Equinoxe – Evolution (8‐Bit Girl) EP

Equinoxe - Evolution (8‐Bit Girl) EP cover

Evolution (8‐Bit Girl) contains seven tracks of post modern electronic dance music, featuring an array of 8‐bit samples from the C64/SID, Amiga/OctaMED, NES, genuine datasette and

The EP is a collection of love songs to the 8‐bit generation.

Evolution is intended to bridge the gap between the classic music of the 8‐bit era by using the Commodore 64 as an instrument. Surrounding the C64 are analogue synthesizers, grooves and beats that bridge the gap between the 1980’s and today.  Using VSTs, computer sequencers and synths, equinoxe has decided to go back to the machine that started his musical journey: synthesising and recording new sounds, and emulating classic ones using this iconic machine and other devices, to craft them into music that is easily accessible so that a new generation can enjoy the classic sounds of this truly unique machine.

1. Back in the Day

‘Back in the Day’ is a driving piece of music that sets the tone up for the album and introduces themes that will be heard later on. Originally the track was going to have a more epic ‘Overture’ like feel to it but rather than start slowly it was decided to break straight into the groove!

2. 1984

Inspired by David Whittaker’s score for ‘Lazy Jones’, 1984 is a short track which reminds us of where the music all started on the early computers. Thanks to these early games the music started to get more complex and ambitious, ‘1984’ takes us back to the style where it all began.

3. His Name Was SID

Primarily using sounds sourced from a Commodore 64 with some tracker sequences from the Amiga, ‘His Name was SID’ is a 8-Bit version of a previous song by equinoxe and is inspired by loading screen and in-game remixes of pop songs that were programmed for early home computers.

4. Evolution (8-Bit Girl)

Evolution is a love song to the 8-Bit Generation. Inspired by the simple, catchy melodies and groove of loader music and influenced by classic C64 composers such as Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway, Evolution is a bond between the music of the C64 and the music of today. It features samples like a the Ghostbusters game loading from C64 datasette, and a mobile phone interference.

5. ConsciousNES

Using sounds sourced from a Nintendo NES, ConsciousNES maintains the groove and the feel of the album but shows us the other side of 8-Bit, the console side.

6. Continue?

The themes and feel of ‘Back in The Day’ are revisited in a long form track that plays out the album.

Free Bonus Download: Sanxion Loader (Thalamusik) (equinoxe Remix)

A remix of Rob Hubbard’s classic loader music for ‘Sanxion’, ‘Thalamusik’ just had to be remixed while working on my 8-bit project as it’s one of my favourite C64 tunes ever!

Head to http://equinoxestudios.co.uk/music for more info.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST

Today in the music hall I’d like to share with you one of my favorite soundtracks. Castlevainia has always had good music even back to the Nintendo days. I remember many of the memorable tunes from Super Castlevania, but when SOTN was released on the Playstation I was hooked.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night OST


Not only was it such a great game, but it has incredibly well composed music that I still listen to today.

You can purchase the full OST here.

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Souleye Digital Music
Souleye Digital Music

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Music is available in tracker (MOD, S3M, IT, XM), mp3, and ogg file formats, for your listening pleasure!

Overclocked Remix

Overclocked Remix
Overclocked Remix

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Mirsoft.info, World of Game Music

Mirsoft logo
Mirsoft logo

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Company of Heroes Songs From The Front OST

Company of Heroes Songs From The Front OST
Company of Heroes Songs From The Front OST

Free Stuff – Company of Heroes Songs From The Front OST

If you love war music and music that is similar to Dawn of War music then you will love the music of CoH Songs From The Front. This sound track is pretty epic, as is the game! You can download this entire soundtrack for free from this link: CoH Songs From The Front

The music of CoLD SToRAGE aka Tim Wright

CoLD SToRAGE aka Tim Wright
CoLD SToRAGE aka Tim Wright


Tim Wright aka CoLD SToRAGE has been a significant musical influence in the gaming world. Now… enjoy much of his music for free! Check out this link. He is mainly known for his work on the soundtrack of many of the Wipeout racing games that are classic racing games on Playstation. His intense music works well with these fast racing games.