The Obsolete Gamer Show: The Patrick Scott Patterson Show

The Obsolete Gamer Show: The Patrick Scott Patterson Show

For this episode of the Obsolete Gamer Show we talked with Multi-Media personality, Patrick Scott Patterson, a man who has Guinness World Records in multiple video games, has appeared on television and in movies and documentaries, owns his own website where he has been writing articles and showcasing gamers and people from the gaming industry for years. Oh and did I mention he was a wrestler as well?

Patrick Scott Patterson

Scott has excellent takes on a wide range of topics important to gamers and the gaming industry as well and he does not just fire them off from the comment section of a website, he gets out there and debates them against a public that often only knows the stereotype of gamers that has been written and handed out to the masses.

If you like a robust conversation as much as I do then this episode is for you. We cover a variety of topics from how gamers are looked at by society at large to video game journalism to cyber bulling and the changing world of video game media including websites, television and streaming services such as Twitch TV.

So check out the show and let us know what you think.

The Death of G4

Perhaps internet channels were the way to proceed and heading for cable was the wrong move in the first place for G4.~J.A. Laraque

The Death of G4

A while back I asked the question, what happened to Gamer Television and now we have the answer. The story began with two stations Tech TV and then later on G4. While one might have thought it could be difficult to have two tech/gaming related stations on at the same time you would at least believe that together there would be more than enough programing and an audience to keep it going.


Sadly, we began to see the cancellation of various shows after the merger and in their place new and often syndicated shows which were targeted at “Young male gamers.” Don’t get me wrong I loved watching Star Trek TNG and Ninja Warrior, but honestly I felt those belongs more on Spike TV leaving G4 “pure” if you will. Even with great shows like X-Play and the Attack of the Show, G4 TV’s fate seemed to be cancellation.

Now G4 television will be replaced with Esquire television named after the magazine. Along with the name change the channel will see a change in focus from games and technology for gamers to; an “untapped metrosexual viewership,” that will be “more in line with the modern male.” The casualties are already coming in with the announcement of the cancellation of shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show.

Perhaps internet channels were the way to proceed and heading for cable was the wrong move in the first place for G4. While personally I believe there should be no reason a gaming channel should fail with all the content one could create, I am also aware than many younger people and gamers alike are turning away from cable television and watching their shows online. Still it is sad to see it go and honestly, no offence to Esquire, but I am not sure what the metrosexual male is dying to watch on their network, but only time will tell.

The future for us has always been the internet and luckily there are many great shows like The Guild, The Jace Hall show and more than we can watch anytime we want. However, seeing Nintendo Power release their last cover and now this makes it a sad week for gamers everywhere.