Creative Zen Style M300 MP3 Player Review

Creative Zen Style M300

I am writing this review after having owned the MP3 player and used it daily for the past 3 months.


– One of the first things one can notice about the Zen is its small size. Think of it like a fatter but shorter iPod.
– It is very light and you can hardly notice you are carrying it.
– No software installation required. You can add songs to it in their properly named folders almost as easy as if it were a digital camera.
– Amazing battery life! Up to 20 hours worth of life.
– Cheaper than some Apple products, with almost the same quality of construction. Amazing value!
– Built in radio function.
– You can expand it via MicroSD media up to 32 GB.
– Generic USB interface makes you be able to charge it almost anywhere.
– Bluetooth functionality that has very low latency.
– Although it is not official it has Mac support.
– Self-intuitive interface. I didn’t even need to read the manual the first time I used it. You can rewind and fast-forward a track by holding down the back or forward button.
– Supports the following file formats: MP3, WMA (DRM9), WAV, Audible Format 4, Audible AAX.
– Built in microphone that lets you record like an old tape recorder.
– Built in Equalizer function that has presets that cannot be modified.
– Can be used to view pictures as well.
– Since you can access it via Windows Explorer or your favorite file manager you can use it as a portable hard drive.


– Touchscreen can be too sensitive. It can be too small if you have hands the size of a troll!
– Cheap headphones included that aren’t that loud when outdoors. They are fine for indoor use.
– USB cable that it comes with is short.
– Screen is too small for its video playback capabilities.
– FM radio doesn’t work over Bluetooth.
– No FLAC, OGG, or M4A support.
– Limited video playback only supports SMV video files.

Super Mario Land: OST

[youtube id=”pJMqww1lS6g” width=”633″ height=”356″]

Super Mario Land: OST

Sure, it was on the original Gameboy and it was in black and white or that weird green if you will and yes, the screen would blur when you moved, but for me playing Super Mario, any Super Mario on a portable was just grand. Super Mario Land was released for the Gameboy in 1989.

Super Mario Land box Gameboy


This was the first Mario game on the Gameboy and featured Mario going up against a space alien named Tatanga of all people to save Princess Daisy since Peach was off playing Tennis.

The game takes place in Sarasaland and is ruled by Princess Daisy. The land is broken up into a series of kingdoms. One day the space alien Tatanga hypnotizes the princess in order to marry her. (and all the while millions of men wish they could do the opposite to their girlfriends.)

The gameplay had a similar feel in some places like jumping on most enemies and getting coins, mushrooms and the like. The differences were that the fire flower gave you a super ball that bounced off of things and could even collect coins. Another difference in gameplay was that some levels you were in a plane or a submarine and in these levels the world scrolled to the left forcing you to continue moving. You would fire continuously at enemies and at the boss; you did this to the final boss as well.

I enjoyed the game and for some reason even though the music was very simple it was memorable to me. I guess that is the way those 8-bit games did their sound effects. Take a listen and if some of these tunes get stuck in your head I apologize in advance.


Bubble Bobble OST

Bubble Bobble OST

One my favorite games in the world and that kind of hurts to say because of the happy theme of the game. I mean you are twin Dinosaurs who blow bubbles and eat fruit. The truth is the game was addicting as was the music.

Bubble Bobble title screen

You can already view the Classic Gaming Profile on Bubble Bobble, but I wanted to add the full original soundtrack. So enjoy and don’t sue us if you can’t get the songs out of your head.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST

Today in the music hall I’d like to share with you one of my favorite soundtracks. Castlevainia has always had good music even back to the Nintendo days. I remember many of the memorable tunes from Super Castlevania, but when SOTN was released on the Playstation I was hooked.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night OST


Not only was it such a great game, but it has incredibly well composed music that I still listen to today.

You can purchase the full OST here.

Free Stuff: Souleye’s Music

Souleye Digital Music
Souleye Digital Music

If you love tracker & chip music, including the soundtrack of the awesome game VVVVVV, you will enjoy Souleye’s music website! Click here to visit his site.

Music is available in tracker (MOD, S3M, IT, XM), mp3, and ogg file formats, for your listening pleasure!

Free Stuff – Deliplayer, MOD and retro music file player


Free Stuff – Deliplayer, MOD and retro music file player

Deliplayer is one of the better all-in-one classic computer file music player programs out there. It supports MOD tracker files and other legacy sound file types. Think of it as a VLC player for classic computer and other video game music files.

It supports just about all tracker (MOD, S3M, IT, XM, OctaMED) files, c64 SID, MP3, OGG, NES, and SNES sound formats.

The player appears to be abandonware now since the main website is down. Don’t worry, you can download the full player free from us! Click here to download the fully exclosed Windows compatible executable.

Are you new to MOD files? Click here for what a typical MOD file sounds like. That song is one of my favorites by Elwood “Sick On Monday”. In a nutshell, MOD (tracker) files are the file formats PC and Amiga computer people used right before WAV and MP3 files were common on PC. MIDI as well, but if you wanted something that sounded good, you needed to have custom samples (instruments).

There are hundreds of websites with tons of MOD files and similar retro computer music files. I had already posted one of them mirsoft in this article.

I will make a tracker/MOD file guide soon, so stay tuned! 😀