World of Warplanes: Ki-162-I Deadly Little Miho 6 Kills 4164 Base XP

The tier 9 Japanese Fighter Ki-162-I might not have the scary firepower of its cousin the J7W2 but it still has a strong boost and quick cooling dual 30mm cannons which are enough to make it a deadly interceptor (probably the best turning interceptor at tier 9).

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Campaign 3rd Mission Normal

Here is the third mission for the campaign for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada being played in the normal difficulty, including the cut scene that shows the Orkz.

To visit the game’s website, go here.

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World of Warplanes: First Battle In My XF-90 3519 Base XP

I decided to buy the XF-90 as my first tier 10. As this game shows, it was a smart decision! The XF-90 has enough thrust and firepower to basically do any role, especially high altitude engagements.

If you want to play this game for free, go here.

If you want to see all our World of Warplanes Videos, go here.


Riff Racer (Drive Any Track): FLEXX – Wake Up!

Riff Racer (Drive Any Track) is a game similar to Beat Hazard and Audiosurf that lets you play with your music. It creates a track based on a song from your music library.

In this video I race to Wake Up! by FLEXX. It’s a 2 star difficulty track. I was using the car Monaco.

Rush Bros: Kool Moe Dee – I Go To Work

A quick run through of a level of Rush Bros to the music track of, I go to work by Kool Moe Dee.

Rush Bros is a music reactive Platform Racing Game that features a single player and a competitive multiplayer either split-screen local or online between two simultaneous racers.

Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast: Ferrari Enzo, ultimate difficulty, Magic Sound Shower (Euro Remix)

Although this game is not very realistic it’s still one of my favorite racing games.

In this video I’m playing the standard Outrun arcade mode on the max difficulty using the highest tier car in the game.

The song that’s playing in the background is Magical Sound Shower (Euro Remix).

Check out my review for this game here:

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World of Warships: Why you should always kill destroyers ASAP in every game

This video basically shows why you should kill most destroyers as soon as humanly possible in every game you play. The replay is provided by my friend Diode_mA (Diode Milliampere). He basically goes straight for the enemy base and one-shots with his entire torpedo barrage an enemy battleship of a higher tier. He then proceeds to cap the enemy base with the enemy team doing little to stop him. GG!!!

People don’t realize how important base defense is. I blame the enemy destroyers and especially cruisers for costing their team the game.

If you enjoy this game you can download and play for free from:

World of Warplanes: F2H, 7 Kills, 5036 Base XP Record

The thrust to weight ratio and long range shooting cannons of the F2H make it a personal favorite of mine. I break my personal Base XP record in this match. Enjoy!

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You don’t get the show 1: We’re like school on Saturday…no class

Brand new show we open by finding out just how long it takes for Ignacio to use the bathroom before our recordings and it’s all downhill from there.

J.A. talks about the lady in League of Legends who was totally down with a three-way with him and his girlfriend sight unseen because “Love don’t got no eyes.”

We also learn that you can find real legitimate gameplay video on sexy sites which not only confused J.A. but wait till you hear why he was on those sexy sites to begin with.

Now the show isn’t complete without “normal” gaming news so the guys talked about Blizzards meeting with Nostalrius the group behind the WOW legacy servers.

You can check out their official website.

We also answered questions from our Facebook Group page.

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And if you really like us we are on Patreon so you can send us your hard earned dollars so we can finally get Ignacio a bedroom organizer.

And if you didn’t like it or got offended, you don’t get the show.

WoWP The usual pleasure that the tier 8 I-250 fighter is

World of Warplanes:
This is a typical win for me at tier 8 with the I-250. The I-250 uses a dual engine system where it has a propeller engine in the front and an early jet engine in the back. The design is pretty crazy but it makes for some very good boosting. The arsenal is basically 3 20+ mm cannons which although they have a very good range they heat up pretty quickly. The plane is great at high and medium altitudes making it a great heavy fighter hunter.

song: io2.s3m
title: Io 2: From a Distant Moon
author: gd / s!p (1995)

If you want to play World of Warplanes you can download it and play it for free at their homepage

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WoWP Chill sunday night game in the P-43 Lancer

WoWP Chill sunday night game in the P-43 Lancer

World of Warplanes:
This is a typical, chill victory over a late sunday night (it was around 2 AM). The P-43 Lancer is sort of like a mix between an interceptor and a heavy fighter. It has a very good amount of 12.7 caliber machineguns which are decent in dogfights because you can basically almost hold down the trigger since they cool fast. The design is not perfect though as they are mounted mainly in the wings which kills your handling and I’ve found it also affects accuracy.

If you notice in some parts in the beginning there was some lag which is an issue 1.9.2 (even 1.9.0 had it) has. This is a server issue that hopefully will get fixed. I mainly see it more in lower tiers where population is higher.

song: cloud.mod
title: Cloud Traveller
author: Supernao
from: Ripped by Chaos from R.A.W. #7 from The Spaceballs

If you want to play World of Warplanes you can download it and play it for free at their homepage

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WoWP A very epic loss in the P-43 Lancer

World of Warplanes:
The game starts out with somebody saying hello to me and then I obsess over killing them. Probably that’s what caused me to lose this epic game. I did what I could but it was already too late for my doomed team.

The P-43 Lancer is pretty good but if it comes down to being in a furball with dedicated fighters, you’re pretty much dead!

title: Brains Reflector
author: Cj DiB of R/S (1996)

If you want to play World of Warplanes you can download it and play it for free at their homepage

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WoWP Meet the new awesome American tier 4 P-43 Lancer

World of Warplanes:
Meet the new American tier 4 Multirole fighter, the P-43 Lancer from the new Thunderbolt line! The new line overall seems to be really good at heavy fighter hunting.

As always, I play only with mouse and keyboard with custom sensitivity settings.

Download World of Warplanes here:

Music from the c64 version of Neverending Story II. Written by Mike Tschogl, published by Linel in 1990.

Don’t forget to subscribe and like, and also leave us some good comments! o7 If you want tips on how to play well, ask me! 🙂

If you want to play World of Warplanes you can download it and play it for free at their homepage

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WoWS: A close game in the Tier 6 German Cruiser Nurnberg

World of Warships:
This game was very close. It stayed pretty even during most of the match with most people playing their roles correctly. My Nurnberg is fully upgraded but uses no equipment (I’m always broke). It’s Captain has 4 skills only. No flags were being used.

If you want to play World of Warships visit the game’s homepage and download and play it for free

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WoWP: close defeat in a C-1 Wirraway tier 3 British attack aircraft

World of Warplanes: close defeat in a C-1 Wirraway tier 3 British attack aircraft

A very close game (a defeat) in my tier 3 British gold attack aircraft the C-1 Wirraway. I play using mouse + keyboard with some adjustments to the default controls. I did manage to get an ace and a bunch of good kills but it wasn’t enough! o7

Here are all the details on the Wirraway:

If you want to play World of Warplanes you can download it and play it for free at their homepage

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WoWS: A disappointingly close loss in the Tier 6 Russian DD Ognevoi

World of Warships: A disappointingly close loss in the Tier 6 Russian DD Ognevoi

No matter how hard we tried we still lost but it was a good effort! o7 My Ognevoi wasn’t fully upgraded either. It was missing the final hull and final torpedo upgrade.

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Guild Wars 2: The Begining – PC Gameplay

We play through the first 15 minutes of Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft. Set in the fantasy world of Tyria, the game follows the re-emergence of Destiny’s Edge, a disbanded guild dedicated to fighting the Elder Dragons, a Lovecraftian species that has seized control of Tyria in the time since the original Guild Wars. The game takes place in a persistent world with a story that progresses in instanced environments.

The Obsolete Gamer Show: 20XX, Until Dawn

It’s like going back to the beginning but better. Not our first show, but think of it like a brand new series launch!

We’re bringing together the best of many of our other web series such as Alt F4 and Beyond the Gamer Trailer and incorporating them into OGS to delivery what we hope will be one entertaining show.

For our first episode we are still getting used to the new format and it was a little clunky, but we will be adding a lot over the next few shows to deliver and fun and informative experience.

This week we started off with some interesting videos including a cool symphony performance on, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and a strange flash game staring Jeb Bush.

Next we premiered the trailer for 20XX and spoke with Eitan Glinert president of Fire Hose Games about you can expect from the upcoming game.

In our news segment we covered Kanye West’s Twitter rant about Micros-transactions, a robber that may have been inspired by Metal Gear Solid and Twitch T.V. banning so-called “Twitch Sluts.

Our professional gamer segment titled Alt F4 returned and our resident pro gamer Joshua broke down some top stories top stories of the day.

Finally we premiered a new segment the quickie review that turned out to not be quick at all. We reviews the PS4 exclusive, Until Dawn and was joined by Liz Poisonkiss who told us all about her adventure in what I called the “CW horror” game.

We all learned a lot from our first new formatted show and will have a more changes and improvements for our next show including more guests and gameplay footage. So let us know what worked and didn’t work.

Inferno 2 PC Gameplay


Check out some gameplay footage from the retro inspired shooter, Inferno 2. Released by Radiangames it features 80 levels of gameplay where you explorer and fight your way through a maze of enemies and barriers to the end of each map.

Along the way you can upgrade and enhance your ship to take out your enemies in a number of different ways utilizing various weapons such as missiles, spread weapons and even special powers that unleash devastating attacks.

You can find more information about the game on their Steam page.

Caffeine: AVCon 2015 Demo Gameplay


We got our hands on the AVCon 2015 playable demo of Caffeine and took it out for a spin.

In Caffeine you awaken aboard a caffeine mining space station to find yourself, a young boy seemingly all alone. The only thing you know for sure? Something bad has transpired here…

Confused and alone, you start to explore this seemingly derelict space station finding cryptic notes and messages everywhere you look, could these be clues to what has happened?”

Alpages: The Five Books (Early Alpha Gameplay)


In Alpages: The Five Books you are alone in a dark and scary countryside searching for five magical books, however as you find each book you unleash a supernatural horror that hunts you down and tries to kill you.

In this early Alpha watch me stumble across the countryside trying to find the books while being completely torn apart by the horrors I release upon myself.

Payday 2: The Heist


As an avid player of first person shooters I believe the genre that unfortunately dominates gaming has grown mighty stale.  It would be challenging to muster up the enthusiasm for another cookie-cutter war-based storyline even if Activision programmed an unlockable Christina Hendricks sex tape into this fall’s Call of Duty: Every Single November.  Payday 2 intrigued the hell out of me however because its themes are mostly untapped in the realm of first person shooters, and honestly, who hasn’t dreamt about robbing a bank Point Break style?  Unfortunately what Overkill studios have given us is half a game here, which is a real shame because with a little more care this could have been an absolute masterpiece.

Payday 2

If you don’t plan on playing Payday 2 online with friends don’t even bother, the AI is so glaringly bad it’s a wonder that the title ever made it out of production.  Most of the missions inevitably involve your crew transporting some sort of cargo to an awaiting van, and your computer partners aren’t even able to accomplish the simple task of picking up an object and dropping it off in the correct location.  On a positive note the AI won’t completely muff up your perfectly planned stealth attempts on purpose, something I certainly can’t say for the majority of random players I encountered online.

Payday 2

The most enjoyable way to play Payday 2 is with three of your friends who actually use microphones.  When the missions are pulled off flawlessly you will feel extremely satiated as a player, but communication and precise planning are necessary, even on some of the easier and shorter selections.  One stupid mistake can cost you an entire run, and this will happen 99.9 percent of the time you even attempt, making robberies that don’t end up turning into the last act of Dog Day Afternoon both extremely rare and immensely rewarding.

Payday 2

There are only ten main missions, but the locations of goods, cameras, guards, and safes are always generated randomly.  This is the much-needed adrenaline shot of replay value that the game desperately needs, it would be far too easy to complete the levels if everything remained the same during every play through.  Picking missions can actually be a chore however, there’s no menu per say, just a map with jobs of varying difficulty appearing at random.  I understand what the developers were going for here, but after searching for a specific mission without success numerous times I was really longing for a traditional level selection system.

Payday 2

The character leveling is very addictive but also nothing original.  Four separate skill trees are selectable, and mixing and matching perks from each is encouraged, you’ll have plenty of flexibility by level 50, and that’s only the halfway point: Payday 2 is a long grind to 100.  Supposedly six DLC packs are on the way, this should alleviate the main ten missions growing stale even with the randomness factor figured in.

Despite its many egregious flaws I got tons of enjoyment out of Payday 2: The Heist when I was playing with a few of my buddies, alone however it was an absolute chore that frustrated me consistently.  If you have a steady crew you can recruit this is a must have game to scratch that criminal urge until Grand Theft Auto releases next month.

Video of the Day: Game Deaths

Classic video game deaths

This video is just to awesome not to share. This video shows death scenes from various classic games to a great remix tune. Enjoy.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”480″][/youtube]

(Dir.: Rob Beschizza, BoingBoing. Music is Rob’s MIDI homage to “Mad World,” by Tears for Fears, and you can download the MP3 here: and buy their original song here [MP3]: ).


Chronos (1987)
By: Mastertronic Genre: Shooting Players: 1 Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Featured Version: ZX Spectrum First Day Score: 36,950
Also Available For: Amstrad CPC

Chronos title

Back in gaming’s distant past, a phenomenon known as budget games was born. Budget games were something that, until Sony came along and introduced their ‘Platinum’ range of older titles, had never graced the console market – they were restricted to the now-classic home computers of the day. They were at their most successful during the days of the battle for 8-bit computer supremacy and, at this time, they usually cost ÂŁ1.99 or ÂŁ2.99. They included, either top-selling titles which had been on release at full price for a while already (much like the Platinum range), or they were original but often somewhat limited games whose developers felt wouldn’t shift many units at full price, and thus released them for a knock-down price. Some budget games were indeed substandard, or even mind-numbingly crap, but there were also many better than average, or even awesome titles available too. Chronos was among these.

Chronos screenshot

Even in its day, Chronos was one of the most basic shoot ’em ups seen for years. It’s a horizontally scrolling affair spread over six fairly long levels. It features no power-ups, very basic and repetitive enemies, and little else. It should be complete crap, but for reasons I find myself completely unable to explain, it’s not! The first level features two kinds of enemies. The first are flying aircraft things which fly in a straight line and explode, either when you shoot them or when they hit part of the scenery. The second kind is a simple sphere which does much the same thing, but doesn’t move as quickly. The level is over when you reach the ‘Chronos Zone End’ marker, at which point the next level begins and the monochrome graphics change colour. Each new level brings with it a new kind of enemy. Level two for instance, sees the introduction of the ‘tumbling’ squares. These erratic fiends are much harder to avoid or shoot due to their unpredictable flight path and they often seem to lie in wait, popping up at the most inconvenient moments! All the enemies seem to appear randomly too, and often in or from rather strange parts of the levels.

Chronos screenshotThe levels themselves are quite interesting. They feature an abundance of scenery – some of it along the top and bottom of the screen, as is standard, some of it simply floating in the middle of the screen, and much of it pretty sizeable and arranged in such a way that you’re rarely able to fly along in a straight line. At a few points it even offers two different routes, but one of them generally ends in a dead-end! Amusingly, many parts of the scenery also display various non-game-related messages, presumably as a result of the programmer larking around while writing it! This doesn’t represent the extent of the levels’ features either. The first of the obstacles you’ll encounter are segmented barriers, which can be destroyed a section at a time by shooting them. They are numerous and appear in all sorts of locations – sometimes they are only one or two sections high inside a tunnel or small gap in the scenery, other times they appear screen high (on the rare occasion that’s possible). They are replaced by honeycomb-like barriers in later levels too, which effectively do the same thing. There are also energy barriers which span the distance between the top and bottom of the scenery. These are taken out by shooting them at the top or bottom which disables the beam. A more aggressive feature, which can be found increasingly frequently as the game wears on, are the gun emplacements. They are usually found near the bottom of the screen and shoot directly upwards. Just about the only other feature of note is the bonus letters which appear every now and then. They gradually spell out B-O-N-U-S (what else) and give you extra points.

Chronos screenshot

There’s not a lot more to it that that. Chronos is a basic shooter to say the least, but it unquestionably has a certain something. But what is the hook? One of the most appealing things about it is its appearance. Each level is presented in a monochrome style – one colour for the space background, which is littered with stars moving at different speeds, and the other colour for everything else. The first level features a black background with yellow scenery and sprites for instance. While technically far from the pinnacle of Spectrum achievements, Chronos’ graphics are very neat and suit the game well. The only bad point here is the somewhat jerky scrolling. Like many Speccy games, the sound is far less impressive, however. The only tune in the game is present on the title screen and during play there are all of three sound effects – your ship’s shooting noise, explosions, and when you collect the bonus letters.

Chronos screenshotAs far as the gameplay is concerned Chronos should be a bit of a stinker, but for some reason it’s not. I’m not sure why this is but I’ve always enjoyed playing it, from right back in 1987 when I first got it up until this very day. I think at least part of this is down to the highly imaginitive scenery. Shooting the aliens almost takes a back-seat at times to navigating your way around the screen, down tunnels, and taking out or avoiding obstructions – the game always keeps you on your toes. The six levels won’t challenge you forever and I’ve finished this game several times, but it’s a good game to return to due to its high-score potential. There are a fair few enemies on the screen at any time and you can’t cover the entire screen the whole time. Therefore, if you can’t destroy all of them, the possibility to improve your score will always exist, as there are always points missed.

Chronos screenshot

When you see Chronos in action for the first time, you’d know it’s a budget game. It doesn’t have the ‘presence’ of a full-price title, but the truth is I’ve spent far more time playing this than I have almost all other Speccy shooters, full-price or otherwise. But at the same time, it would be slightly unjust to give this game a huge score, due mainly to the existence of far more polished Spectrum shooters such as R-Type, Side Arms, Salamander, and Flying Shark. The mere mention of those titanic games should see this game immediately fade into obscurity, but for some reason I can’t stop myself from liking this cheap and cheerful, but highly enjoyable little game.

RKS Score: 8/10

On a footnote, such is the love for Chronos, there’s a decent PC remake available. Download it from the excellent World of Spectrum remakes page, here.

POD: Marvel versus Capcom 3

Marvel vs Capcom 3 logo
Marvel vs Capcom 3 logo

I won’t even try to pretend I am not fanboi’ing out over MvC3. When I first heard about it I was excited and it took me back to the days when I played X-Men versus Street Fighter. I would spend hours at the gas station playing and honestly kicking everyone’s ass who dared to challenge me. Then I moved on to the arcades where I had a pretty strong record, but as always some 8 year old kid would come and lay the smack down on me, I swear his dad made the game.

When Obsolete Gamer was at E3 2010 I got to see and demo the game and yes, it is flashy and has an anime fighting style with over the top special attacks. I can understand how some fighter fans would be turned off and with so many fighting games out Marvel versus Capcom 3 might not be your cup of tea.

However, for me I always loved mash up fighting which is why I even play MUGEN games on my PC. I just love the idea of different worlds coming together. My dream is a game where its DC versus Marvel done Capcom style not Mortal Kombat style (sorry).

For today’s picture of the day we bring you screenshots of a very well-known hero and an undeniably evil bad guy. In addition we have two videos showing off gameplay of these two. First up is everyone favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Next is the man you love to hate and bain of the Resident Evil series, Wesker.

First up: Spider-man

Next up: Wesker

Check out the screenshots:

Tera Online Q&A

TERA logo
TERA logo

Tera Online

There has been a lot of interest in Tera Online so Obsolete Gamer wanted to answer some questions for those looking to get into it and hopefully some for fans of the upcoming MMO. Some of these are gathered from various websites and message boards and others from the development team at En Masse entertainment. If you have additional questions on Tera Online post them on our Tera Online Q&A section on our forums.

TERA Online E3 2010 Screenshot
TERA Online E3 2010 Screenshot

Q: Where can I download or how can I play TERA?

A: You cannot download nor play TERA at this time as it is not yet released. However, you may be able to test TERA.

Q: Is TERA available for Xbox 360 or PS3?

A: No. TERA is a PC game.

Q: Can TERA be run using Macintosh, Linux, or Ubuntu?

A: No, Windows only.

Q: What is TERA’s payment model?

A: The payment model will be a retail box product with a monthly subscription. Costs of both are not yet determined.

Q: When will TERA be released?

A: This Winter.

TERA Online E3 2010 Screenshot
TERA Online E3 2010 Screenshot

Q: Is there a male and female version of each playable race?

A: Yes, there will be male and female versions of each race except Baraka.

Q: Will there be PvP servers where PvP is everywhere as well as PvE servers where you have to flag yourself to be part of PvP?

A: Yes. We expect to have both PvE and PvP servers. PvE servers will still have consensual PvP content such as battlegrounds and duels.

Q: How will I level up in TERA: through quests or grinding?

A: The game will launch with more than a thousand quests.

Q: Are raid bosses going too accessed through instances or the persistent world?

A: This is information is unknown. However you can expect to see both persistent world and instanced raid bosses.

Q: I’m a mouse clicker, can I use the mouse to point and click?

A: The action combat interface isn’t about point-and-click, it’s more about aim-and-shoot. You can use the mouse to aim and attack (shoot, melee, etc.).

TERA Online E3 2010 Screenshot
TERA Online E3 2010 Screenshot

Obsolete Gamer was able to ask some additional questions to Tera Online Senior Producer Brain Knox.

Obsolete Gamer: What would be the minimum requirements to play Tera Online, will it require a high-end system?

Brain Knox: We haven’t defined the exact system specs yet, but we are using the Unreal 3 engine, which has already helped bring a variety of titles to market. We believe that a gaming PC bought in the last 4–5 years should have what it takes to run TERA. It is important to us that we optimize continuously, so you won’t see the official specs until all of our testing is complete in a few months.

Obsolete Gamer: When you die, how is that handled? Do you lose exp, turn into a ghost, have to retrieve your body? Does it differ in PVE over PVP?

Brain Knox: When characters die in the game, they lose what we call “stamina.” Stamina can be regained quickly by spending gold, or you can heal your character’s stamina by resting near a campfire. Additionally, there is a chance that any enhancement crystals you placed into your character’s weapon or armor might break when you die. Upon death, your character respawns at the nearest campsite in full gear; there is no corpse retrieval or costly experience loss.

Obsolete Gamer:  How often do you plan to add content to the game and will it be in patches, expansions or both?

Brain Knox: Both! An MMO is a living, breathing organism that we must continually nourish. We plan to release content updates regularly after launch through patches, and work toward larger expansion updates as well.

Obsolete Gamer: What day and how long would you expect maintenance to be?

Brain Knox: This is a great question because it seems simple but actually requires a ton of thought and planning. The En Masse team wants maintenance and updates to impact the player experience as little as possible. As of now, we have not yet defined the specifics.

Obsolete Gamer:  Will there be play guides or VIP members on forums and in game?

Brain Knox: We are looking for the best way to involve all of our community members, but we understand that some want to go above and beyond the call. We have some good ideas but aren’t ready to release anything quite yet.

TERA Online E3 2010 Screenshot
TERA Online E3 2010 Screenshot

Obsolete Gamer: What is your stance on removing loot or changing encounters based on player feedback?

Brain Knox: Feedback helps call attention to areas of need, and for that reason, it is invaluable! Much of the time the game element in question just needs further explanation, but there are times when it is broken or unbalanced. This will just have to be a situational call on a case-by-case basis.

Obsolete Gamer: How long will it take to reach max level?

Brain Knox: Another good question! Most MMOs can throw out a number, but I can’t tell you for sure right now. This is something we are spending a lot of time ironing out in our Focus Group Tests. The journey to max level should be fun, consistent, and never feel like a chore. We talk with the developers constantly about what the right number is for the Western market.

Obsolete Gamer: Going after the big monsters and boss encounters, how long to you plan these to take?

Brain Knox: Again, this is a balance issue we are working on. It needs to be long enough to feel epic and well fought, but not so long that you feel annoyed or bored throughout the encounter.

Obsolete Gamer: Healers in PVP are sometimes considered overpowered because of their ability to withstand damage and heal themselves, how have you dealt with this?

Brain Knox: We’re not looking at each class on a one-to-one basis with regard to PvP. We have designed our game for group PvP encounters, and that is our goal in balancing the classes.

Obsolete Gamer: What is the plan when the best players and groups burn though new content?

Brain Knox: We hope to have enough content for multiple play-throughs with alt characters, but we also hope that our endgame content—battlegrounds, crafting, the political system, and a variety of PvE instances—will provide a great experience for max level players.

TERA Online E3 2010 Screenshot
TERA Online E3 2010 Screenshot

Obsolete Gamer would like to thank Brian Knox and everyone else at En Masse entertainment for answering our questions and reaching out to the community. If you have any additional questions post them on our message board and we will see what we can do.

A look at Tera Online

TERA Box Art
TERA Box Art

While at E3 2010 Obsolete Gamer was able to get a preview of the new En Masse MMO, Tera Online. Developed by Bluehole Studios, Tera Online brings the battle stylings and action of an RPG fighter on a console and mixes it in with the depth and emersion factor of an MMORPG. I was able to speak to Brain Knox a senior producer for Tera Online about the game and demo it as well.

What was stressed about Tera Online was that it was action oriented. Now this does not mean there isn’t a stunningly beautiful massive world and engaging storyline. The world of Tera was ravaged by the God’s and other dark forces and so the inhabitants of the planet decided to band together to reclaim their world from the God’s. This speaks to another main point of Tera Online and that is the lack of factions. With Tera Online the goal with the quests is to write your own story as you complete thousands of quests and fight even more monsters.

The key is in the fighting system which relies more on movement, teamwork and attack timing. What this means is where and how you hit your enemy matters and working as a team to coordinate your attacks is vital. No more point and click and no more staring at the UI, in Tera Online your attention is on the battle even if you are healing.

Here are some of the key features from the Tera Online Press Kit:

TERA E3 2010 screenshot
TERA E3 2010 screenshot
  • Explore and Engage: Experience an Action MMO beyond “point and click,” where position, timing, and aim determine success in combat, and player characters climb, jump, and swim over and through obstacles.
  • Monstrous Melee: Skillful attacks, not stats, determine the outcome of battles under TERA’s non-target based combat system, making fighting more intuitive, exciting, and intensely realistic than standard MMOs.
  • All Action, No Faction: Go beyond canned stories and factions to write the history of TERA in real time as players join together against dark powers including underworlders, marauding monsters, and evil gods.
  • Discover a Vast Fantasy World: Play six character races (Human, High Elf, Castanic, Aman, Popori, and Baraka) and eight classes (warrior, lancer, slayer, berserker, archer, sorcerer, priest, and mystic); battle hundreds of monsters throughout 80+ zones and thousands of quests in a game world filled with a huge array of weapons and items, and rich in history and lore.
  • Enjoy Stunning Graphics and Extraordinary Animation: Explore a world filled with breathtaking vistas and a wide range of environments, from verdant forests to snowy tundra to dark, terrifying dungeons.
  • Experience a Vibrant Community: In a faction-free world, all players can impact the community and social, political, and economic structures of TERA.
  • Choice of Control: Play with mouse and keyboard or your favorite PC-compatible console controller.
  • Play with Confidence: Keep your focus where it should be—in the game. TERA is fully designed, localized, and supported for North America and Europe.

Below is video from Tera Online including an intro from me, the official E3 trailer and Gameplay footage with my interview with Brian Knox.

Tera Online is set to be released sometime in 2011. We will be bringing you more information on Tera Online as it becomes available. You can check out more information on the Tera Online website.


Final Fantasy XIII Box Artwork
Final Fantasy XIII Box Artwork

Today is the day. Final Fantasy XIII is released in the U.S. and the reviews are already pouring in. First up is the official release trailer from the Obsolete Gamer Youtube Channel in full 1080p!

In Final Fantasy XIII, players will embark on a journey through the cityworld of Cocoon and the outerworld of Pulse, encountering and fighting alongside a diverse group of allies.

In the official release trailer you will see many of the cut-scenes as well as game-play.

Splinter Cell Conviction – Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

Splintercell Conviction logo
Splintercell Conviction logo

Despite the DRM debacle Ubisoft does deliver fine games and the Splinter Cell series is defiantly one of them. Today the Trailer Theater brings you Splinter Cell Conviction multiplayer gameplay footage from our own YouTube channel, enjoy.

The adventures of Sam Fisher continue in the fifth entry of the stealth-based series. In this game, all of the rules have changed, as the storyline takes a dramatic turn that will reinvent the Splinter Cell franchise forever. Fisher can no longer rely on his trusted bag of tools and iconic goggles.An investigation into his daughter’s death unwittingly leads former agent Sam Fisher to discover hes been betrayed by his prior agency, the Third Echelon. Now a renegade, Fisher finds himself in a race against time to thwart a deadly terrorist plot that threatens millions.

Uniting revolutionary gameplay enhancements with a high-octane, no-holds-barred storyline, Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction arms you to the teeth with all the high-tech weaponry and lethal skills of an elite operative and invites you to enter a dangerous world where justice means making your own rules.

Old Games Versus New Games

Ms Pacman
Ms Pacman

Old Games Versus New Games by Honorabili

Games are like movies

A trend with games is that they behaves a lot in the sense how people watch movies. People will usually rush and go nuts over wanting to watch whatever the latest hit is, as it’s a very popular thing to do or if you’re like me you’ve seen almost everything else, so you might as well. However, there are people that wait until a movie is out on DVD or some even that download the pirated film. Pretty much the same thing happens with gaming (except that usually most games are available quickly within the launch as a pirated version).

New doesn’t necessarily mean good and old doesn’t necessarily mean that a game is a “classic”. A lot of innovations in gaming have happened throughout the years but there are games that were the first to implement such functions, and for that reason, they sometimes became classics. For example, check out Dune 2 as pretty much the first or one of the first real-time strategy (RTS) games that uses the RTS model that we’re used to. However, not all games do become a classic just because they are the first to implement a new technology or functionality. Just look at early CD-ROM full motion video games and you will see an example on how NOT to do a game. People wanted games, not interactive videos, basically.

Like movies, sometimes games get remade. Most movie remakes SUCK or are unnecessary. Some however are necessary or even better, especially when it comes to some sci-fi movies (for me, John Carpenter’s The Thing). The same happens to games but it’s even more necessary. The problem with most gamers is that they are like fans of action movies. Unless a movie has the latest and greatest CGI and shit blowing up and unless it’s relatively new, the typical action movie goer will quickly dismiss it. The same kind of reaction happens to games except that people do this with games unless they are hot that month and have good graphics and ridiculous reviews or every other person is playing it. This is why remakes are needed (and often why they get made).

Game remakes and sequels

The problem comes with remakes of old games is that they don’t just update the graphics. Rarely have I seen simply a graphic revamp of the game. What goes wrong is that they sometimes alter the gameplay that made the original game so great and they simply release something that is so different from the original game in gameplay that the original fans of the game will stay away from the new version and keep playing the old one (and think only noobs would play the new one).

I think a problem that game remakes have is that they decided to ignore the things that made the first one great and they made a new game with stuff that might look like the first game but that’s not really the same. Many studios ignore the innovations that fans made for the original games through mods that sometimes create a better game. I have a feeling that many of these companies don’t make these remakes get tested by loyal and actual fans to the original games.

Apart from remakes sometimes we run into sequels of some old classics. A problem for game companies with sequels is that will they target to make the game more for attracting new players to that franchise or will they decide to make it more for the old fan/purists? The game already is a sequel and some people will prefer to play the previous games first before tackling on the newest game in a series. However, some people will simply just not care. I’m pretty sure that most of the people who play Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare (1) might have not played the first Call of Duty games, especially with how many players for that game might be console gamers.


New games:

New games generally have better graphics. You will usually need the latest generation console or good enough PC parts/OS to be able to enjoy many new games running at the highest settings and with no hardware lag. The cost of new games is much higher than old games. If it’s an MMO that’s new expect to shell out full retail price for the game and then the inflated subscription fee since most MMO companies think their game is a godsend and everybody will pay up.

New games are usually what’s popular at the time. It’s like fashion, almost. The typical gamer will usually be ranting, raving, and bragging about how good the newest game is. Newer games usually have better multiplayer components, some with built in voice chat, friends lists, etc. New games are becoming more inmersive, taking away some of the imagination needed to play some older games.

Old games:
You will need an old gaming console (if you want to play a non-emulated version), an okay computer (to play an emulated version), or almost any old gaming PC to play an old computer game. The price for old games is either really low or free. As games get older, unless it’s a classic you might find yourself as one of the few active players out of the people you know who is playing that game right now. It’s harder to get multiplayer games going because the typical person will think that game is obsolete and will just brush it aside.

Depending on the game some people might find older games more indepth as far as hours you can get out of such a game, whether in the amount of content they have, or simply that they are actually much more replayable than the fast food generation content of new games.

Old games sometimes feel like you’re interacting with a piece of art, a piece of history.

Conclusion: so what’s my point?

Overall, I don’t really care what you play, so long as what you play is FUN, it makes you feel better about your life, it changes your life for the better, it hopefully teaches you something, and sometimes makes you better as a gamer (trains you to think better, react better, interact better with people).

We all play games for our own reasons. So long as you’re doing it for a good one and not making it feel like it’s a job for you (as some MMOs and grinding games make me feel) then it will be a worthwhile experience for you to have. There’s are so many games to play out there that if you start to feel like you’re just a cog in the machine, it’s usually a good idea for you to start playing something different. Stagnation is never a good thing. This can also go along with people who just play the same old games and will not grow as a gamer.

What will you prefer to play often? Old or new games? Leave your comments below or on our social sites as well! Let’s get some feedback!