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Let’s Play Fractured Space: Sentinel, Conquest vs AI, 24T 5D 5SP 15C

If you want to play Fractured Space go here: https://www.fracturedspace.com/ To see more of our Fractured Space videos, click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuqRuL_MxEq9ZJpoC5ogI4_DCqqR19uuX To check out more of our Let’s Plays click ...

Let’s Play Fractured Space: Colossus, Frontline PVE, 17T 2D 1SP 5C

Hector and I were playing against the AI in Frontline mode. I was running the Colossus for the first time and got 17T 2D 1SP 5C.

Let’s Play Dawn of War II Last Stand: Anvil of Khorne VICTORY 1 Ork 2 Necrons 9816913 Points

Feel free to knock back a Fungus Beer as my Ork and Hector’s Necron and another friendly Necron win in this Last Stand earning 9816913 Points! WHHAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!

Let’s Play Space Hulk Deathwing: Episode 6 My Hammer Is Covered In Blood

In this Let’s Play, we were doing Episode 6 on Normal for Space Hulk: Deathwing. We tried this mission many times and finally beat it quickly by using the optimal strategy we developed. Check out the crazy carnage and blood at the end!

Let’s Play Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War II: Last Stand Wave 19

Playing my Tau Commander with Hector’s Necron Lord, we got stuck with an Imperial Commander that kept doing over and over. Somehow we made it to Wave 19! What better way to start 2017 than by making a Last Stand?!

Let’s Play w SweetGina: Left 4 Dead 2, Dark Carnival, Normal, Part 1

I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 with SweetGina, my girlfriend, who is not used to playing FPS games so it was pretty challenging, although we only played on normal. =P

Liz & J.A. play the Sims: Episode 1: Couch Potato Millionaire finds a job

Liz Poisonkiss and J.A. Laraque are playing the Sims 3 and the Sims 4. Why, we are not sure, but they are recording it like a reality show and seem to be having fun doing so and so here are some of their adventures in their respective games. In episode ...

Let’s Play World of Warships: Murmansk – You gotta earn that win, son

In this match, Greenteam, Draconiso, and I earn this win. It looked really bad all match but we ended up doing it. The lesson to be learned is to never give up hope in battle. Keep a cool head and victory is possible.

World of Warships: Why you should always kill destroyers ASAP in every game

This video basically shows why you should kill most destroyers as soon as humanly possible in every game you play. The replay is provided by my friend Diode_mA (Diode Milliampere). He basically goes straight for the enemy base and one-shots with his entire ...
WoWP The usual pleasure that the tier 8 I-250 fighter is

WoWP The usual pleasure that the tier 8 I-250 fighter is

World of Warplanes: This is a typical win for me at tier 8 with the I-250. The I-250 uses a dual engine system where it has a propeller engine in the front and an early jet engine in the back. The design is pretty crazy but it makes for some very good ...
WoWP Chill sunday night game in the P-43 Lancer

WoWP Chill sunday night game in the P-43 Lancer

WoWP Chill sunday night game in the P-43 Lancer World of Warplanes: This is a typical, chill victory over a late sunday night (it was around 2 AM). The P-43 Lancer is sort of like a mix between an interceptor and a heavy fighter. It has a very good amount ...
WoWP A very epic loss in the P-43

WoWP A very epic loss in the P-43 Lancer

World of Warplanes: The game starts out with somebody saying hello to me and then I obsess over killing them. Probably that’s what caused me to lose this epic game. I did what I could but it was already too late for my doomed team. The P-43 Lancer ...
WoWP Meet the new awesome American tier 4 P-43 Lancer

WoWP Meet the new awesome American tier 4 P-43 Lancer

World of Warplanes: Meet the new American tier 4 Multirole fighter, the P-43 Lancer from the new Thunderbolt line! The new line overall seems to be really good at heavy fighter hunting. As always, I play only with mouse and keyboard with custom sensitivity ...

First Steps: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition 1 Gameplay

  We go back and play the first thirty minutes of the original Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.