Fails Of The Week

Bite Dog - Fail Images

The only thing worse than Monday is Tuesday and so we have a new feature for you, Fails of the week.


Thanks to the FVA compliations team for this, here is some info on them.



Fail in Motion: Fail Gifs


It is one thing to fail, it is another thing to fail and have someone take a pictures and it really is something to fail and someone makes an animated Gif out of it.

Fail GifsBackflip Fail

Fail GifsBig Jump Fail

Fail GifsCat Jumping into a Box Fail

Fail GifsExercise Ball Fail

Fail GifsWWE Kick Fail

Fail GifsPunching Bag Fail

Fail GifsKitchen Acrobatics Fail

Fail GifsSpiderman flip Fail

Fail GifsChair Surfing Fail

Fail GifsSoldier Kick Fail

Thanks to the Gif Barn for these funny images.

Fail: Screw China

Fail Pictures

Here are some of the higher rated fail pictures from Failbog.

Fail: Jalous

Fail Pictures

Thursday is fail.

Fail Shcool

Shcool Fail

Everyone fails at one time or another, but before you laugh just remember, everyone has a camera and you might just be next.

Cat Cheese FailCatcher Failcow-failDance FailDead Fish FailDog Hump FailDrinking Spill Failfail_strange-failfail-dogfoodfloppy_failHockey ref failjealousy FailKick Ball FailKid FailPepsi and Coke FailPhillies Failsalad frog failWoodchuck Fail