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The Dark Jessings details the plight of two teenage brothers, Eric and Kevin Jessing, and the unexpected way they discover that they have no souls. They go on to find that they can also control ghosts because of it. “It was a concept that began as a simple story of demonic possession like (Stephen King’s) The Shining,” he says. “It was the dad who became the victim. But then I thought what if it were the boys that got into trouble? And what if they had powers that enabled them to control dark forces and still be nice guys?”

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Table Top Games


Despite this, RPG sex is definitely lacking. The real problem seems to be a distinct lack of sex rules, that would seamlessly integrate the whole carnal experience into the game world. Rules that would intrigue the average Game or Dungeon Master. Rules covering such topics as Inter-Species Fertility, The Wild Thing or Sexual Psionic Powers. Rules that would be free.

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