Delve Deeper: Treasures and Tunnels

Delve Deeper
Delve Deeper is an excellent game. It’s smart, unique, easy on the retro-loving eye and, now that the Treasures and Tunnels DLC has been released, pretty huge too. Fresh off the indie forges of Lunar Giant and costing less than one (rapidly devaluating) dollar, Treasures and Tunnels extends the game with 10 new levels -including the brilliantly named Big Orc Candy Mountains- and 25 brand new relics; that is 50% more Delve Deeper maps, 30% more treasure and absolutely no extra fat. Oh, and apparently each level is custom-tailored to be tackled by different teams of dwarfs, whereas each new relic is designed to influence both new and old maps.
Delve Deeper
You can download Treasures and Tunnels via Steam; it does obviously require that you own Delve Deeper. As for the people still wondering what Delve Deeper is (besides -as already mentioned- excellent and a game), let me just say it’s a turn-based, strategy/RPG affair with lovely pixel-art graphics and board-game influences. Here are a couple DLC piccies to further entice you:

Bundle In A Box: Eclectic Delights

Bundle In A Box: Eclectic Delights

Fans of wonderful indie games rejoice because a brand new bundle in a Box is available. Check out the release:

Bundle In A Box: Eclectic Delights

Having obsessively researched the wild and wonderful world of indie gaming, Bundle In A Box returns and is proud to present the Eclectic Delights bundle. It’s a fine assortment of 9 delightful, quite frankly excellent and truly indie offerings everyone can enjoy for the most reasonable price of “pay-what-you-want”!


The Eclectic Delights bundle is the third bundle by Bundle In A Box following the succesful Adventure and Deep Space bundles. Also, bundle! And proper indie games! For cheap!


        • Nine brilliant DRM-free indie games and extras worth over $65 for the price of your choice; 5 as a pay-what-you-want offering, four more if you beat the average price.
        • Delve Deeper (PC): the endlessly replayable and quite wonderful adventure/strategy offering by Lunar Giant, complete with all its DLC (Treasures and Tunnels, Grattis Grottos)

              • War of the Human Tanks (PC). Frantic strategic battles in a story-driven and most original game.

                  • Eversion (PC/Mac). Cutely disturbing platformer with Lovecraftian references.

                      • FMV gaming is far from dead as action/rhythm/fighter Stay Dead (PC/Mac) effortlessly and most emphatically proves.

                        • The excessively surreal and deeply indie horror offering The 4th Wall (PC).

                              • Fibrillation (PC). From Russia. With horror.
                              • The Adventures of Shuggy (PC): an excellent, retro-inspired platformer that isn’t afraid to experiment with new ideas.

                                  • Mystery point-and-click adventure Shadows of the Vatican (PC) in both HD and regular flavours.

                                    • Retro-tastique and actually hillarious Flibble (PC); a shiny new maze-action game.

                                    • Exclusive Droidscape: Basilica content for the soon-to-be-released mobile action puzzler.
                                    • Eclectic selection of extras including soundtracks and digital comic books.
                                    • Support a charity that is actually important: The Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family.
                                    • Support indie devs directly via the Indie Dev Grant.
                                    • Surprises!

                                    Check it out now on –