Oh snap, Salad UK is back on Youtube and we see he will be adding more videos soon and restoring all his old ones. This isn’t a new one, but since we migrated the old Inverted Paradox posts over to OI I felt a Dubstep remix to Nartuo would be fitting.

Now as you can see in the Youtube comments below they knew nothing about Nartuo, but honestly, all you need to know is the guy with the Orange hair fights the black hair guy even though he really wishes they could be friends again. Touching isn’t it, now kick his ass!


Youtube notes:

I have no idea about this anime or whats going on, i simply just remixed it cos it looked good (lol). I have this clip because i was gathering clips for my girlfriend who will be doing a full length AMV in the future (not Dubstep) and so i thought ‘Heck, why not…’

Nero – Crush On You (KillSonik Remix)

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Dub Step Friday’s: Justin Bieber Gets Killed By Dubstep!

Dubstep Hits Justin Bieber Harder Than Puberty!

Do you really need more? Thanks to Salad UK for this.


This is Salad UK’s Dubstep Video Remix of Justin Bieber being Shot and Killed on CSI

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epic fail at 0:15 i was meant to delete that text 😛

(1st) Clever Monkey – Final Inch (Twist Remix)
(2nd) Point.Blank – Brutal (D-Jahsta Remix)

BIG UPS to Point.Blank!

BIG UPS to Clever Monkey and Twist!

Justin Bieber Gets Killed By Dubstep!
Justin Bieber Shot and Killed on CSI dubstep remix