Riff Racer: LazyTown – We Are Number One

Riff Racer (Drive Any Track) is a game similar to Beat Hazard and Audiosurf that lets you play with your music. It creates a track based on a song from your music library.

In this video I race to We Are Number One by LazyTown. It’s a 3 star difficulty track. I was using the car Monaco.

Cooking by the Book: Remix by Mastgrr


There is an Icelandic children’s show called Lazy Town that features a main character named Stephanie whose main goal is to get her friends to go and be more active and less lazy. On the show there are various songs and one is called cooking by the book.

Well it seems someone decided to mix the song with a Lil John song with awesome results. There has even been a court battle over the song where they tried to get it removed, but in the end the video was restored.

So without further ado, here is the video remixed to Cooking by the Book.

You can download the MP3 here.