Torchwood: Escape To LA

Torchwood - Escape to LA

We open with Esther going to the boarded up home of her sister, Sarah who has become paranoid over the events of Miracle Day. Sarah has locked herself in not even allowing her two children to go outside. Esther begs Sarah to let her see the children, but Sarah refuses. As Esther leaves, she reluctantly calls child protective services on her sister. Just as Esther pulls away a man who works for the mysterious triangle group calls in that he will track her back to Torchwood.

More news is given on the aftermath of Miracle Day as we learn the pharmaceutical companies are making record profits. At the same time, we see more fallout as a man talks about being laid off after having a heart attack.

Team Torchwood arrives in Venice Beach and setups shop in a small apartment as they plan their assault on the Phicorp Los Angeles headquarters.  Rex contacts Dr. Vera asking about medication during a tour she is on inside a once abandoned hospital. A new plan has been struck to send the ICU and critical care patients to that location from all the other hospitals around the area.

Back at the apartment, Gwen contacts her husband to check in on her child and father. The man who tracked Esther takes pictures from a distance. The team discusses Oswald Danes. Jack believes he is an important player and should be tracked while Jily was just in the right place at the right time.

Torchwood - Escape to LA

Danes finds himself being upstaged by small town mayor and Tea Party member, Ellis Hartley Monroe. Ellis started a campaign called “Dead is Dead” the idea is the dead should be treated as such and segregated from everyone else. This played into last week’s episode that showed some peoples fear and hatred of those who should have died. Jily lets Oswald know some of his appearances have been cancelled and Danes will have to do something to get his mojo back.

After Esther asks Rex if he has family in LA and him denying it, he goes to the run down home of his father who has a large supply of Phicorp medications in his bathroom. Rex and his father have an estranged relationship most noted when Rex tells his father that he was injured and shows his wound to which his father says that he has been dying for 15 years and Rex never cared. In the end, Rex leaves having taken some pills from his father.

Team Torchwood finalizes their plan to replace a server within Phicorp that has information they need and the group obtains the means to get past security.

Meanwhile the once abandoned hospital is now overflowing with unwanted patients. Dr. Vera is overwhelmed trying to gain control and take care of everyone. Outside Ellis talks to the media, telling them the hospital is a good place for the people and that they are away from everyone else. Oswald arrives and goes into the hospital giving a speech to the patients saying he is just like them appealing to their feeling of abandonment and that he will fight for them and their rights. The press eats this up much to Jily’s delight. When Ellis returns to her limo, she is drugged and we see it is the triangle group who is behind it.

Torchwood - Escape to LA

Later that night the man who was tracking Team Torchwood tracks down and kills the man who has access to Phicorp’s servers allowing him to follow the group inside. Gwen and Jack make their way to the server room, but as they finish and Jack leaves, the man knocks Gwen unconscious. Jack, makes his way back to her, but is caught off guard and captured. Rex scolds Esther for allowing this to happen and makes his way to them. The man wants to know what made Jack immortal and now mortal, but Jack does not know. Gwen tries to find out whom the man is working for and just as it seems as if he is going to tell, Rex arrives and shoots him several times including once in the throat.

Ellis awakens in a junkyard to a voice coming from the dashboard of the car. The triangle group tells her that her message interferes with their plans and that the families will eliminate anyone who poses a threat to them, Ellis and the car are then crushed by a trash compactor.

Back at the apartment, Esther apologizes for the mistake. Rex tells her it is her final warning. The data from the servers show that Phicorp has been buying up property to create “Overflow Camps” where unwanted patients from around the world would be sent. When Gwen contacts her husband she finds out her father was just sent to one of those camps.

Torchwood - Escape to LA

Again, a very solid episode locking in that Phicorp knew about Miracle Day and most likely is behind it. I wonder if Esther making so many mistakes or her sister being sent to a mental hospital and the kids to foster care will be meaningful to the story or just a reason to feel sorry for her. With Danes, I am still not sold on how important he is even through people follow his word. I hope he becomes more than just a spokesperson for Phicorp because I would like to see Jily have a real purpose than just PR. I like the theme of people being afraid of those who were to die and I feel the overflow camps must have an important purpose, but I guess we will have to just wait to find out.

Torchwood: Dead of Night


The episode opens with a James Bond feel to it as Rex confronts Friedkin in his own home pressuring him to give up the people pulling his strings. Rex is able to get Friedkin’s phone, but as you can guess Friedkin does not know who contacted him, but he does know they have been around for years.

After their escape, Team Torchwood meets up in their temporary hideout, but just before meeting up with them Gwen sees a group matching in the street in the dead of night. These silent, candle-holding people wearing white paper masks with sad frowns on them are known as the Soulless and they believe that by not dying that humanity has lost its soul.

This sets up a theme that humanity is looking for guidance and Oswald Danes appears to be the leader some are looking for. Danes continues making television appearances as more and more people look upon him as part rock star, part cult figure.

Torchwood - Dead of Night

Team Torchwood is slowly coming together as there is a lot of character building in this episode. While there is tension between Jack and Rex, we really get to see the team working together. Esther discovers a warehouse that Team Torchwood ends up investigating and finds a massive stockpile of pain medication from the drug company Phicorp.

It is reiterated again that pain management and medication will become increasingly important since humans no longer die, but can still become sick and feel pain. We also learn more about how humanity reacts to Miracle Day including the crime of attempted murder and murder being no longer valid. Dr. Juarez attends a medical panel where they learn some countries are putting birth control in the water and babies with severe birth defects are still being born.

At the panel, Jilly asks Dr. Juarez to attend a presentation with Phicorp. Later, Jilly asks Danes to meet with Phicorp representatives as well. Learning that Phicorp began developing and stock piling drugs a year before Miracle Day leads Team Torchwood to believe that Phicorp is more involved than they even believed. Rex, using his personal relationship with Dr. Juarez, convinces her to go to the presentation.

Using a contact-like camera device Gwen also goes to the presentation to gather information on Jilly and Phicorp. When Jack sees Danes at the presentation, he goes after him while Dr. Juarez calls Rex allowing them to listen to the presentation.

Torchwood - Dead of Night

The goal of the presentation is to push new legislation that would allow prescription drugs to be sold without one. This would raise the company’s profits tenfold. Meanwhile, Gwen is able to copy information on Jilly’s computer and Jack confronts Oswald.

Danes admits he does not feel sorry for what he has done, and in the end tells him Phicorp wanted him to deliver a message. Jack records the conversation, but Danes has Jack beaten and the recording taken away. At the end of the episode we see Danes on television using all the airtime he is receiving to also push for drugs to be made available without a prescription and for Phicorp to lead that charge.

Overall, a good character building episode that advances the story along. Unfortunately, we do not learn anything about the “triangle” group, but Rex believes he has them on the run when they call the cell phone and he answers.

I doubt Miracle Day is just about Phicorp and drug profits, but this does set up Danes to really take a stronger role in the story. I still want to know who Jilly really is. Is she just a go between or does she really have some power, either way, a good episode and a great series so far.

Torchwood: Rendition


This week we continue the story of the remaining two Torchwood members being taken to the U.S. The episode begins with Jack and Gwen being forced onto a plane bound for America. Agent Matheson allows Gwen’s husband and child to remain behind much to the distraught of Gwen.

Meanwhile, the now freed Oswald Danes does his first television appearance where he breaks down and cries after seeing one of his victims. Oswald begs for forgiveness, which in the end, splits peoples opinion between those who believe he is remorseful and those who do not. Oswald is approached by Jilly Kitzinger, played by Lauren Ambrose who is working for a PR firm and wants to help Danes get his message out as well as make him money. When Oswald is told he is wanted to appear on the Oprah show he turns her down saying he is doing fine on his own.

Back at the CIA, Agent Drummond speaks to Brain Friedkin, played by Wayne Knight about assisting Agent Matheson after receiving a text that he is on the way back with Torchwood. Friedkin dismisses Drummond and beings research on her. While on the plane Agent Lynne updates Friedkin without letting anyone else know she is doing so. Matheson contacts Dr. Juarez asking for medication in exchange for access to examine Jack.

Torchwood Rendition

Dr. Juarez realizes that medical and trauma protocols would need to be redone after a series of patients come into the ER. Vera realizes pain management and treating the minor injuries is first priorities so they can free up beds. She is also made aware of a panel of doctors meeting to discuss Miracle Day and its effects on the earth and heads to the panel.

Friedkin receives a message on his phone with the word “Remove”, he sends the same message to Lynne on the plane who poisons Jacks drink. Vera arrives at the panel and where the doctors discuss how humans still age and that they are “too alive”. One of the effects of living is the human body will become germ incubators and that over time these germs will become resistant to antibiotics.

Friedkin arranges for Matheson and Drummond to be setup by depositing money into their account and deleting Matheson’s files. Drummond steels a colleague’s pass and escapes the CIA building. On the plane, Jack becomes sick and on Gwen’s pressing gets Matheson to search Lynne and find the poison. As Vera continues at the panel, Matheson calls her asking for help to cure Jack. Together the group is able to counteract the poison on the plane, save Jack and take Lynne into custody.

Torchwood Rendition

Vera is met outside the panel by Jilly who offers her services. When Vera refuses, Jilly tells her of about a large stockpile of drugs that Vera does not have access to but hints that she can help with that. Vera takes Jilly’s card and asks if she has samples of the pain medication from her client (Phycor).

Matheson and the other arrive in the U.S. when he receives a call from Drummond telling him they are being setup and that everyone who comes into contact with Torchwood is being deleted. Drummond realizes Matheson is not alone and tells him to meet her outside the airport. Matheson un-cuffs Gwen and Jack who fight off the other agents including Lynne, who was secretly given handcuff keys, escape outside the airport where they meet up with Vera who gives Matheson the drugs and Drummond who provides an escape vehicle for them.

Torchwood Rendition

This was another good episode moving the story along. I am not sure what to expect out of the Oswald story however. The addition of Jilly the mysterious PR rep could be interesting. We now know the CIA is working to get rid of Torchwood, but the question is who sent the message to Friedkin? Perhaps those who watched the earlier seasons can tell me of the triangle symbol we saw before he received the message means anything.

The Miracle itself proves more and more interesting as we see how different cultures deal with the lack of death. We also continue to learn how not dying could quickly lead to the downfall of civilization itself. I cannot wait for the next episode.

Torchwood: The New World


I finally got around to seeing what is season four of Torchwood. The new series that premiered on the Starz network is titled, Miracle Day because all over the world people stop dying. I am writing this as someone who has only seen the first episode of season one of Torchwood, but I hope to catch up quick as season four moves along.

Torchwood is a BBC show filmed in the U.K. Miracle Day begins a reboot of the series brining the show to the U.S. along with three regulars to the series. Originally, the new Torchwood was to be shown on the Fox network before the deal fell through.

The show opens with the execution of convicted pedophile and murderer Oswald Danes played by Bill Pullman. Danes is given a lethal injection, but does not die. During this event, an email is sent to various agencies of the U.S. government with the word Torchwood. While being briefed on the incident by colleague Esther Drummond, played by Alexa Havins, CIA agent Rex Matheson, played by Mekhi Phifer  is injured in a car accident.

Torchwood - The New World

Matheson survives and becomes aware of what the media calls Miracle Day and begins working with Drummond to find out how the phenomenon has occurred and its connection to Torchwood. We learn that although people cannot die they can still become sick and be injured. Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman, shows up in the U.S. erasing all mentions of Torchwood onlinw prompting Drummond to search the CIA archive for files which she discovered. Just as Drummond begins to read the files Harkness appears just in time to save her from an assassin who tries to kill her and blows up the archive. Harkness tells Drummond about Torchwood, but the gives her an amnesia pill. However, the next day, Drummonds memories are triggered by a file brought to her on Torchwood by CIA agent Noah Vickers.

Later Oswald, who threatens to launch a lawsuit against the government, is released because technically he served his sentence. Meanwhile, in Wales, former Torchwood operative Gwen Cooper, played by Eve Myles, hides out in a remote location with her newborn daughter. Cooper is called to the hospital after her father suffers a heart attack and learns about Miracle Day. Cooper wants to investigate but is dissuaded by her husband. When Cooper returns home she is confronted by Matheson who with the help of Drummond tracked her down. Before Cooper can escape they are attacked by a helicopter. Harkness arrives to help and the group escapes taking down the helicopter.

Torchwood - The New World

The group arrives at the original Torchwood Institute site where Harkness reveals to everyone that his healing abilities no longer work and he appears to be mortal while everyone else on earth is immortal. As Cooper and Harkness discuss what to do next Matheson, with help of the local police takes the group into custody and announces that he is renditioning Torchwood to the United States.

Overall, I love the premise and not having a full history of Torchwood I feel the idea of making everyone immortal while making Jack mortal is an interesting tactic. Also, during the episode we see that some people were not happy with the Miracle Day saying that these people should be dead and are “Living Corpses.” The show makes sure to answer questions such as, if you remove the head do you still live, the answer is yes. In addition, we learn that by not having daily deaths and continuing to have daily births that society would collapse onto itself within months.

I thought the pacing of the show was well done, as were the visuals except for some of the news report backgrounds. I think a new spin on Torchwood could be a good thing, but I will hold my final judgment until I catch up with the previous seasons. I am just glad it did not end up on Fox or it may not have made it past episode 1.

Torchwood: Miracle Day Trailer II

Torchwood mircale day

Here is a new and longer trailer for Torchwood: Miracle Day.

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About Torchwood: Miracle Day
Torchwood begins with a day when nobody dies. All across the world, nobody dies. And then the next day, and the next, and the next, people keep aging, they get hurt and sick, but they never die. The result: a population boom, overnight. With all the extra people, resources are finite. It’s said that in four month’s time, the human race will cease to be viable. But this can’t be a natural event – someone’s got to be behind it. It’s a race against time as C.I.A. agent Rex Matheson investigates a global conspiracy. The answers lie within an old, secret British institute. As Rex keeps asking “What is Torchwood?,” he’s drawn into a world of adventure, and a threat to change what it means to be human, forever.