers you can switch between at any time in “TEAM BATTLE” mode. Run through the battlefield and choose the best routes and strategy!

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SNK Launches 8 new classic NEOGEO titles for the PSP on PSN

Today via the Playstation Network, you will be able to download eight new classic games for your Playstation Portable. Here is the list of released games.

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