Motivational Monday: Random Encounter

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Hopeful this will bring a few smiles to your face.

Motivational Monday: Cultural Sensitivity

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Tis an awful day for a Monday.

Motivational Monday: Goat Wisdom

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Somebody’s got a case of the Monday’s.

Motivational Monday: You’re doing it Wrong

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On Monday it is ok to do it wrong.

Motivational Monday: Epic Crossovers

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What do you get if you crossover Monday with Saturday?

Motivational Monday: Lolcat Paparazzi

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Happy Monday!

Motivational Monday: It’s in the Game


This week we turn to motivational posters from the video game community. Enjoy!

Motivational Monday: Ninja Convention

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Monday’s suck, perhaps this will make it a bit better.

Motivational Monday: Overkill

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Monday’s are like waking up next to the ugly girl you took home last night because you were drunk, you wish you could go back in time and do it differently.

Motivational Monday: Age Appropriate

age-appropriate motivational poster

Some of you don’t have to work today, from all of us who do, die in a fire.

Ass Belly - Motivational PosterAsshole - Motivational Posterbear-in-the-woods-age-appropriate - Motivational PosterBomb Squad Prank - Motivational PosterCuriosity - Motivational Posterdistraction - Motivational PosterDivide by Zero - Motivational PosterEndings - Motivational PosterFlying Dogs - Motivational PosterGang Signs - Motivational PosterGirl Scouts - Motivational PosterHappy Cat - Motivational PosterHorse gas man - Motivational PosterLockpicking - Motivational PosterLunchbreak - Motivational PosterOverreaction - Motivational PosterPowerleveling - Motivational PosterTequila - Motivational PosterThe Shadow Squad - Motivational PosterVagina Sizes - Motivational Poster

Motivational Monday: Battlecry

Battlecry - Motivational Poster

Time for another trip into the world of motivational posters. Happy Monday!

alchohol - Motivational PosterBitch Please - Motivational PosterBungee Jumping - Motivational PosterBush Blocker - Motivational PosterEpic Boobs - Motivational PosterFace Recognition - Motivational PosterFailure - Motivational PosterFutility - Motivational PosterGamers - Motivational PosterGanked - Motivational PosterIntelligence - Motivational PosterMexicans - Motivational Posterparanoia-cat - Motivational PosterPink Cougar Cadillac - Motivational Posterrealvsanime - Motivational Posterstupidity - Motivational Postertoilet-rape-rape - Motivational PosterTrading Places - Motivational Posterwomen-drivers- Motivational Poster

Motivational Monday: Free Online Porn

Free Online Porn - Motivational Poster

Mondays suck so why not sit back and smile with some motivational posters.

Advertising Motivational PosterBlending in - Motivational PosterDelicious Cake Motivational PosterDivorce Motivational PosterDoom Motivational PosterEnvy Motivational PosterGay Test - Motivational PosterInsurance Motivational PosterJesus Christ Motivational PosterKitty Pimp Motivational PosterLongcat Motivational PosterOnline Dating Motivational Poster 2Relax - Motivational PosterParemting Motivational PosterOnline Dating Motivational PosterRohyphnol - Motivational PosterSlavery Motivational Poster

Motivational Monday: Animal House

Teamwork Animal - Motivational Poster

This week we turn our Motivational Monday series over to the animals.

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animal cruelty - Motivational Poster 2Animal Testing - Motivational PosterDare - Motivational Posteranimal cruelty - Motivational PosterFeed Me <a href=pokies on line – Motivational Poster” width=”512″ height=”443″ />Perseverance Animal - Motivational PosterRetard Cat - Motivational PosterSmiling Dog - Motivational PosterTeam Work - Motivational PosterSuper Saiyan - Motivational Poster

Motivational Monday: Poster Madness


Motivational Monday: Poster Madness

For this weeks Motivational Monday we take a page from our sister site Obscure Internet and profile some video game related motivational posters.

Motivation Monday: Bad video game movies

bad video game movies demotivational poster
bad video game movies demotivational poster

Motivation Monday: Bad video game movies

Let’s just be honest with something, when it comes to nerds and geeks and gamers trying to agree on something is as hard as getting a Senate bill passed. It really does not matter what the question is from which Star Wars movie was the best or who has the best gaming console, you will find an argument and a ton of varied answers.

However, Hollywood is to blame for this as well. Far too often you have a video game or even comic book story for that matter that with a little tweaking and good market research can be turned into a hit. Sure, you won’t satisfy everyone, but a least people won’t hate your film. I believe the problem occurs when the suits in tinsel town decide to make a video game movie for those who never heard of the game or even worse when they just take a name and wrap it around a star thinking name power will win the day alone. As a fan of Star Trek I knew long time ago that you start out with a film for the fans and then tweak it for the general audience not the other way around.

It is almost impossible to make a video game movie everyone will love, but if you give it your best and at least honor the source material and not toss in pulp culture crap or a flavor of the month actor you will get more cheers then rotten tomatoes.  But we are not here for the good, we are here for the bad and there are way too many to choose from.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

I remember reading comic book forums about how they hated Kristin Kreuk so much in Smallville and then I heard she was going to play Chun Li and almost died. There was a lot wrong with this movie even if they somehow was able to create the real Chun Li and put her in it, but with Kreuk it was doomed to die a slow painful death.

Dungeons and Dragons

How in the holy hell do you ruin a D&D movie? I mean you take some adventure looking actors, toss in magic, sword fighting a dungeon and a dragon and you win. It’s like finally getting alone time with the girl of your dreams and you ask her to make you a sandwich. Don’t blame Marlon Waynes for this one, they told him to act like that.

Wing Commander

This is another movie that could have been so good and it even had some good cast members but when you have a bad script there is not much you can do. You know you are in a bad place when the cut scenes from the game look better and tell a better story than the movie.

Double Dragon

It’s like Saved by the Bell Double Dragon style, how can you go wrong? This movie suffers from the fate many video games and even comic book movies do and that is adding in too much to the story. The writers could have tailored a simple save the girl story and with good acting and choreography it could have done well, but they go all Golden Child or Mortal Kombat the series on us and ruin it.

Super Mario Bros.

What did I just say about adding too much to a story? You know honestly, I believe if they were to somehow stay true to the Mario Bros. story that people would respect that as abstract and weird of a movie that would be, or maybe not. You know how sometimes taking something that is not real and adapting it to real life can be fun like Enchanted? Well, this is the other side of that coin where you have bad plastic enemies, animated Dinosaurs and jump boots. This is the ninth level of hell; this is the Super Mario Bros. movie.

Not even worth the download

We know Hollywood is blind, deaf and stupid, the Superman movies tells us all we need to know. The problem isn’t the game it is the people and mostly people who know nothing of the game or the gamers who love them. There are a few good video game movies out there, but it could be some time before we get our Dark Knight for video game movies. Perhaps the Halo or World of Warcraft movies, nah.

Motivational Monday: Sex Scenes

video game sex scenes demotivational poster
video game sex scenes demotivational poster

Motivational Monday: Sex Scenes

Ah, what is the old joke about video gamers and lack of sex? Perhaps this is why many of the women in video games are created in a manner that is FAPP worthy. When video games changed from just a single screen to multiple storylines with music and a movie-like quality it was the perfect opportunity to add sex to the mix.

In the past one would have to buy a specific adult game for the PC and the very few console systems that offered them. There was also innuendo in many games and the quick flash of sexiness here or there. In the classic Leisure Suit Larry sexy was used as a pun and though the game did have sex scenes it was kept mostly out of view.

Today with CGI and video game budgets that rival big budget movies the sex scene has just about reached the peak of where it can go without requiring an X rating. For the most part sex in games are used to create intimacy between characters, but sometimes it becomes a major selling point or point of debate for critics. Let’s take a look at various sex scenes from video games and you decide if it added to the game in the positive or the negative.

Content Warning: Some of the scenes may not be appropriate for children!

Leisure Suit Larry 3

You have to start with the king. Larry brought sex and innuendo to PC gamers everywhere and the best thing is the game was fun to play. Poor Larry always ended up in some humiliating and sometimes deadly situations, but he also scored from time to time along the way. Of course the sex scenes were hidden in some way, but it was pretty clear what was going on.

Indigo Prophecy

If the world is going to come to an end the thing you have to do is have sex. Honestly, it does not matter if you are on a freezing train or the guy might be a zombie you need to get your freak on. This scene took it up a notch with the boob shot and the distance butt shot giving you the skinamax experience.

Custer’s Last Stand

I really don’t know what to say about this game. Your job is to get to the Native American girl by avoiding arrows and then you are to have sex with her and you control the sex with the Atari joystick which is just a whole other issue altogether. The problem with this game and there are many is that you have to consider that if they are trying to stop you then you should not be having sex with this girl. Then again she is naked and standing there waiting for you. You have to check out the commentary on this video as well it is awesome.

God of War III

[youtube id=”p8Nq_0Cj6gc” width=”633″ height=”356″]

Kratos is truly a pimp. When you are battling the God’s and duck into a room full of half-naked women the thing to do is take a break and work out some stress. This is the male ego at its finest as we get a shot of two other half-naked women talking about how good Kratos is at laying the pipe. Perhaps I should say laying the sword as it sounds as if he is hacking her to death with a blade.

Mass Effect 2

Everyone talked so much about having sex with the blue alien you know they have to double their efforts for part two. Here we get two difference scenes and to their credit you do have to work to get them to sleep with you. In ME2 you get your choice or blue or white it’s the UN of sex out there in space.

Heavy Rain

The ultimate in interactive sex scenes, ok, it’s not the ultimate, but considering it is not an adult game where the only goal is to have sex it is interesting that you have to make the moves yourself. I don’t know what happens if you screw up like if you snap her bra or something. I really think they should add that. If you mess up she gets mad and wants to leave and you have to convince her to stay and start all over. If you screw up to many times she leaves and that’s it, or you get a crying while masturbating in the shower mini-game. Hey this can help the socially awkward.

Cold Shower Time

There are a few more sex scenes out there but there is only so much one should visually consume in one day. Also, I know a bunch of you are reading this from work and IT is already onto you and I don’t want to be blamed for your termination. See ya next week!

Motivational Monday: Game Food

Rat Burger Parasite Eve demotivational poster
Rat Burger Parasite Eve demotivational poster

Motivational Monday: Game Food

No I’m not talking about the cheesy puffs, hot pockets and Mountain Dew you stuff down your gullets while pulling an all-nighter in World of Warcraft. This is about the food found within video games itself. Most of the time food was used in video games to replenish health, but as time went on food gave various power-ups and was even used as a hobby within a game. So let’s take a look at the use of food in video games shall we?


Gauntlet food
Gauntlet food

Vile and covered in dust and death this dungeon be. The floor is littered with the fallen, of friend and foe. There may be no escape, but that does not weigh heavily on me because my resolve is strong. Even in the darkest night my blade shall shine, but even a great warrior such as I needs replenishment. There, next to the pile of bones bleeding ghosts. Can it be, a ham dinner cooked to perfection with knife and fork. Surely it is a gift from the God’s and not tainted by rot and poison. Next to it lays the remains of a fallen hero, another gift of treasure it must be. I will eat of this feast and take of this bounty and continue my quest because I know not yet of mad cow.

Final Fight

turkey final fight
turkey final fight

So one day my friend’s girl was kidnapped and it was up to me, Naruto color ninja, to save her. The streets were tough but I’m a Street Fighter. After hours of pounding on the Mad Gear gang I was pretty hungry. Thank goodness there was this garbage can sitting inside of the public restroom in the park. With a swift kick I found my price. A fully cooked, ready to eat turkey and it wasn’t even close to thanks giving. Thanks to this meal I was able to make my way to the gold coast and kick an old man in a wheelchair out of a window.

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

Castlevania birthday cake
Castlevania birthday cake

Tis a cold night it was in the belly of the dark ones castle. Deep within was the chilling winds of evil and the stench of death surrounding my very being. Why or why did I wear my dress on this adventure? Thank goodness the count did not know of my paralyzing fear of the dark or he might not have setup all these lovely candles for me, vanilla scented if I smell correctly. As the night went on despair came over me. I thought of giving up and then I saw it, under the steps next to some dead rats. The Lord of Death did care, he remembered my birthday!

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros Mushroom
Super Mario Bros Mushroom

They told me I was addicted, but what did they know, they were second stringers at best. I had saved the princess time and time again and did she even once put out, no! So yeah, I sniffed the fire flower and ate some mushrooms, but it gave me power. I was in control; I could stop whenever I wanted too. Then it kept happening. The princess is in another castle, the guard would keep telling me. I’d been there before. I knew I should have just gone directly to castle 8. Finally I slayed the dragon and went to claim my prize once again, but all I heard was laugher. I blackout and awoke days later. Bowser was laughing at me. He showed me the heads of all the mushroom guards. I had killed them while under the influence of poison mushroom. I had failed her. My lust of power-ups lead me down a dark path, one from which I would never escape.

Motivational Monday: The Shower Scene

motivational poster


Video Game Show Scenes

We have a Facebook series called Video Game Motivation posters where we upload a new motivational or de-motivational poster each weekday.  For this new series we will take it a bit farther and only present one poster originally created by the Obsolete Gamer team (at least we hope it’s original) and accompany it with information and maybe some video.

This week’s MM is dedicated to the Shower Scene. Now shower scenes have been popular in thrillers and horror films going back to the days of black and white. One of the most famous shower scenes is the one from the horror movie Psycho.

I mean who doesn’t feel at least a little bit vulnerable in the shower? Besides us in horror films the shower scene is also used in love stories, for seduction purposes and to give us an interment moment with a character. This of course translated over to games and with high end 3D graphics there have been a number of memorable video game shower scenes.

Just a little warning, some of the videos show animated nudity so I will tag this NSFW (Not Safe for Work) so watch at your own risk.

Fatal Frame III

Parasite Eve II

Enemy Zero

Rumble Roses

Dead or Alive III

Xenosaga III

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain -Shower Scene from Jeux Video

Motivational Easter Monday: Religious People

To celebrate the Implausible Resurrection of Zombie Jesus we have some religious themed motivational posters for you.

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Religion - Motivational Poster

The Bible - Motivational Poster

God - Motivational Poster

Fables - Motivational Poster

Raptor Jesus - Motivational Poster

Atheists Think - Christians Know - Motivational Poster

blasphemy snickers - Motivational Poster

Faith in God - Motivational Poster

Sniper Jesus - Motivational Poster

Christianity - Motivational Poster

creationists - Motivational Poster

redundancy - Motivational Poster

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Religion - Motivational Poster 2

Christianity - Motivational Poster 3

blasphemy - Motivational Poster

creationism - Motivational Poster

priests - Motivational Poster

creationism - Motivational Poster 2

Motivational Monday: Spoilers

Everyone needs a little motivation, especially on a Monday. So we here at ObscureInternet will provide you with some Motivation Posters to keeping you going through the week.

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Simplicity - Motivational Poster

Hank Pym - Motivational Poster

greatness - Motivational Poster

AphexTwin - Motivational Poster

St. Valentines - Motivational Poster

Paranoia - Motivational Poster

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