Lene Nystrom: It’s Your Duty

Lene started off as a barmaid and model and then appeared on a Norwegian gameshow where at the end she sang a song called Almaz, from there she began her solo singing career and sang the 2006 hit song “I love New York”. Currently she is raising her family. [...]

History Of The Soviet Union to Tetris Music

This is a pretty cool video that arranges the history of the Soviet Union to the melody of Tetris. The music is by, Pig with the face if a boy and written and performed by Donald Newholm and Dan Woods. This video won best animation and low budget award at the Super Shorts International Film Festival. [...]

MySpace Interview – Unkle Funkle

I implanted the DNA of the original late 60’s and 70’s funkateers into my hips. That combined with my love for soul and pop music and my undeniably white herritage. As I’ve allways said: There will be a black president in the USA before there will be a white funk-pioneer… Well, here comes the white funk-pioneer!!! [...]