Bryan Davies:


Name: Bryan Davies

Tittle: VP of Public Relations, North America




What is your favorite classic game: Deus Ex (Original) developed by Warren Spector

Why is it your favorite classic game: It was a groundbreaking game in the sense of crossing genre barriers, it was also really the first game that the gameplay and story truly changed based on your choices in how you play. 

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-PC-Gameplay Screenshot

I was looking forward to Deus Ex mainly because I like the stealth style of gameplay, but with the option of going guns blazing if I wanted to. The game did give me what I wanted out of a sci-fi stealthy first person shooter, but there were some let downs for me personally as well.

First off, I write this review expecting people to know about the game and for those who already played it or wish too. Right off the bat I liked the visuals in the game though it still uses static backgrounds for its backdrops, meaning the city you are in is fully 3D, but perhaps the mountains in the far background is just a picture, which really isn’t a big deal.

Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-PC-Gameplay Screenshot

The gameplay itself can be either fast or slow depending on your style. However, cover from fire is very important because even though you are augmented you are far from invincible. The cover system is a lot like Gears of War where you can hide behind a structure and peek and shoot around it. This is how you will fight most of the time unless you are sniping someone from far away or my favorite sneaking up on someone from behind.

Now as said you can be more stealth based or more frontal assault and there are various weapons to go with each. I just have the feeling the game was made more for stealth so if you play that way it is a much better experience.  So when going stealth you spend most of your time crouch walking and hiding behind things and sneaking through air vents to sneak up on the enemy.

Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-PC-Gameplay Screenshot

Now this is where I have to complain a bit. The AI is pretty stupid sometimes in Deus Ex. Here is an example. You sneak into a room via an air vent and sneak up on a guard and use your silent takedown move. Now if you are smart you hide the body and keep the other guards or the camera from seeing you, but even if they see you all you have to do is hide in that vent until they go away. I sat in one spot and shot guard after guard as they came to check the body and I was in no danger of them coming after me though the vent.

Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-PC-Gameplay Screenshot

Let’s talk augments. Your character becomes pretty bionic and you can upgrade a variety of augments on your body for extra run speed, armor, aiming and so on. Now you earn points to upgrade either by gaining experience or by purchasing them at LIMB clinics. Now here is the thing. In my opinion hacking is the most important augment because it opens doors, gets you into computers where you can turn off cameras and turn turrets and robots on the enemy so honestly you want that first.

Another complaint, since they want you to upgrade and add to your augments they make it so certain things kill you that really shouldn’t. For instance, I jumped off a ledge a bit higher than a dumpster and died. A fall of that height should not kill anyone, but they want you to get the no falling damage augment so it does.

Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-PC-Gameplay Screenshot

Back to hacking, so for some missions you need a higher hack rating to break into a door or computer so, again, it’s paramount to raise it first. However, many computers are completely useless and if you are like me who looks for everything you spend a lot of time just hacking computers, but it can be good to find codes or other information.

Stealing is also big in Deus Ex. If you want to have money, ammo and weapons then you need to steal everything and really you can even steal from your own company because they don’t seem to care and it can net you some good weapons. The same goes for hacking the doors and computers in your own company it nets you good loot so steal away.

Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-PC-Gameplay Screenshot

There is your main mission and side missions in each “City Hub” which is the way the game gives you an interactive city, but keeps you in a sand box. You start in Detroit and go on to places like China and Canada, but it is pretty much the same once you get there. Just remember, for the most part, once you leave a city hub you cannot do any of the side missions there so hit those up first it won’t affect any time table dealing with the main storyline. The side missions can net you experience, credits and sometimes a special weapon, but overall it made little difference on the ending of the game.

Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-PC-Gameplay Screenshot

Yet another complaint, there are minor consequences to what you do in the game even though it makes you feel like there are big ones. For the most part you can skip all the side missions and not really miss anything, which I guess can be good for people who hate side missions. The same goes with choosing to knock out over killing, it makes no difference in the end and only applies to a very few mission parameters.

Searching, stealing and information gathering is mostly what you are doing in this game. There are action sequences and some decent fire fights, but honestly, between going the stealth route and hacking everything you see the game is pretty easy except for maybe the boss fights. The key is to search everything and if there are two other augments you should do after hacking it is to upgrade your inventory space and to get the social perk for additional conversation options.

Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-PC-Gameplay Screenshot

Overall, the game was fun. I wanted to keep playing and it kept me interested, but besides the lady pilot I did not really care about anyone else including the main character. I had the most fun trying not to kill people and instead sneaking up on them and knocking them out. With that said, the game is still worth a play through, but that is about it. I see no real reason to play it again considering you can save right at the end and see the alternate endings which I hate to say were disappointing.

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System Shock 2 Music

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System Shock 2 Music

“Look at you, hacker: a pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?” That chilling line from SHODAN sums up the entire gaming experience that is System Shock 2. The soundtrack for System Shock 2 does an amazing job creating a state of panic and despair as you fight your way surviving in a maze of two very, very dead spaceships. It’s here now for you to enjoy!

System Shock 2 cover
System Shock 2 cover

Think of System Shock 2 as the grandfather of the modern day horror science-fiction video game. Sure, there is Aliens vs Predator BUT System Shock 2 has the winning single player horror science-fiction experience that became the winning formula for most games of this genre. The Bioshock games are spooky and they follow the formula to the detail. Dead Space follows System Shock 2 even better and is even scarier, I think. Still, none of these games would have been possible without System Shock 2!

System Shock 2 is very similar to the movie Event Horizon. Some experimental spaceship was supposed to jump in space to another part in space to pioneer faster than light travel. Of course, everything went wrong and now that ship is pretty much HELL. You’re trapped alone (because everything else on the ship is there to kill you or mess with your head) and you must fight your way through hallways of infected crew members, psionic monkeys, killer robots, turrets, and more. Along the way you upgrade yourself, as you’re a cybernetic hacker, not just by picking up better weapons but also by leveling up by getting better parts for yourself that give you different abilities (like the games I mentioned before copied, along with Deus Ex). You’ll have to play the game to find out who the hell SHODAN is… I won’t ruin it for you.

Enough about the game, let’s talk about the music. Now that you know the setting of this brilliant classic game, you can sit down and enjoy the ambience and techno harshness of this amazing soundtrack. Many of the songs are pretty spooky electronic music and some verge on the limit of techno and electronic rock. One thing the System Shock 2 soundtrack does is that it always creates an atmosphere that will not let you relax and that’s the only way to feel if you intend to make it out of the Von Braun alive… the music fits the game perfectly not just with the atmosphere of these doomed ships but also with the nature of the main character, a desperate man running the dreadful hallways of the Von Braun, fighting for his life.

Daniel Boutros: Adept Games

Trixel logo
Trixel logo

Name: Daniel Boutros

Company: Adept Games

Profession: Creative Director

Favorite Classic Game: Deus Ex

Quote: The first game where I felt the dialogue was written by people with a mental age much older than 14.

Bio: I was a journalist for ages, then moved into making games. Last game was Trixel for iPhone. Current games being worked on are Plush Apocalypse’s The Unconcerned, a follow-up to Trixel and something secret.

Project: Trixel

Project Info:


video Game Store Japan
video Game Store Japan

My theory as to the reason for the lack of good games for the week after Thanksgiving is that companies feel people will be tired of buying after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Seriously not to dump on anyone’s game but this week the pickings are a slim as leftovers at my house. Anyway I will try my best to bring you something but don’t expect any high scores or anything.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

It’s been a long time for fans of the Golden Sun series but finally the follow up is here and Camelot has delivered a good RPG game for your Nintendo DS. Dark Dawn is thirty years into the future and deals with the effects from releasing the golden sun onto the world. You play as the son of the hero from the previous game against a new villain Blados.

The good thing about Dark Dawn is they kept the gameplay of the first and just updated the look to work with the additional features of the DS. You still have the turn based random combat encounters and you can still interact with the environment. There are tons of magic spells to use and over 70 Djinn which are magical creatures based on the four elements that are spread across the world. When you find these Djinn you can add them to any of your characters to add or increase their magic ability.

For those of you that haven’t played Golden Sun or don’t remember the story well there are hyperlinks within the game that reference you to the in-game encyclopedia which will give you information on the backstory. In addition there are hints and hidden messages scrolled on the walls throughout the world to help you keep on task.

All in all if you have a DS and are a Golden Sun fan, a RPG fan or both then this title is worth a pickup.

Buy Worthiness: $$$

Epic Mickey

Even if you aren’t a fan of Disney you have to admit many of their games are beautifully done and fun to play and from the looks of it Epic Mickey continues that trend. The game was created by Warren Spector who you might remember from Deus Ex and System Shock. The game itself is based on various projects, scripts, character and ideas that never quite made it past the creative offices. What this means is that while there will be a lot of familiar Disney sights and characters in Epic Mickey there are also twists and differences alone with new characters and places within the game.

In a nutshell Mickey is kidnapped and brought to a world that has various reimaging of characters. There are a ton of bad guys including a character called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who is jealous of Mickey’s success. Mickey interacts with the world primarily by using paint and thinner to create, fill in or erase parts of the world. You can also use the paint and thinner to attack enemies, but it is not always effective.

What’s cool is how you use the paint and thinner effects everything from the quests and items you get to even how Mickey looks and acts. If you use a lot of paint it is considered good and your appearance matches that. If you use a lot of thinner it is considers bad in a sense because you are destroying things and thus you change over time to Scrappy Mickey, while not necessarily evil this is considered the lesser choice.

Overall, this games plays like a platforms mixed in with an RPG and the paint and thinner aspect not only is cool but works well with the Wii. This one looks like a winner and is worth a look.

Buy Worthiness: $$$$

Broke Friday

Nintendo wins this week which isn’t saying much considering. I know most of you will be broke after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but these two games are still worth a shot if you have the cash. Next up is the countdown to Christmas so stay tuned for more Games to Buy.